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The Battle of the Betties

The Battle of the Betties

Rose in RubyBetty Vintage in Raspberry
Rose in RubyBetty Vintage in Raspberry
Detail View: Boots by Bettie's Vintage
While going through my ‘To Be Reviewed’ folder, I came across two outfits that had a lot of similarities in style and genre. Since I like them both, I decided to toss them both into the ring and let them fight it out in an underwear cage match! (Ok, maybe not so much.) Since both of them have very strong retro flair to them, one has the name already, AND I could easily imagine the iconic Bettie Page wearing either, I bring you – The Battle of the Betties!

The Contenders: In one corner, wearing the red satin panties, is underpinings power house Angel Dessous, and their offering, “Betty Vintage Rasberry!” And in the other corner… wearing red velvet panties, is The Gatsby Girl’s “Rose” in Ruby!

The Fight:

BRA – Gatsby Girl goes for a strong statement with a burned-velvet pattern. It’s beautiful, but is not curvy-friendly. Angel Dessous has a much simpler – yet still lovely – pattern to the fabric, which makes it wearable for a broader range of body types to enjoy. Although they are VERY similar, the cut on the Gatsby Girl bra “feels” more true-to-era, with its solid, unadorned straps. First Round is a draw!

PANTIES – The lines of the Gatsby Girl panties are fairly basic, and you can see a touch of white on the edges of the garment — but the Angel Dessous outfit doesn’t have the panties available as a separate item (they are built into the garter-belt), so this round must go to Gatsby Girl.

GARTER-BELT – The thick straps and angularity of the Rose garter-belt is sexy and clean. The lines to the Angel Dessous garter-belt are blocky and less flattering to a feminine shape, and the rear end just looks like a generic ‘satin texture’ was applied, rather than being highlighted in the right places. Round goes to Gatsby Girl.

STOCKINGS – Here again, Angel Dessous uses the ‘generic satin texture’ in a wide band on the stockings, which creates highlights and shadows that don’t make visual sense. The narrow band of lace beneath the satin is a beautiful and feminine touch as is the crimson back seam, and there’s the second version with variance in sheerness which adds value and options. Gatsby Girl’s Rose uses the burned velvet patterning, but here on the thigh, there’s no distortion and the beauty of the design shines. It has a contrasting black back seam for a very sexy touch. I prefer the realism of the garter clips here – it adds authenticity. Both have the stockings ending very high on the thigh – I would have preferred a just a wee bit lower. Round goes to Gatsby Girl.

GLOVES – Angel Dessous is known for the level of detail to their outfits and with Betty Vintage, they offer two different opacity levels on the gloves. The sheer pattern is a very delicate fabric that is feminine and sweet, and the solid is a vampish satin. A narrow border of lace accents the upper arm. Gatsby Girl does not offer gloves with their outfit. Round goes to Angel Dessous.

PRIM EXTRAS – Angel Dessous offers a very cute little prim bow to grace the back of the spine. Gatsby Girl does not have any prim extras. Round goes to Angel Dessous.

OVERALL TEXTURING – Both outfits have positives and negative, balancing each other out. Angel Dessous does go one step further and offers two different versions of of the whole outfit – one sheer and one more modestly solid. Round goes to Angel Dessous.

OVERALL STYLING – The ‘this is what Mrs. Cleaver wears after the Beaver has gone to bed’ styling of the Rose outfit perfectly captures the era. Round goes to Gatsby Girl.

PRICE/VALUE – Rose is 100L for 6 pieces (16.66 L per piece). Betty Vintage is 390L for 7 plus a prim bow for a total of 8 (48.75 L per piece). Round goes to Gatsby Girl.

COLOR AVAILABILITY – Rose is available in Ruby and Onyx. Betty Vintage is offered in Lavender, Cream, Red, Black, and Steel. Angel Dessous wins for flexibility of color availability. (They do not offer Betty Vintage on the Marketplace at this time.)

TATTOO FRIENDLINESS / LAYER FLEXIBILITY – Gatsby Girl’s Rose only has the panties on one layer (underwear) but offers the bra and garter-belt on two each. Angel Dessous’s Betty only offers the bra on one layer (shirt) and the combo undies/garter-belt on one layer (pants). Round goes to Gatsby Girl.

CURVY GIRL QUALIFIED – The burned-velvet patterning used by Gatsby Girl is beautiful… but wasn’t as curvy friendly as the more delicate patterning implemented by Angel Dessous. Round to Angel Dessous.

What’s “Just Right”: For pure retro style, the Gatsby Girl Rose ensemble really hits the mark. It’s got all of the design elements you would expect and stays true to its vision throughout. It takes some risks, fabric-wise, and for me, those risks didn’t work out – but on a less voluptuous figure, Rose would look stunning. The strength of the Angel Dessous ensemble is the delicacy of the fabric on the sheer version. While it’s less true to that vintage style visually, the line of the bra is just exquisite and is very well done.

What Could Use Improvement: The garter-belt of the Betty Vintage is the outfit’s Achilles heel. The generic ‘satin texture’ and design elements of the garter-belt were not flattering. Angel Dessous gets a serious scolding for combining the garter-belt and panty, and not offering the pieces as individual layers as well.

AND THE WINNER IS…. The Gatsby Girl’s Rose!

Featured Outfits:
Betty Vintage by Angel Dessous – (In World / Marketplace Store)
Rose Lingerie by Gatsby Girl – (In World / The Marketplace)

Photo & Model Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Location: DeviousMinds
Poses: The Vintage collection by Luth (In World / The Marketplace), Coy by Torridwear (In World / The Marketplace)
Props: Stage from the FetishCabaret MegaPack by (In World / The Marketplace)
Shoes: Shoes: Victorian Ankle Boot by Bettie’s Vintage (In World / The Marketplace)


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Lazy Sunday

Intimates - Dots, by My Pinkie Skull: Lazy Sunday

Naeve’s last post was so overwhelmingly girlie cute that I had to follow that same vein. I dug through my ‘To Be Reviewed’ folder, and immediately came up with the Intimates Dots by My Pinkie Skull. This adorable little bra, panty and gartered stocking outfit is casual, comfy, girl-next-door-in-cotton sexy. It was the sort of outfit I could see myself wearing during some hardcore weekend lazing around the house. Or, if I was being daring, slipping out to the back yard to deal with the laundry… Hope the neighbor isn’t peeking through the fence! 😛 

I like the extra details found on the Intimates Dots — the seaming on the bra and panties, the shadow of nipples under the bra, the ribbon details on both pieces. These are the sorts of things that brings an outfit to the level that makes me sit up and wanna blog.

What’s “Just Right”: The highlight and shadow work on the bra is very subtle but well done.The seaming on both pieces is nicely executed. I appreciate that two options were offered – a single white lace garter mid-thigh, or white gartered blue stockings. I like the tiny hint of white lace at the top of the panty, and would love to have seen more on the bra as well.

What Could Use Improvement: I absolutely adore MPS’ 10 pack of panties (previously blogged in ‘Zipped’) for their detail – the undies on the Intimate Dots isn’t quite up to the same level. Still good — just not *great*. I’d love it if the bows on the bra and panties were prim bows, for extra detail.

Other things to note: My Pinkie Skull has a very strong presence on The Marketplace, which makes shopping and gifting easy.

Late Breakfast
Getting Dressed
Laundry Day

Featured Outfit: Intimate Dots by My Pinkie Skull
Price: 150
Pieces: 8 + landmark – Bra on Undershirt, Shirt & Jacket, Panty on Underpants & Pants, Garter on Sock, Gartered Stockings on Sock, Gloves.
Available Colors: Black, Red, Blue (Featured), Pink, and Green.

Detailing: B
Prim Attachments?: None
Resizing Scripts?: Not applicable
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes – both pieces offered on multiple layers
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes – very little discernible distortion of the pattern.
Multi-purpose pieces?: Maybe – it could double as a retro-ish swimsuit….
Sim Rating?:

Model Details:
Sabella: Outfit – Intimates Dots by My Pinkie Skull. Bare Feet by SLink. Leeza Locking Pumps by Pixel Mode. Hair by Argrace, Skin by Belleza, Eyes by Poetic Colors, Nails by Candy Nail, Wedding Ring by JCNY

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Locations: iTuTu, Carbondale Heights.
Poses: Water Sapphire, Long Awkward Pose, DeePosed, Luth, Ilse’s Animations, Vextra Messing Design, Penny Dreadful Arcade (Closed).

Vendor Details:
Apocalips Japan: Teal Paisley Rug, Buddha in the Valley Painting, Copper glazed Planter with Bamboo & Rattan Planter.
iTuTu: Hanging Laundry set / Shoot location.
La Galleria: White Dentelle Lace Sculpted Scarf Table with Scarf, 2 Prim Table Lamp with Peony white shade, White & LACE Comforter Bed Linens, Sculpted Iron Bed Frame
Modest House: Roslyn House
Prim Pincher: Whimsical Blue Star Hanging Lamp
Republica: Geek Chic Chair (Project Themory Exclusive)
Tasty Prims Food Shop: Hashbrown, Bacon & Eggs Breakfast Plate
Vextra Messing Design: Garden Table for Two (The Marketplace)
{what next}: Coastal Cottage Breakfast Room Cafetiere, Pile of Children’s Books.


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Aisha at the Office

Aisha by PixelFashion

Back when The Marketplace was XStreet (which, I have to admit, I preferred), I found a saucy little number called Aisha by PixelFashion. I put it on my favorites list, but kept putting it off, because I had concern about how it would look on a girl of my curves. After a visit to their in world store, I decided to give it a shot. About 25 minutes of prim-adjustements later, I decided that my first thought was right – this is far more easily fit to, and more flattering on, a girl of more modest curves.

What’s “Just Right”: I like the line of the panties and the overall design of the outfit. All of the variants have bright splashes of color combined with dark accents, which is visually very pretty. The brightest spot in the whole ensemble for me was the lace texture on the accent prims. It’s crisp and well executed.

What Could Use Improvement: I wish there was more clarity of detail. It looks.. well.. fuzzy… even on a slender avatar. The top prim was challenging for both Katya and I to wrestle into some semblance of fitting.

Other things to note: PixelFashion makes a dizzying array of items; everything from men’s elephant novelty thongs (!), to fetishwear and lingerie, to shoes and boots, make up, party accessories, and ladies and mens wear. They have a very solid showing on The Marketplace.

Featured Outfit Details:
Price: 250L
Pieces: 8 + Landmark (3 prim attachments (pelvis, stomach and spine), pants/shirt, underpants/undershirt, and stockings))
Availability: Aisha is offered in Blue, Red, Blue & Pink, and White

Taking Dicktation
Shoes by SLink
Detail View: Panties
Detail View: Kiss Me Here

Detailing: C+. I would have liked to see more crispness on the details; I felt almost all of the textures were a bit muddied.
Prim Attachments?: Ruffles on the bustline and each hip (3)
Resizing Scripts?: No
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes – the outfit is offered on two different layers
Curvy Girl Friendly?: No. Adjusting the chest prim for a girl with curves was so maddening that after 25 minutes of ‘edit linked parts’ tweaking, I gave up.
Multi-purpose pieces: No

Photo Details:
Models: Katya Imako, Sion Bedrosian, Sabella Fallen
Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Location: Carbondale Heights
Poses: DeePosed, Luth, PDA (closed), Burned Rice, Vista Animations
Props: Room – including art and bookshelves, Couch, Glass Table – The Secretary (Sexual Harassment Set) by Apocalips Japan, Desk Papers, Notes and Clutter by By Georgia!, 2 Prim Table Lamp by La Galleria, Stack of Antique Books (on glass table): Reminisce Furniture & Decor, Moth Orchids (on glass table) by Modern Urban Furniture, Banana Tree by Tiki Tattoo, Mystic Rug III by +SOUL+ Possessions, Stack of Antique Books (on floor) by RELIC

Model Details:
Katya Imako: Lingerie – Aisha in Blue by PixelFashion, Hair – [HS] Dani in auburn by Hair Solutions, Skin – Elle by Belleza, Eyes – Reflex by 2C Bruno, Shoes – Black Leather Pumps by RedGrave, Eyeshadow – Glossy Black by Kosh, Shape – Custom.

Sion Bedrosian: Suit – AOHARU, Shoes – Jeepers Creepers, Hair – UncleWeb Studio, Eyes – Mojo, Skin – Pulse, Shape – Extensively customised; originally by Perfect Ten Bodies. Cigar – Fine Bittersweet Creek Brandy-Tipped Cigar by Alchemy Immortalis, Snifter of Cognac by Alchemy Immortalis (Both free in their store)

Sabella Fallen: Lingerie – Aisha in Red by PixelFashion, Shoes – Lara in Black by SLink, Pasties – Vernice: Black Heart Pasties by BlackLace, Hair by Argrace, Skin by Belleza, Eyes by Poetic Colors, Nails by Candy Nail, Wedding Ring by JCNY

[Please Note: It’s my understanding that this blog was referenced a few weeks back in a Plurk conversation about ‘glorification of domestic violence.’ While the photography scenes for this post have implications of sexual harassment in the office – which is a serious issue, which I, myself, have faced – these shots were done very tongue in cheek. I asked Katya which role she’d prefer: the one in charge or the subordinate, and she very perkily admitted that she “loves to be sexually harassed” in a consentual power-exchange sort of way. No glorification of the actual exploitation of women in the workplace is intended or should be implied.]

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Lush Green Urban Renewal

Naeve in CG Lush




By Naeve Rossini

There are many things I love about Lush and a few things I wish were a little different, but overall I enjoyed this offering so much, I bought the fat pack.

Lush really shows off the curves. ChronoSalp Galaxy‘s lingerie really flatter my shape, highlighting and drawing attention to my top and bottom with just enough sass, mixed with a touch of lacy class.

This is lingerie meant for showing off. If you’re the right sort of girl, this may be for you.

What I mean is that it looks demure on the surface, but if you allow the camera to wander close enough, you will find its sordid secrets between the legs. For the sake of this blog, we won’t be zooming up close for you, but suffice it to say the designer’s ads have little ovals on them for a reason.

Speaking of the designer, ChronoSalp has done a good job with creating a satiny texture and combines it well with intricate lace. Altogether, I am very pleased with the results and with her choice of color options. Too often, I see colors that are altogether unrealistic, but ChronoSalp has chosen very realistic and elegant colors for Lush.

Sadly, there aren’t a lot of lingerie choices at her shop. It’s mostly stockings. My hope is that more lingerie will appear with time.

(There’s a PG store and an Adult store, but they’re practically identical in offerings.)

What’s “Just Right”: I just have to say straight out that the curve of the back of the panty and the garter belt straps is perfect for showing off my bottom. I wouldn’t change a thing there. The lace is also phenomenal, both scalloped around my breasts and those stocking tops. Yum! The bra is cut in a way that really enhances cleavage and has that naughtiness of appearing like the band has tucked under the breast a little for us bustier girls.

What Could Use Improvement: It’s going to sound like minute nitpicking, but I would love to see just a little more texture in the satin to give it more of a fabric texture. It’s just a hair too glossy. My only other desire is for a garter belt with some triangular satin panels holding each belt and some combined layers for those that want to add tattoos/body shine/whatever underneath the lingerie.

Featured Outfit Details:
Featured Outfit: Lush in Emerald Green by ChronoSalp Galaxy (In World, SL Marketplace); also available (not shown) in Azure Blue, BlackSilver, Red Poppy and Tyrian White
Price: $150-250 each; $400 fat pack ($600 savings)
Pieces: 16, standard layers plus tattoo layer

Detailing: A- ChronoSalp’s texture work on the lace is excellent. The satin bra cups are a little too uniform, but it still pulls of the shiny-but-not-latex look well. My only real beef is the bra straps disappearing somewhat and the band-like shape of the garter belt.
Prim Attachments: Not Applicable
Resizing Scripts: Not Applicable
Tattoo Friendly: Somewhat. The bra is entirely tattoo friendly, but you’ll have to choose between the panty or the garter for lower body tattoos. There is a bra and panty combo, but it’s made for the tattoo layer, which doesn’t really help for tattoos.
Curvy Girl Friendly: Yes
Sim Rating: PG

Photo Details:
Model: Naeve Rossini
Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Props: V-Metro Subway Train by Arcadia Asylum from the Urban Grunge Project
Location: Carbondale Heights
Poses: DeePosed, C’est La Vie, Reel Expression, Striking Poses,
ANOmotions, Tiny Awkward Bird

Model Details:
Outfit: Lush in Emerald Green by ChronoSalp Galaxy
Heels: Classic Pump in Blackberry by Juicy
Skin: Kate by League
Hair: Paula by Truth
Eyes: Poison Ivy by Poetic Colors

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“I cannot compete with you, Jolene…” *

I had multiple folks recommend Blowpop; when I got their store, I immediately recognized some of their things as items I had sitting in my ‘Favorites’ folder on XStreet. While they do not have a wide selection of offerings, what I saw was extremely well made.

What I like: Ok, I’m going to gush embarassingly. I like this outfit A LOT. It was almost physically painful to pick only one color. I can easily see myself going back when I get my allowance and buying the fat pack, and I just don’t generally do that. We went with Pink for Stormy and I snatched up the red version for myself. I love the highlight and shadow work on the flower detail – which are so well done, they almost look like seperate prims – the lace edging, the subtlety of the brocade on the cups. The wrinkles on the fabric were just right – not too many, not too few. The panties have much better than average detail and shadowing on the rear end.

Stormy Javelin

I like the flexibility of the outfit. You can wear the corset/basque version, or just a bra/panties version. If there was a panties/garterbelt combo, I would have died and gone to heaven.

What I Don’t Like: The stockings are sold separately. What’s worse, not all the color combinations of the Jolene outfit have matching stockings available. For example, there is no ‘pink’ stockings – we had to go with Nude. I’d rather that the outfit was an even 400L and came with everything you need for the total look.

Photo Details:
Model: Stormy Javelin
Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Outfit: Jolene Silk Suspender Basque, Balconette Bra & Panty Set – Pink, and Lace-top Thigh High Stockings – Nude, by Blowpop.
Boots: Ankle Boots in White Patent by Bax
Collar: Sweet Submission. (Contact Stormy Javelin for information)
Pose: Luth – Photo Pose Wall.

Outfit Details:
Price: 225L for the corset and panties, and additional 100L for the stockings
Pieces: Jolene Corset — 7 + Texture. Undershirt (1), Shirt (2), Jacket (1), Underwear (1), Pants (2) // Stockings: 3 different versions.

Collection Pieces

Detailing: A
Prim Attachments: Not applicable
Resizing Scripts: Not applicable
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes! Generous layers provided.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes! It looked great on a diverse array of shapes.
Multi-purpose pieces?: Pure lingerie, but the outfit does have two different looks to it.

* Lyric by Dolly Parton.


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