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Lush Green Urban Renewal

Naeve in CG Lush




By Naeve Rossini

There are many things I love about Lush and a few things I wish were a little different, but overall I enjoyed this offering so much, I bought the fat pack.

Lush really shows off the curves. ChronoSalp Galaxy‘s lingerie really flatter my shape, highlighting and drawing attention to my top and bottom with just enough sass, mixed with a touch of lacy class.

This is lingerie meant for showing off. If you’re the right sort of girl, this may be for you.

What I mean is that it looks demure on the surface, but if you allow the camera to wander close enough, you will find its sordid secrets between the legs. For the sake of this blog, we won’t be zooming up close for you, but suffice it to say the designer’s ads have little ovals on them for a reason.

Speaking of the designer, ChronoSalp has done a good job with creating a satiny texture and combines it well with intricate lace. Altogether, I am very pleased with the results and with her choice of color options. Too often, I see colors that are altogether unrealistic, but ChronoSalp has chosen very realistic and elegant colors for Lush.

Sadly, there aren’t a lot of lingerie choices at her shop. It’s mostly stockings. My hope is that more lingerie will appear with time.

(There’s a PG store and an Adult store, but they’re practically identical in offerings.)

What’s “Just Right”: I just have to say straight out that the curve of the back of the panty and the garter belt straps is perfect for showing off my bottom. I wouldn’t change a thing there. The lace is also phenomenal, both scalloped around my breasts and those stocking tops. Yum! The bra is cut in a way that really enhances cleavage and has that naughtiness of appearing like the band has tucked under the breast a little for us bustier girls.

What Could Use Improvement: It’s going to sound like minute nitpicking, but I would love to see just a little more texture in the satin to give it more of a fabric texture. It’s just a hair too glossy. My only other desire is for a garter belt with some triangular satin panels holding each belt and some combined layers for those that want to add tattoos/body shine/whatever underneath the lingerie.

Featured Outfit Details:
Featured Outfit: Lush in Emerald Green by ChronoSalp Galaxy (In World, SL Marketplace); also available (not shown) in Azure Blue, BlackSilver, Red Poppy and Tyrian White
Price: $150-250 each; $400 fat pack ($600 savings)
Pieces: 16, standard layers plus tattoo layer

Detailing: A- ChronoSalp’s texture work on the lace is excellent. The satin bra cups are a little too uniform, but it still pulls of the shiny-but-not-latex look well. My only real beef is the bra straps disappearing somewhat and the band-like shape of the garter belt.
Prim Attachments: Not Applicable
Resizing Scripts: Not Applicable
Tattoo Friendly: Somewhat. The bra is entirely tattoo friendly, but you’ll have to choose between the panty or the garter for lower body tattoos. There is a bra and panty combo, but it’s made for the tattoo layer, which doesn’t really help for tattoos.
Curvy Girl Friendly: Yes
Sim Rating: PG

Photo Details:
Model: Naeve Rossini
Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Props: V-Metro Subway Train by Arcadia Asylum from the Urban Grunge Project
Location: Carbondale Heights
Poses: DeePosed, C’est La Vie, Reel Expression, Striking Poses,
ANOmotions, Tiny Awkward Bird

Model Details:
Outfit: Lush in Emerald Green by ChronoSalp Galaxy
Heels: Classic Pump in Blackberry by Juicy
Skin: Kate by League
Hair: Paula by Truth
Eyes: Poison Ivy by Poetic Colors

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Jade Angel

Jade by Angel Dessous, Modeled by Elle Aima

Pondering Love Letters

Front & Back

Jewelry Detail Close-Up

Shoe Fetish Peeping Tom
Angel Dessous is well known in the SL lingerie world; the designs are soft, beautiful and have very classic lines. When I was chatting with my friend Elle about modeling for us, I asked her what type of outfit she’d like to wear. “Something innocent.. but not!” she replied. A real girlie-girl, she had no interest in leather or latex; she wanted sexy, sensual and romantic. So the choice was simple; I brought her to Angel Dessous. “Oh, I like this!” she said, shortly after the shop rezzed. “Which outfit?” I asked. “All of them!” she answered. After prowling through both floors of the lingerie area, we settled on this delicious little number: Jade. (It comes in Red, White, and Black – but sadly, not in jade green, which would have been fitting, given the name.)

What’s “Just Right”: I love the lace detailing combined with the sheer mesh of this outfit. It adds a lovely touch that is undeniably feminine. The wide band at the stocking is great – and I love that they included the realism of the upward-tug on the fabric where it attaches to the garter. The triple cord on the strap on the back of the chemise is an intriguing touch. I also appreciate that there are two versions of the corset included (both on Jacket layer) that provide two different options for modesty/coverage – one with solid cups and one with sheer cups. (The names, however, are not very illustrative of which is which.)

What Could Use Improvement: I would have liked a touch more shading work on the panties and bra – it appeared a smidge flat. There could also be more detail on the clips on the garterbelt. Not having the panties available on the pants layer was disappointing.

Other things to note: Angel Dessous also offers a wide range of fashions, including swimwear, dresses, separates, etc. They also have an “outlet” store in which older collections are offered “at least 50% off” the original price.

Photo Details:
Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Model – Elle Aima: Lingerie – Jade in Red by Angel Dessous (In World / The Marketplace)
Model – Sabella Fallen: Lingerie – Jade in White by Angel Dessous (In World / The Marketplace), Earrings & Necklace – Inseparable by Cad & Tart (In World), Bracelet – Double Silver Beaded Bracelet by Zuri. Shoes – Ankle Boot in White Patent by Bax (In World / The Marketplace) Hair by Argrace, Skin by Belleza, Eyes by LAQ, Nails by Candy Nail, Wedding Ring by JCNY
Location: Carbondale Heights
Scene: Bed – Summer Linen Twin Bed by Barcode, Potted Plant – Rattan Planter by Apocalips Japan, Lamp – Orlando table lamp by Artilleri, Books – Boho Chic Books by La’Licious, Letter & Rose – Love Letter by La’Licious, Table – Stained Ticking and Toile Draped Memoire Table by Alchemy Immortalis, Skybox – Dollinger Skybox Beige/White by Barcode, Floor Lamp – Wavy Lamp by GH Creations, Sofa – Alex Sofa in Black by The Loft, Book by Julia Collection
Poses: The Loft (sofa), Barcode (window seat), DeePosed, Juicy, TorridWear

Outfit Details:
Price: 390L
Pieces: 5 — Jacket (2), Underwear (1), Socks (1), prim skirt + texture & notecard & landmark.

Detailing: A- The lack of detail on the garterbelt and panty made for a slight deduction.
Prim Attachments?: Yes – a sheer skirt
Resizing Scripts?: None
Tattoo Friendly?: No — the panties are only available on the underwear layer.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes – the placement of the lace kept it off the areas of greatest distortion over curves.. smart and well done.
Multi-purpose pieces?: Not really… but that’s not a bad thing!
Sim Rating?: Angel Blue Sky is rated Mature


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The Key to the Boudoir

Naeve & Sabella in CIPHER

Naeve Close Up

Darling Duo

Naeve Piano Solo

Sabella Lounging

Torso Closeup
By Naeve Rossini

The first time I ever heard of Cipher, it was when I inspected an awesome sculpted biker’s jacket worn by someone much taller than me. For sure, Cipher (and Cipher Ivory) is not about lingerie; the highlight of her store is her collection of jackets (men and women) and the overall feel is somewhat punk and eclectic. It’s a testament to the quality of her work that her one clear piece of lingerie gets the nod for this blog.

What’s “Just Right”: I love this outfit! There are so many things going right for it, I don’t know where to start. How about my butt? As a girl whose backside is probably her best feature, Cipher’s Armaros lingerie does a fantastic job of highlight all my curves in that area. So many designers have garter belts that seem to just wrap around the hips in a straight line. Cipher’s creation, on the other hand, has a natural sweep to it that gives my hips a lovely curve and fill to them.

The thong, too, does all the right things to show off that butt and to decorate the front with deliciously pretty patterns without giving away all of a girl’s secrets. The corset is likewise, exquisitely detailed.

One of the greatest highlights of this lingerie set is the sheer number of options that you can choose to wear. There are a whopping 53 pieces to the set, not to mention an additional 5 textures just to show you some of the combinations you can wear. This should be the standard for lingerie makers, especially for bra and panty and garter belt sets.

What Could Use Improvement: The one spot where I would like the most improvement is in the garter straps. This may be a “curvy girl” issue, but there was noticeable pixelation (albeit no distortion) in the straps as the came down over my butt.

The other part that could use a little more attention is the bra. I would like to see a little more separation between it and the corset, but more than that, I’d like to see some more detail in it to match the level found in the other pieces. For the purple bra, the colour’s just a little too bright compared to the duller shades in the other pieces. More delicate lace and less satin and it would have been perfect.

Featured Outfit Details:
Featured Outfit: Armaros by Cipher (In World, SL Marketplace), available in Black, Blue (not shown), Purple, Red (not shown) and White (not shown)
Price: $300 each; $1300 fat pack ($200 savings); Free Demo
Pieces: 53, just about every combination and every layer under the sun

Detailing: A- The detailing in the corset, garter belt and thong are so good that they overshadow the bra. Unfortunately, the garter strap distortion drops the mark down a bit.
Prim Attachments: Not Applicable
Resizing Scripts: Not Applicable
Tattoo Friendly?: OMG is it ever! Pick a layer, any layer.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes, except for some distortion around the garter belt’s straps
Multi-purpose pieces?: You can mix and match all you want with this outfit. The stockings in particular lend well to other outfits, but the rest of it is clearly bedroom wear (unless you’re the sort to wear bedroom wear in public).
Sim Rating?: PG. It’s risquee, but less revealing than most swimwear.

Photo Details:
Models: Naeve Rossini and Sabella Fallen
Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Location: Carbondale Heights
Poses: Glitterati, DeePosed, Morantique and Musical Alchemy
Props: Long Stem Rose by Illusions, Vitabela Phone Sette by Morantique, Concert Grand Piano by Musical Alchemy, Phone by Second Spaces, Lilies by deviousMind

Model Details:
Naeve – Outfit: Armaros in Purple by Cipher, Skin Oil: Body Oil by LAQ, Necklace: Diamond Heart & Pearl Choker Triple Strand by Luthien Unsung, Heels: Classic Pump in Blackberry by Juicy, Nails: Long Prim Nails in Purple by Candy Nail; Skin by League, Hair by Truth, Eyes by Poetic Colors

Sabella – Outfit: Armaros in Black by Cipher, Skin Oil: Body Oil by LAQ, Necklace: Pearl Necklace in Black by JD, Heels: Leeza Pixel Mode Leeza Locking Heels in Liquid by PixelMode, Nails: Long Prim Nails in Red by Candy Nail; Skin by Belleza, Hair by Argrace, Eyes by LAQ


While Sabella and I were shopping for the lingerie, we were so distracted by another display in the corner, we had to buy the other outfit, too.

Behold the Captain(s) Lacey!

Pirate Gurls

What’s “Just Right”: If you love lace, you have to get this outfit. The detail is absolutely luscious, especially on the stockings. The whole ensemble looks fantastic and even if you forego the skirt, you’ll be turning heads, pirate or not. There are options to be as demure (Naeve) or as racy (Sabella) as you’d like. (You could go racier by dropping the panty, but this is a PG blog.)

As a related item, I really liked the eyepatch that came with the hat. Alas, the hat, hair and eyepatch are all one object. Very well done, though. At first I thought it’d be too gaudy, but once I put it on, it totally worked for the outfit.

What Could Use Improvement: There’s very little that I’d like to see improved, although if I had to nitpick, I’d ask for some more highlights in the corset texture as well as giving the skirt a lacier feel to it. The satin look that it has now looks a little too “solid” and I’d like to see it look softer.

Bonus Outfit Details:
Bonus Outfit: Lacey Mini-Dress by Cipher (In World, SL Marketplace); available in Black (not shown) and Red
Price: $400 Lacey Mini-Dress; Naeve’s hat is $200; Naeve’s choker is $200; the whole set, along with a pair of Strangle II Belted Boots (not shown) is $1000 in the Captain Lacey Punk Pirate All In Pack.
Pieces: 19 (9 clothing, 10 prims)

Detailing: A+ This outfit is very strong on detail in every piece.
Prim Attachments: 10; 2 skirts (pelvis), 2 lace collars (chest and spine), 2 lace cuffs (right and left upper arm), 2 garters (right and left hip), 2 arm warmers (right and left forearm)
Resizing Scripts: No
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes. The outfit covers a lot of skin
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes
Multi-purpose pieces?: The skirt isn’t very multipurpose, but the stockings and the corset can definitely be mixed and matched with other clothing to great effect.

Photo Details:
Models: Naeve Rossini and Sabella Fallen
Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Location: Black Spot Shipyard, Black Spot
Poses: DeePosed, Long Awkward Pose
Props: Dragoon Pistol by Michael Dumont

Model Details:
Naeve Rossini – Dress: Lacey Mini-Dress in Red by Cipher, Hat: Jolly Roger Captain Hat in Red by Cipher, Neckwear: Phantom Stand Collar Choker by Cipher, Shoes: Venice Boots in Black by Kitties Lair, Nails: Long Prim Nails in Red by Candy Nail; Skin by League, Hair by Truth, Eyes by Poetic Colors

Sabella Fallen – Dress: Lacey Mini-Dress in Red by Cipher, Shoes: Danielle Over-Knee Boots in Black by PixelMode, Eyepatch: Port Obello Freebie Eyepatch, Belt: Gorean Caste Belt in Warrior Red by sDc, Bodice Accessory: from Varda Rose Mask by Illusions, Earrings: Granuaile Pirate Wench by GK Designs; Skin by Belleza, Hair by Argrace, Eyes by LAQ

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