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The Simple Life

Simplicity by Trashy Girls in Style

From The back
Rear View
After getting back on SL after a 7 month involuntary hiatus, there were a few shops that I simply HAD to visit my first day back on the grid. One of them was Trashy Girls in Style, who remain one of my absolute favorite places to shop. Freya, the owner and designer, has an exquisite eye for lingerie. She was kind enough to share with me her newest release: Simplicity. It’s a bra and boy-short panty set that is the sort of every-day wear you’ll want to slip into. There are more than enough options to wear a different color each day!

What’s “Just Right”: The clean, true-to-life styling of Simplicity is spot-on. I love the lace accents and the careful shading on the bustline. The underwire is clearly represented, and everything is beautifully proportioned.

What Could Use Improvement: The color versions with dots on them suffered the most when it came to retaining textural integrity over the bustline. For fuller figures, I’d recommend the solid colors.

Other things to note: While the boy-short is cut as you would expect a boy-short to be, I found the lines of the garment to be a little unflattering around the crotch.

Thank Yous: A big thank you goes out to Taeja Diaz, of Dirty Boxes, for providing the skybox and all decor, as well as to the ladies from Syn City who came and modeled for me!

Featured Outfit Details:
Price: 125L
Pieces: 5 (bra on shirt, undershirt, jacket, panties on underwear, pants) + layers info notecard, texture and landmark.
Availability: Dotty Pink, Dotty Cream, Coral/Seaweed Trim, Blue/Pink Trim, Pink/Black Trim, Black, Red, Yellow, Navy, White/White Trim, Midnight Leopard, Petal Leopard and a Fat Pack

Detailing: B+
Prim Attachments?: No
Resizing Scripts?: Not Applicable
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes – Always offered on multiple layers.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Dependant on color: Curvy girls might want to avoid the prints with dots.
Multi-purpose pieces?: pure, girlie underthings.
Permissions?: Copy, No Mod, No Trans
Sim Rating?: The Main Store on Deep Blue Lagoon is Moderate.

Photo Details:
Models: Katya Imako, Sinli Draconia, Kanomi Pikajuna, Angel Appoloin
Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Location: Carbondale Heights
Poses: Dirty Boxes, Poses For Posers (P4P)
Props: Building and all furniture and accessories by Dirty Boxes *

Model Details:
Katya: Outfit – ::TGIS:: Simplicity Set Embellished (Navy), Hair – Yuyan by Dr. Life, Skin –Belleza Elle Dark Tan 4, Eyes – Reflex 4 Realistic Blue eyes 2C,
Sinli: ::TGIS:: Simplicity Set Embellished (Black)
Kanomi: ::TGIS:: Simplicity Set Embellished (Dotti Pink), skin by Redgrave.
Angel: ::TGIS:: Simplicity Set Embellished (Yellow)
Sabella: ::TGIS:: Simplicity Set Embellished (White), Hair by Argrace, Skin by Belleza, Eyes by Poetic Colors, Nails by Candy Nail, Wedding Ring by JCNY, feet by N-Core

Vendor List:
Dirty Boxes
Trashy Girls in Style

* Kindly provided by the vendor.


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Updates, Corrections, and WhatNots

First — a correction. Due to some sort of bizarre inventory snafu, when IndigoBlue over at SeldomBlue / Eternity Brides sent me the preview copy of her lovely outfit, Rosa (Rosa Has Bloomed), I did not receive all of the pieces. This led me to incorrectly report that the Caramel Special Release (which is 50% off the normal price) only had 27 pieces, instead of the full 54. My bad! Mea culpa!! The only difference between Caramel and the other fat pack releases is the lower price. (And don’t forget, that’s for a limited time!)

Second — Freya Olivieri at Trashy Girls in Style has released another set that we got to preview at the Virtual London Fashion Week show: the Burlesque Princess ensemble. It’s available in black, burgundy, red, magenta, purple, latte, chocolate, yellow, green, and blue. (375L individually, 2750L for the Fat Pack) There’s also two new colors in the You Are My Angel collection: a black and a red with black accents version that are just as stunning as the lighter, delicate colors released previously. They’re very reasonably priced at 249L. The red and black looks positively yummy, and is a ‘must see’!

Third — Something I’m seeing more and more of, is lingerie items or elements being offered as part of a dress collection. It’s a wonderful thing, and you can find some very fun examples of this at Ezura (check out their Nefarious, Shania Lolita, and Dark Evil One collections) and Blue Blood (their Wasp dress’ corset is delightful), as just a few examples. (Look for Lolita/Goth shops for some wonderful corset ideas, as well as lingerie style accessory items like garters, neck-frills, and gloves!) The only “drawback” is that you’re purchasing a full ensemble (which can be more expensive). If it’s in your price point, it’s a win-win!


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Angel D’Amour

Trashy Girls In Style: You Are My Angel

Last week we were able to report from Virtual London Fashion Week about the new line of lingerie from Trashy Girls in Style and their bridal division, Amore Dolce. I’m happy to report that the first of the line up is now available for sale! I was excited to see the feminine details and very classic lines of the You are my Angel laced corset. The lines on the bodice harken back to Victorian underpinnings with their angles of support for the bust, but are brought to you in delicate laces instead of Victorian muslin. This release is available in four colors: White, Butter, Baby Blue and Blush

What’s “Just Right”: There are so many “just right” details on this one! I love the single rhinestone found nestled into the bows and interspersed along the ribbons on the front. It’s such a minor little thing, but it adds a delicate, girlie touch. The inset panel of lace along the front creates visual interest, as does the seaming elements along the sides. The prim ruffle at the hem and bustline is a perfect touch. I appreciate the two different panty options: a full coverage – yet deliciously sheer – bikini and a more daring thong. Oh, wait, how could I neglect the maribou boa! Our models had fun playing with them, and they underscored the overall elegance of the piece.

What Could Use Improvement: The stocking choices included in each set are Black, Blush, Tan and White — but one of the outfits is Baby Blue… and thus that ensemble doesn’t have a stocking that matches. (This may simply be a release error/oversight, as there are SO many pieces provided in the set.)

Other things to note: As mentioned in other blog posts, Trashy Girls in Style has extremely generous freebies and lowbies available in the store. Don’t forget to look upstairs for some really great deals!

Disclaimer for full disclosure: This outfit and the furniture in the bedroom setting were graciously provided by the designers.

Mirror's View

Detail: Back - Thong

Detail: Front

Detail: Back - Panty

Photo Details:
Models: Kali Ireland, Faye Nymphea, Sabella Fallen
Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Furniture: Walnut Four Poster Bed, Walnut Vanity/Dressing Table & Bench, Ribbon Cuddle Chaise, Ebony Isfahan Oriental Rug – all by La Galleria (In World / The Marketplace)
Accessories: Make-up by La Galleria (In World / The Marketplace)
Building: Victorian Manor Themed Skybox by Finch Endrizzi (In World / The Marketplace)
Poses: DeePosed, Burned Rice
Location: Carbondale Heights

Outfit Details:
Price: 249L
Pieces: 21 + 2 landmarks + info card

Model Details:
Kali Ireland: Hair by Ava-Tare, Shape and Skin by Dreams Inc.
Sabella Fallen: Hair by Argrace, Skin by Belleza, Eyes by LAQ, Nails by Candy Nail, Wedding Ring by JCNY
Faye Nymphea: Shoes – High Heels Stilettos by Immerschoen (In World / The Marketplace) Hair by Truth, Eyes by GuTi, Skin by Dreams Inc., heavily self-modified shape by E-Styles.

Detailing: A! So many elements are strong on this outfit, from the rhinestones to the ribbons!
Prim Attachments?: Boa (3 pieces), bodice ruffle, hem ruffle
Resizing Scripts?: None
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes! A multitude of layer options are provided
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes! It looked good on all of our model shapes and sizes!
Multi-purpose pieces?: Yes! I actually saw Freya wearing pieces from this outfit under a jacket at the fashion show and it looked stunning!
Sim Rating?: The New Life sim is rated Mature.

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Trashy Girls in Style


TGIS @ VLFW The Trashy Girls in Style fashion show at Virtual London Fashion Week kicked off at 5 SLT on Friday the 15th, with some slowjams (“Let’s just Kiss and Say Goodbye”) to set the mood. Folks were dropping in and grabbing a seat even past when the models started walking. The presentation started with some casual chic outfits (I am SO getting the sexy, side-slit belted skirt from the first outfit modeled!) and moved quickly to elegant gowns. There was faux fur, hounds-tooth, silk, sweaters, hats with veils, slim skirts and jackets, rhinestone embellishments … but it was the lingerie that really got my pulse racing. The first ensemble was a brilliant teal corset with a black rose ornament on the bust-line. It was augmented with dropped prim sleeves. (Above, second from the left.) The panties showed just enough cheek, yet had perfect coverage in the front. The second offering was a delightful number in black with marabou accents and lots of sheer fabrics and lace ruffles. (top, large image) Classic burlesque was the inspiration for the third piece – brilliant scarlet and black, with stockings, a sculpted bodice, lace ruffle trim, dropped sleeves, silk roses and double-tiered skirting. (Side image) Talk about your layers of detail!! The fourth piece was, as one audience member exclaimed, “What I’ll be wearing Christmas Eve when I wait up for Santa!” A vision in white, it also featured marabou and sheer lace, and had a soft, feminine curve to the hemline. (Above, left.) While Freya Olivieri couldn’t give us an exact date as to when these lovely offerings will be available in her store, I was bouncing in my seat with excitement and anticipation! I can’t wait for the chance to share them with you in more detail! A huge Thank You to Freya for the invitation to the fashion show, and for the generous gift for all attendees: a pair of pink high heels! Another thank you to the event staff, who assisted with getting me the pictures needed to share with you – especially Shaza Denver and Adora Mistwalker! Thank you, ladies!

Important Note! To celebrate the show, Freya has released the gown pictured above (second from the right). It’s available in The Pink Store on the New Life sim, and comes in six colors: Green, Red, Blue, Noir, Pink, and Purple, and is 550L.


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Tickled Pink

OnyxWear Corset Dress

I stumbled across OnyxWear while prowling around on one of the weekend sales routes. I was immediately impressed with their under-bust shading and highlighting and snatched up four of their shirts, one of which can be seen in the (Hippy) Jailbait post. Their style definitely runs towards the urban/slut-chic, with bright colors, high hemlines and plunging necklines. It occurred to me that if they did lingerie, I might be on to something really fun… and so off I went to their main store. On the second floor, I hit the jackpot and found a wonderful corset dress I just had to share.

Available in a multitude of colors (“Dark, Chocolate, Pink Zebra, Pink, Lime, H2O, Cherry, Barney” – I also really like the Black and will probably go back and grab it sometime in the near future. Lime, H2O, Cherry and Barney were just too neon for my tastes.), the outfit really has its strength in the corset itself. Sure, there’s a sculpted prim skirt you can wear, and yes, the black lace edging on it is delicious, but honestly, the corset takes the cake. It’s feminine and sexy with a classic burlesque feel to it.

Jewelry Closeup

Shoe Closeup

What’s “Just Right”: The hand drawn softness of the corset is a big win; there’s plenty of fabric wrinkles just where they should be and the metal busk style closure of the front is subtle but present. The line of the panty is smooth and flattering. I really liked the contrast and pattern of the black lace ruffle on the skirt.

What Could Use Improvement: A hud or other mechanism to assist with the sizing of the skirt would have been nice. Even utilizing a “skirt shape” which I hate to do, I had difficulty getting appropriate coverage out of the skirt that comes with the ensemble. A black lace prim ruffle at the bust line that matched the ruffle at the skirt would have been delicious, as would a garter belt option. I would also have loved if the corset was designed *SEPARATE* from the panties — it isn’t. That prevents this piece from being used as a stand-alone corset, which is really too bad.

Other things to note: While OnyxWear does have a presence on The Marketplace, this item is not for sale there.

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Lingerie: Corset Flex-Dress Pink by OnyxWear (In World)
Earrings: Regan Earrings by LacieCakes(In World / The Marketplace)
Cuffs: Part of the Adnata Boots Graphite set by ADDiCTIA (In World / The Marketplace)
Necklace: Viva Necklace in Black & Silver by Ticky Tacky (In World / The Marketplace)
Garter: Classic Bow Garter in Black by Intimizzio/Armidi (In World)
Shoes: Vogue Sandals by Trashy Girls in Style* (In World)
General: Hair by Argrace, Skin by Belleza, Eyes by LAQ, Nails by Candy Nail, Wedding Ring by JCNY
Props: Cigarette Holder, Boa, and Photo Stage by the brilliant artists at Devious Minds.
Poses: Devious MindsVista Animations

Outfit Details:
Price: 220L
Pieces: 6 – Underwear, Pants, Jacket, Shirt, Undershirt and skirt prim.

Detailing: A- and it only gets a deduction because of the issue with the panties not being separate from the corset itself.
Prim Attachments?: Skirt
Resizing Scripts?: No, and I really wish there was.
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes – multiple layering options.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: The skirt was hard to fit on my derriere. 😦 The corset held up well.
Multi-purpose pieces?: Yes – in fact, a skirt is part of the outfit. It effortlessly goes from the dance floor to the bedroom floor. (Literally and metaphorically)
Sim Rating?: Azrael is rated Mature

* Disclaimer: These gorgeous shoes were provided by the designer.

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Anniversary Celebrations with Gypsy Rose Lee

This past week marked the one year anniversary of Freya Olivieri’s presence as a fashion designer in Second Life. To celebrate, she has been busting her butt on a whole new collection (only a designer would celebrate their hard work… by a project that takes a lot of hard work!) Unfortunately, due to RL obligations, I wasn’t able to make the Trashy Girls In Style Anniversary fashion show.(big huge gigantic bummer to have missed it – but she did get some pictures on her Flikr!) So I got to participate vicariously, at least!

Disclaimer for full disclosure: While all of the other lingerie I have shared with you on Slingerie has been ensembles that I purchased on my own, this outfit was a gift from Freya, when she and I were chatting about her fashion show. I sometimes do modelling for her, and she very kindly gifts me with most of her new releases. This item is not yet available for sale in her store.

Gypsy Rose Lee Anniversary Corset by TGIS

This corset immediately caught my eye – I am a total sucker for the classic burlesque look, and Freya captures that essence perfectly. It was hard to decide between the pink and red corsets.. but as I’ve done a lot of red lately, I had to go with the deliciously girly pink. (The red, while similar, does have some different styling details)

What’s “Just Right”: The level of detail and generous accessories! Included in the set are matching earrings, necklace and shoes! Freya always remembers that it’s the extras that make an outfit, and provides those details – a lace bow for the bodice, a bow for the corset laces, different skirt versions, gloves… you name it. I like the extra touch of the decoration on the stockings – the little dots are cute!

What Could Use Improvement: Hrm…. if I put on my brutal blogger hat, I could nitpick that a *smidge* more detail on the pink lace overlay would be nice. Maybe little pink bows on the garter belt straps?

Other things to note: if you’re really careful with organizing your layers, you can wear both skirt versions, and have those adorable pink bows peeping out from beneath the tulle of the ‘coat skirt’… the possibilities with this outfit get just giggly fun. 🙂 Another note — those who attended the Anniversary Fashion show received a very generous gift bag… Freya has put that gift out at the TGIS store for folks to enjoy! (look for the pink bag with pink paper)

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Lingerie & Jewelry: Gypsy Rose Lee Anniversary Corset by Trashy Girls In Style
Pose & Boa: ShowDiva in Pink by Chanimations/Devious Minds
Cigarette Holder: Devious Minds
Location: Devious Minds

Outfit Details:
Price: Not Yet Available For Sale — but being released soon! (Freya says, “probably around 199L”)
Pieces: Twenty-One!!

Detailing: A
Prim Attachments: MANY!! Corset Tie, Coat Skirt, Chest Bow, Necklace (chest & spine slot), Skirt (stomach & pelvis slot), Earrings, plus shoes!
Resizing Scripts: Yes, a very user friendly one in the coat skirt.
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes! She provides multiple layering options making it fully tattoo friendly.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes – though there was a smidge of stretching on the breast lace.
Multi-purpose pieces?: Sort of… you can put together a variety of looks with the pieces – either the core burlesque ensemble, or a lingerie version…

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Lace Me Up, Lace Me Down

Okay, so there was a ton of stuff that I needed to review before I was going to let myself circle back to anyone I’d already shared with you. But all it took was that notecard hitting my screen and my resolve melted away like sugar on a schoolgirl’s tongue. I HAD to share the new line of corsets by Trashy Girls in Style with ya’ll.

Freya has made something really quite remarkable with her latest release; it’s a set of glossy satin print fabric corsets, in paisleys, animal prints and florals. As always, they are tattoo friendly, but what makes them super-awesome is that she has added a prim attachment on the chest, to give the piece three dimensionality. (When combined with the breast physics in the Emerald viewer, it is … um.. awe inspiring. There’s no other way to put it.)

Sabella Fallen in Trashy Girls in Style

I snatched up the Black Floral, loving the Asian feel to the design…though the leopard was a close second. Opening up the box, I was really pleased with the multiple options being offered – not just in layers, but in whole looks. There’s two different options for the corset itself, one of which is a nipple-skimming lower cut, and two different color options for the prim corset top.

What’s “Just Right”: Freya does amazing things with textures; one of the many reasons I’m a squeeing fangirl. She also remembers all the extra touches that really make an outfit — There is a prim bow for the corset laces, and she has it placed correctly; It’s at the center point, where both sets of lacings would meet (Yes, a real, well made, waist-reducing corset has two sets of laces). And speaking of the laces, they’re very well executed.

What Could Use Improvement: If the corset top was offered in an additional attachment point (such as spine), that would make this outfit positively orgasmic. A lot of girls wear their collars or other neck jewelry on the chest slot.

Additional Notes: In the photo, I did cheat, which I must admit. I wore my rosary on one of the Emerald secondary attachment points. If I was using the standard viewer, I would have had to reslot one or the other. I’m also a little sad to report that Trashy Girls is no longer available on XStreet. I asked Freya if she would be putting her things on one of the other merchant sites. She replied that she might be in the future.

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Corset: Print Corset in Black Floral by Trashy Girls in Style
Skirt: Dirty Black MiniSkirt Punky by Blow-Up.
Stockings: Leah by Reasonable Desires
Rosary: Rosary by KR
Location: Carbondale Heights
Pose: Model 10, by FF (Faux Barbee)

Outfit Details:
Price: 50L. (Yes, you read that right. The corset is FIFTY Lindens. And not just on Friday, either.)
Pieces: 13 + fitting tutorial, plus two textures, and a ‘How to Wear Me’ guide.

Detailing: A
Prim Attachments: 3 – two different corset tops and a lacing bow
Resizing Scripts: None – the top must be manually adjusted.
Tattoo Friendly?: Absolutely – The corset top is offered on undershirt, shirt and corset layers, and the panty is offered on both underwear and pant layer.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Mostly – My particularly excessive curves caused a minor issue; a line was visible at the juncture of pant and shirt layer (even on the jacket layer piece) due to avatar mesh.
Multi-purpose pieces?: Yes! not only is this hot in the bedroom, but it pairs perfectly with a skirt or pair of leggings for some smokin hot clubwear.

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