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Simply Stunning


Second Life lingerie superstars BlackLace have teamed up with a real-life corset company for a really cool promotion: buy one of the SL collection – which mirrors a RL design – and receive a $25.00 off code to purchase a corset in RL! That’s pretty hecka cool! The partnership is with Vollers Corsets and the discounted corset can be purchased from It looks like we have a total of six releases to look forward to: Stunning, Salacious, Dazzling, Enchanting, Ravishing, and Worship. The first and second of the series are now available – Stunning and Salacious – and they’re quite a treat!

The first thing that caught my eye about the Stunning corset was the rich interplay of lace and satin. The whole of the corset is overlaid with a large-pattern lace. I selected the crimson, though it’s also available in gold and a burnished pewter. In comparing the pictures between the Vollers corset and their corset, they really nailed the design.

What’s “Just Right”: The strength of BlackLace often lies in their use of texture. Here, lace overlays a gleaming satin, creating depth that’s visually interesting. The lace also helps to conceal a weaknesses I’ve seen from time to time in BlackLace releases, and that’s the highlighting on the bust in their garments. It can sometimes appear they’re designed for a smaller bustline, with opportunities for under-bust shading to accent the girls being missed. With Stunning, the darkness of the lace renders that issue moot. I like the way the panties mirror the back line of the corset. I also like the prim tops to the gloves. This is an area I have not seen enhanced with prim work before – on shirts, sure… but never that level of attention given to gloves. The fabric highlight and shadow work on them is already excellent, and the prim cuffs finish them off beautifully. The busk in the back, the eyelets and the lacing pattern also show a level of attention detail that I really appreciate, and is extremely well done.


Detail: Back

What Could Use Improvement: Because BlackLace is mirroring an outfit that already exists in RL, they’re limited by the vision of someone else’s design. This puts a little bit of a restriction on creativity – I think they might have done more with the stockings and panties, if they had the freedom to do so. I would have liked to see the slightest touch of wrinkle on the undies to emphasize the high curve of the butt, or maybe a secondary panty option with more coverage.

Other things to note: Salacious was released on Saturday (Dec 4th) after I’d already purchased Stunning, and I’ll be honest – I probably would have snatched it up instead, given a choice between the two. Definitely worth checking it out on the Alphamale/BlackLace Blog or at their in-world location. It should also be noted that included in the delivery is A TEDDY BEAR!

Featured Outfit Details:
Price: $498
Pieces: 9 + 4 prims + 3 notecards (BlackLace Bio, FAQ, and the Coupon Code), + 2 textures + landmark + TEDDY BEAR.
Availability: Black on Red (Featured), Black on Gold, and Black on pewter/gray.

Detailing: A-.
Prim Attachments?: 4: 2 glove tops, 2 charm bracelets (Plus a TEDDY BEAR!)
Resizing Scripts?: Not applicable
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes – a generous variety of layers was provided.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes – the patterning of the lace conceals whatever imperfections there might be.
Multi-purpose pieces?: If creative, this could be matched up with a flirty little skirt for a fun night out dancing.
Sim Rating?: Alphamale is rated PG.

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Location: Carbondale Heights
Poses: With Love & Squalor, Long Awkward Pose, Kria Flan, Medhue Animations, Chanimations, Olive Juice

Vendor List:
AT Design: Urban Loft “Basic” edition (The Marketplace)
Bitter Sweet: Royal Planter
Earthstones: Tennis Bracelet, Tennis Necklace, Dangle Stud Earrings (Group Gifts)
FE Skyboxes: Overhead lights & Artwork
MudHoney: Madera Bed
Musical Alchemy: Concert Grand Piano
La Galleria: Ebony Isfahan Oriental rug, White Marble Fireplace and Table Lamp
N-Core: Soul XtremeHeel II Galaxy (The Marketplace)
RC Cluster: Beauty Counter, Makeup Artist Chair, Makeup accessories
Silken Surrender: Hairbrush (The Marketplace)
The Loft: Alex Black Sofa, Mayer Bench

*In case I forgot to mention it: The box includes a TEDDY BEAR. 🙂

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“How I Feel About You Nite And Day”*

Recherche by Nyte'N'Day

Shoes by N-Core

Bracelet by Calypso Giano

Recherche by Nyte'N'Day

Nyte’N’Day was one of the first clothing stores I learned about in Second Life. It has a wide range of clothing and a small(ish) section of lingerie. While they may not offer a lot of options in underthings (8 designs total), what they do have is very well done and worth the trip. You’ll find it in the north-east corner of the main store.

Recherche is a classic camisole / teddy, with a sheer fabric edged in black lace. A small prim knot and cord prim finishes off the bustline, hinting that with one wee little tug on that string, it might just fall off – a very sexy touch. The lace pattern is pretty and contrasts beautifully with the dark teal. (I liked all the color combos available: black, Teal, Magenta, Red, Pink and White)

What Is Just Right:The back of the thong panties has a beautiful, feminine curve to them. I like that you COULD pair this with a black lace bra underneath, if you wanted to, you could wear a lace bra under the top and it would provide some lovely texture. As is, you’ll get a sexy outline of nipple or tattoo peeping out from beneath the fabric. The slit up the side on the hip is something I don’t see often and it’s a nice touch.

What Could Use Improvement: The front of the panties could use a little more coverage, for a smoother, cleaner line in the crotch. A finished seam on the hem would be a nice finishing detail.

Additional Info: Nyte’N’Day has a strong XStreet presence, which is nice for browsing or gift giving. While this particular piece isn’t available on XStreet, they do have a number of other lingerie pieces there. (Their Arden Corset is a lovely outfit that does wonderful things for your rear, if you’re a curvy girl, btw… I have it in blue.)

Photo Details:
Lingerie: Recherche in Teal by Nyte’N’Day
Jewelry: Pepper Diamond Set by Calypso Giano
Standing Pose: Whisper by (with love & squalor)
Reclinine Pose: *BR Snuggle Rug v2.0 by Burned Rice
Fireplace: Tryst

Outfit Details:
Price: 175L for one, fat pack of 6 for 595L
Pieces: 4 + texture

Detailing: B+ / A-
Prim Attachments: knot and cord, worn on chest
Resizing Scripts: not applicable
Tattoo Friendly?: Recherche’s top is only offered on Jacket. The panties are offered on pants and underwear. While this isn’t the largest number of options, I do think it’s tattoo friendly.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Not as much as other pieces. The lace detailing suffered when it was stretched over my bustline. It looks beautiful on the front as it frames the navel, though.
Multi-purpose pieces?: I’ve worn it while dancing, but that’s about it for this one.
Sim Rating?: Nyte’N’Day is rated Mature

* Lyric from ‘Nite and Day,’ by Al B. Sure


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