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A Late Hour

Sablier, from the BDSM collection by LeeZu

Bodice Detail
Rose Detail
Alt: Front
Shoe Detail
Side View
This is another designer that was recommended by Disaster Krogstad, and oh goodness oh my is it blogworthy! Many of the outfits I found in the BDSM collection by LeeZu were daring and delicious, but the one that immediately drew my eye and held it was Sablier. Google tells me that “Sablier” is French for “hourglass” – and it certainly does sculpt the female figure into that classic silhouette!

What’s “Just Right”: The shape of the corset has beautiful, classic lines. It has gorgeous highlighting to draw attention to a full bustline. The use of textured fabrics on the sides is a lovely, elegant touch. I like the angled lacing in the front back. Naeve’s response when I sent her the pictures for this shoot was, “OMG! You look sooooooooooooooo hot!”

What Could Use Improvement: Without a doubt, the weak point of Sablier is the garter straps. Compared to the strong texture work of the corset, they draw the eye due to their lack of clarity and detail. The concept behind the stockings is very fun, and she’s provided some shadow detailing to give depth, but they don’t hold their own in the outfit. It may not be the case on other avatars, but when I put on this outfit, there’s a distinct line at the waist, even though I wore the Jacket layer and not a pants/shirt combo.

Other things to note: Additional pieces provided include a collar with the BDSM symbol and some wrist ‘restraints.’ The shoes pictured in the pictures in the store do NOT come with the outfit (in some other ensembles in the BDSM room, the boots or shoes are included). The hip drape may give you some difficulty with resizing, but the details of it – the lace drape, the roses at each hip, are well worth the trouble.

Featured Outfit Details:
Price: 690L
Pieces: 14 + 3 notecards (including an educational overview of BDSM), Texture and landmark
Availability: Red or Black

Detailing: B+. If the garter straps were stronger, it would move into the A range.
Prim Attachments?: Collar, rope bracelet (L & R), skirt drape
Tattoo Layer: Yes: Full corset and panties on Tattoo layer
Resizing Scripts?: None
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes – Sablier has a very wide variety of available layers, including pants/underpants, shirt, undershirt and jacket.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes – it held up to even my curves quite well.
Multi-purpose pieces?: The corset could be used for clubbing..?
Permissions?: Clothing is Copy only. Prim items are Modify/Copy.
Sim Rating?: General

Photo Details:
Model: Rick Seaside & Sabella Fallen
Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Location: Carbondale Heights, on location in La Galleria
Poses: NLimbo, LAP, DommEcile
Props: Office – on location, all props by La Galleria. Bedroom: Furniture by La Galleria. Perfume bottles: Alchemy Immortalis.

Model Details:
Sabella – Corset & Stockings: Sablier in Red by LeeZu. Jewelry: Divinica by JCNY. Shoes: Shark in Red by N-Core. Eye Makeup: Freebie by Nomine
Rick – Shape and Skin: Belleza. Clothing: INEEDIT. Shoes: Awori Cassini

Vendor List:
Alchemy Immortalis
Awori-Cassini: (In World / The Marketplace)
DommEcile:(The Marketplace)
JCNY: (In World / The Marketplace)
La Galleria: (In World / The Marketplace)
LeeZu: Sablier ensemble (In World / The Marketplace)
Long Awkward Pose
N-Core: (In World / The Marketplace)
Nomine: (In World / The Marketplace)

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Angel D’Amour

Trashy Girls In Style: You Are My Angel

Last week we were able to report from Virtual London Fashion Week about the new line of lingerie from Trashy Girls in Style and their bridal division, Amore Dolce. I’m happy to report that the first of the line up is now available for sale! I was excited to see the feminine details and very classic lines of the You are my Angel laced corset. The lines on the bodice harken back to Victorian underpinnings with their angles of support for the bust, but are brought to you in delicate laces instead of Victorian muslin. This release is available in four colors: White, Butter, Baby Blue and Blush

What’s “Just Right”: There are so many “just right” details on this one! I love the single rhinestone found nestled into the bows and interspersed along the ribbons on the front. It’s such a minor little thing, but it adds a delicate, girlie touch. The inset panel of lace along the front creates visual interest, as does the seaming elements along the sides. The prim ruffle at the hem and bustline is a perfect touch. I appreciate the two different panty options: a full coverage – yet deliciously sheer – bikini and a more daring thong. Oh, wait, how could I neglect the maribou boa! Our models had fun playing with them, and they underscored the overall elegance of the piece.

What Could Use Improvement: The stocking choices included in each set are Black, Blush, Tan and White — but one of the outfits is Baby Blue… and thus that ensemble doesn’t have a stocking that matches. (This may simply be a release error/oversight, as there are SO many pieces provided in the set.)

Other things to note: As mentioned in other blog posts, Trashy Girls in Style has extremely generous freebies and lowbies available in the store. Don’t forget to look upstairs for some really great deals!

Disclaimer for full disclosure: This outfit and the furniture in the bedroom setting were graciously provided by the designers.

Mirror's View

Detail: Back - Thong

Detail: Front

Detail: Back - Panty

Photo Details:
Models: Kali Ireland, Faye Nymphea, Sabella Fallen
Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Furniture: Walnut Four Poster Bed, Walnut Vanity/Dressing Table & Bench, Ribbon Cuddle Chaise, Ebony Isfahan Oriental Rug – all by La Galleria (In World / The Marketplace)
Accessories: Make-up by La Galleria (In World / The Marketplace)
Building: Victorian Manor Themed Skybox by Finch Endrizzi (In World / The Marketplace)
Poses: DeePosed, Burned Rice
Location: Carbondale Heights

Outfit Details:
Price: 249L
Pieces: 21 + 2 landmarks + info card

Model Details:
Kali Ireland: Hair by Ava-Tare, Shape and Skin by Dreams Inc.
Sabella Fallen: Hair by Argrace, Skin by Belleza, Eyes by LAQ, Nails by Candy Nail, Wedding Ring by JCNY
Faye Nymphea: Shoes – High Heels Stilettos by Immerschoen (In World / The Marketplace) Hair by Truth, Eyes by GuTi, Skin by Dreams Inc., heavily self-modified shape by E-Styles.

Detailing: A! So many elements are strong on this outfit, from the rhinestones to the ribbons!
Prim Attachments?: Boa (3 pieces), bodice ruffle, hem ruffle
Resizing Scripts?: None
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes! A multitude of layer options are provided
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes! It looked good on all of our model shapes and sizes!
Multi-purpose pieces?: Yes! I actually saw Freya wearing pieces from this outfit under a jacket at the fashion show and it looked stunning!
Sim Rating?: The New Life sim is rated Mature.

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My Babygirl, My SexyDoll, My Whore…

The Whore... SexyDoll BabyPink

Jewelry by JCNY

Panty Closeup

View From the Back

Ok, so life (and SL) has been a little crazy for me lately. Whole lot going on, but little of it had to do with lingerie — other than as a means of tempting someone into taking it off. I wanted to jump back into the swing of things with a very hot little number that I stumbled on as a result of doing some 50 Linden Friday shopping. I bumped into a lady at the Kyoot store named Yasmine Paramour, and she was wearing a sphaghetti strap tee shirt of epic proportions. Inspect wasn’t working due to sim lag, so I asked her if she wouldn’t mind telling me where she got it. She very kindly gave me a landmark, and off I went… to THE WHORE.

My Partner, Abe, soon joined me, as we excitedly wandered around. The designer, Blair Loorden, really has an eye for whorish, slutty, yet very sexy clothing. (Her wet t-shirt is hands down, the most realistic I have found thus far.) Her offerings span the gamut from tops to barely-there skirts, revealing dresses to bikinis. She also offers a small selection of accessories. He kept handing me more Lindens, and I kept buying more and more and more… 🙂

I was drawn to her SexyDoll lingerie, which is offered in Baby Pink, Pink, Cyan, Green, Yellow, Black & Pink, Lilac, and Pink & Blue. The overall coloring on the piece is very obviously done by hand. This isn’t photosourced, it’s original work. So the edges are soft in a way that’s appealing.

What is Just Right: The over-all look of this piece is sexy, tarty and teasing. The flirty hint of nipple is yummy. When I put it on in the store, my Partner stared and perv-cammed me for a solid ten minutes, chortling and suggesting all manner of rude things he’d like to do to me in that outfit. So the sex appeal rating is very high on this one. I like the fabric pattern – the cute stripe is playful and the prim bows are adorable.

What Could Use Improvement: The underbust shading gets a little rough in a few spots – specifically at the under-arm area… but overall, it still stood up well to my girls… which is always a major accomplishment. I wish there was a *tiny* bit more crispness to the panty line.

XStreetSL Availability: This item is not available on Xstreet, though their Candies Skirt Fat Pack is.

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Lingerie: **The Whore*- Lingerie SexyDoll BabyPink
Shoes: N-core HIGH SCHOOL XtremeHeel White
Stockings: No.9 Nylons Fishnet Stockings in White
Jewelry: wedding ring by JCNY, Necklace & Earrings set by JCNY, Bracelets by Zari, Belly Jewel by Harmony Deschanel Gems, belly chain by Bijoux.
Bunny Ears: The Whore
Location: Carbondale Heights, Environment by VivaPoses
Poses: Vivapose, Jewelry Pose by Glitterati, Stocking Removal by Faux Barbee.

Outfit Details:
Price: 160L
Pieces: 13 + Landmark

Detailing: B+
Prim Attachments: Bows! Delightful, cute, adorable bows!
Resizing Scripts: None
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes – a good mix of layers.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes – held up well to curves.
Multi-purpose pieces?: No – pure, girly lingerie.
Sim Rating?: The Astral Dreams sim, home to The Whore MainStore, is rated Mature.


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An Attitude of Romance…

Madeline, by Attitudes

I have actually had Attitudes recommended to me by multiple folks, including Ned Easterwood and Disaster Krogstad – thank you both, gentlemen – as a place with high quality offerings. They definately told the truth. Attitudes is filled with beautiful pieces, whether you’re looking for a saucy corset, barely-there bikini or simple comfy cotton underthings. Attitudes also offers some very generous freebies; take a look on the east wall for a large collection of panties and bras in cotton, fishnet and lace.(They also have a fairly wide selection of mens swimwear and boxers – so you guys aren’t entirely left out!) They recently moved to a new location in Conch Cove – so make sure you have the latest landmark!

It was difficult to select just one piece; Attitudes has a number of very solid offerings, any of which would be a delightful addition to your wardrobe. I finally settled on Madeline, a lovely lace ensemble that comes in red, black and white, and color combos in red & black and pink & white. You get a lot of styling options – just the bra and thong panties, a short corset, or a long corset with garter straps. Stockings area also included.

What’s ‘Just Right’: I love the feminine line of the corset. It’s perfectly constructed with delicious realism. The thong has enough coverage in the front and a lovely lack of coverage in the back. the rear line of the thong is smooth and clean – not that weird thready buttfloss you see in less well-produced pieces. I appreciate the lacing detail on the back in contrasting red cord, and like the rose lace patterning.

What could Use Improvement: The panties and corsetry all have finished edges, but the stockings do not. The corsets are offered on shirt and undershirt but not jacket – which would have been a lovely way to completely finish off the desirable layers. I wish that the pink rosettes on the panties and garters were just a tiny bit more defined. They get a bit fuzzy. Prim attachments for the corset laces, or maybe a bodice lace would have been a lovely addition.

All in all, this is a solid piece of lingerie in both its construction and execution. Madeline is feminine, sexy and delicious. It also wins points for having options that allow the panties to go on top of the garter straps, for that extra realistic touch.

Shoes by N-Core

Back View

Jewelry by JCNY and Zuri

Madeline, by Attitudes

Additional Info: Attitudes has a strong presence on XStreet, although Madeline – as I purchased it – is not available there. (You can get the bra and thong, though)

Photo Details:
Lingerie: Madeline, by Attitudes
Shoes: N-core HIGH SCHOOL XtremeHeel White
Jewelry: Necklace and earrings from the Virginia Gardens collection by JCNY, Silver Beaded Bangle Bracelet by Zuri which is sold as a dollarbie/gift.
Primary Poses + Environment: Vivaposes. Bath with walls, tub and screen by Jas Core of Vivaposes. This is a customized version of their VP Dirty Bath. (Disclosure: I added the prim water.)
Secondary Poses: Vista AO

Outfit Details:
Price: 275L (Madeline is also sold in a fat pack for all 5 colors for 825L)
Pieces: 16 + landmark
Permissions: Transfer, No Copy, no Modify

Detailing: A
Prim Attachments: None
Resizing Scripts: Not applicable
Tattoo Friendly?: Heavens, yes. Many, many layering options and combinations offered.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes – while there was some distortion on the bustline, it held up pretty well.
Multi-purpose pieces?: Nope – pure, girlie, glorious lingerie
Sim Rating?: Conch Cove is rated Mature.


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Fishy Situations

Luck Inc's Fishnet Bodysuit A while back, I spent hours wandering the grid in some serious power shopping. While my focus was a new, updated skin, I managed to stumble across a number of wonderful clothing and lingerie finds, too. Lingerie can generally take one of several paths. There’s the soft, romantic style, the every-day casual, the hell bent on sex look, the kink edge, and the classic pinup/burlesque. Every once in a while, you find a outfit that blends one or more – and you’ve got something really intriguing.

This release from Luck Inc is just such a piece. They used fishnet, which is generally the domain of the naughty tart and combined it with lace edging for a touch of softness. The cut is under the bust, with the lace framing the cleavage in a style that reminds me of a can-can or burlesque ensemble.

It comes in a TON of colors, including: Brown, gray, French Rose, Eggplant, Red, Tyrian Purple, Rifle Green, Yale blue, White, Black, Sand, Charcoal, and Yellow. There are also different versions – with suspenders and without, so you control the level of coverage. (Needless to say, I prefer without. The suspenders seemed a touch contrived to me; but I tend to be a bit more blatant about my sexual expression.)

What’s “Just Right”: The color is unusual, and I like it. It’s a very light pearl-meets-pewter white – not a true white, not gray, but something in between. This gave them some wiggle room on highlighting and shadowing. The texture on the fishnet is excellent – you really get a sense of depth on the bits of cording that make up the weave. Even though I’m something of a panty purist, I like the line of the back: even though the entire bottom is exposed, I think they made an excellent design choice here.

What Could Use Improvement: It would have been awesome if stockings were included in the outfit. Sadly, this wasn’t the case. I had to do some digging for some stockings that would work – the color of the bodysuit is unusual, so neither white or black stockings looked really perfect.

Other things to note: The outfit comes with a lot of pieces. You have many options for how to wear it – with suspenders, without, just the suspenders – with nipple coverage and without, and you get a ton of layers. So big kudos to the designer for that! (it’s also available in a version with snake print suspenders, FYI.) They don’t have a very strong presence on XStreet – and this is not one of the pieces offered.

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Lingerie: Luck Inc’s Fishnet Bodysuit. Stockings from the Adore outfit by Audacious Designs / Slick.
Shoes: N-Core
Jewelry: JCNY
Location: Carbondale Heights
Bed: Abe Shackleton
Pose: Glitterati – Breast Cancer Awareness Poses

Outfit Details:
Price: 220L for individual colors, 1,430 for the fat pack.
Pieces: TWENTY-ONE!!

Detailing: The highlight and shadow work on the bodysuit itself is excellent. Some detail is lost on the suspenders for larger girls. See below for details.
Prim Attachments: None
Resizing Scripts: Not applicable
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes – multiple layer options are offered on the pieces.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Mostly, yes. The under bust cut of the bodysuit helps those of us who have gone a bit crazy on the sliders… but the version with suspenders over the nipples suffers on the detail when stretched.
Multi-purpose pieces?: This could be worn either as lingerie or as a layering item, so.. yes!

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