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Hollee Moley, Batgirl!

Group Shot: Lingerie by Hollee
Katya Kali Meltemi Dina

Sabella and NaeveSabella
[This photo shoot is officially dedicated to Beebo Brink.]

I found Lingerie by Hollee while browsing on XStreet, and also had this designer mentioned to me by some folks who follow the SLingerie blog. I made myself several mental notes to talk about this designer when I was on my “Lingerie Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive” rant, too. When the idea for a great big photo shoot came up (inspired by a pose sale at Glitterati, to be honest), I knew I wanted to feature Hollee’s work. It’s very economical, looks good on a wide range of body types and has something to suit almost any personality. The girls at SLU and the Syn City sim came to my rescue and brought their friends. We even grabbed passers by and tosed them on a poseball. 😉

The designs themselves are classic lingerie in cut and style. Garterbelts, teddies, bras, panties: all with lovely attention to detail. I love the vertical embroidery detailing on Depravity, the smooth, feminine lines on Debauchery, or the simple sexiness of Bianca. I loved the variety in the offerings, color wise. The prices are ridiculously low (Buy at the inworld shop for even more value!) for the level of quality you get.

What’s “Just Right”: Several girls at the shoot gravitated towards the Depravity and Debauchery outfits. The soft, feminine lines were flattering, and the contrast of sheerness and embroidery detailing on Depravity was the clear winner. I was impressed by the variety of layering options provided.

What Could Use Improvement: Of all of the outfits we tried on, the Burlesque held up the least well. The detailing present in the other outfits just wasn’t there on this one. Prim details like lacing or ribbons or bows would have been a lovely extra touch… but really, what you get for the Lindens is already a huge bargain.

Other things to note: If you can — shop the inworld store! Purchases there come with some extras.. 🙂

Photo Details:
Naeve Rossini in Winter Charcoal Black in White. Stockings: Stockings 21 Fishnet Bold in Black. Boots: Bax – Prestige in White. Necklace: Luthien Unsung – Diamond Heart & Pearl Choker Triple Strand. Bracelets: Candy Nail – Pearl Bracelet 1 & 2 in White. Hair: Truth – Lucinda in Sangria. Nails: Candy Nail – Clear Glitter French in Pink. Eyes: Poetic Colors – Poison Ivy. Skin: League – Kate in Suntan Glam. Shape: Custom by Naeve Rossini.

Shaz Bashly in Depravity Charcoal Black. Hair: Truth – Brit. Lashes: g9. Boots: Bax. Jewelry: 100aje.

Samantha Chandler in Burlesque Charcoal Black. Eyes: Miriel – light brown. Bracelets: Dawne Drebin & Relentness Unknown. Tattoos: Canimal. Hair: Argrace. Shoes: Maitreya.

Surfer Arun in Burlesque in Hot Pink

Katya Imako in Clover in Cloud White. Hair: Sirena – Camille Red – Auburn. Earrings: BastChild – Classic Diamond Gold Earring Studs. Shoes: Coquette Noir. Tattoo: Inks & Kinks – Chesty Rose.

Britnie Adamski in Depravity in Hot Pink. Hair: Truth- Makenzie – Sangria. Shoes: Maitreya Gold- Shanti snow leopard. Skin: LAQ – Tasha 2. Bracelets: LouLou & Co. & Enigma. Tattoos: Inflict.

Tiffany667 Xaris in Depravity in Violet. Boots: Goliath Andel – “G” purple/black.

Kali Ireman in Depravity in Hot Pink. Hair: LAQ. Eyes: Paper Doll. Shoes: Armyst. Necklace: Prinny’s Prims. Skin & Shape: Estyle.

Dina Winslet in Clover in Hot Pink: Hair: Tukinowaguma Hanaiori – SH Ash. Skin: LAQ – Tasha2. Shoes: Adam n Eve – Samara- Black.

Meltemi Case in Debauchery in Sky Blue. Skin: Lelutka – honKongLight makeup 4. Hair: Truth – Paula. Shoes: Acinonyx – Ordinary.

Beathag McMahon in Bianca in Forest Green. Skin: Blowpop – Elizabeth. Hair: ETD – Trinitee. Shoes: ShoeFly – Evening Sandal. Necklace & Earrings: Earthstones.

Jaliyah Piers in Depravity in Blue.

Group Shot Poses: Glitterati and Adorkable Poses
Individual Poses: Utilizing the AO worn by the individual. (Unknown)

Outfit Details:
Price: Ranging from 60L to 240L for a three piece fat pack to 7654L for her “everything but the girl” collection of every single one of her pieces.
Pieces: Variable.

Detailing: Decadence, Debauchery and Depravity get a solid A!
Prim Attachments: None of the outfits had prim attachments
Resizing Scripts: None of the outfits had or required resizing scripts.
Tattoo Friendly?: All of the outfits were reported to be very tattoo friendly, as you can see by our models.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes!
Multi-purpose pieces?: Hm…. not really.


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