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Aisha at the Office

Aisha by PixelFashion

Back when The Marketplace was XStreet (which, I have to admit, I preferred), I found a saucy little number called Aisha by PixelFashion. I put it on my favorites list, but kept putting it off, because I had concern about how it would look on a girl of my curves. After a visit to their in world store, I decided to give it a shot. About 25 minutes of prim-adjustements later, I decided that my first thought was right – this is far more easily fit to, and more flattering on, a girl of more modest curves.

What’s “Just Right”: I like the line of the panties and the overall design of the outfit. All of the variants have bright splashes of color combined with dark accents, which is visually very pretty. The brightest spot in the whole ensemble for me was the lace texture on the accent prims. It’s crisp and well executed.

What Could Use Improvement: I wish there was more clarity of detail. It looks.. well.. fuzzy… even on a slender avatar. The top prim was challenging for both Katya and I to wrestle into some semblance of fitting.

Other things to note: PixelFashion makes a dizzying array of items; everything from men’s elephant novelty thongs (!), to fetishwear and lingerie, to shoes and boots, make up, party accessories, and ladies and mens wear. They have a very solid showing on The Marketplace.

Featured Outfit Details:
Price: 250L
Pieces: 8 + Landmark (3 prim attachments (pelvis, stomach and spine), pants/shirt, underpants/undershirt, and stockings))
Availability: Aisha is offered in Blue, Red, Blue & Pink, and White

Taking Dicktation
Shoes by SLink
Detail View: Panties
Detail View: Kiss Me Here

Detailing: C+. I would have liked to see more crispness on the details; I felt almost all of the textures were a bit muddied.
Prim Attachments?: Ruffles on the bustline and each hip (3)
Resizing Scripts?: No
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes – the outfit is offered on two different layers
Curvy Girl Friendly?: No. Adjusting the chest prim for a girl with curves was so maddening that after 25 minutes of ‘edit linked parts’ tweaking, I gave up.
Multi-purpose pieces: No

Photo Details:
Models: Katya Imako, Sion Bedrosian, Sabella Fallen
Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Location: Carbondale Heights
Poses: DeePosed, Luth, PDA (closed), Burned Rice, Vista Animations
Props: Room – including art and bookshelves, Couch, Glass Table – The Secretary (Sexual Harassment Set) by Apocalips Japan, Desk Papers, Notes and Clutter by By Georgia!, 2 Prim Table Lamp by La Galleria, Stack of Antique Books (on glass table): Reminisce Furniture & Decor, Moth Orchids (on glass table) by Modern Urban Furniture, Banana Tree by Tiki Tattoo, Mystic Rug III by +SOUL+ Possessions, Stack of Antique Books (on floor) by RELIC

Model Details:
Katya Imako: Lingerie – Aisha in Blue by PixelFashion, Hair – [HS] Dani in auburn by Hair Solutions, Skin – Elle by Belleza, Eyes – Reflex by 2C Bruno, Shoes – Black Leather Pumps by RedGrave, Eyeshadow – Glossy Black by Kosh, Shape – Custom.

Sion Bedrosian: Suit – AOHARU, Shoes – Jeepers Creepers, Hair – UncleWeb Studio, Eyes – Mojo, Skin – Pulse, Shape – Extensively customised; originally by Perfect Ten Bodies. Cigar – Fine Bittersweet Creek Brandy-Tipped Cigar by Alchemy Immortalis, Snifter of Cognac by Alchemy Immortalis (Both free in their store)

Sabella Fallen: Lingerie – Aisha in Red by PixelFashion, Shoes – Lara in Black by SLink, Pasties – Vernice: Black Heart Pasties by BlackLace, Hair by Argrace, Skin by Belleza, Eyes by Poetic Colors, Nails by Candy Nail, Wedding Ring by JCNY

[Please Note: It’s my understanding that this blog was referenced a few weeks back in a Plurk conversation about ‘glorification of domestic violence.’ While the photography scenes for this post have implications of sexual harassment in the office – which is a serious issue, which I, myself, have faced – these shots were done very tongue in cheek. I asked Katya which role she’d prefer: the one in charge or the subordinate, and she very perkily admitted that she “loves to be sexually harassed” in a consentual power-exchange sort of way. No glorification of the actual exploitation of women in the workplace is intended or should be implied.]

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“Blue Down To My Shoes”

It seems when I stumbled across the Kira set from Seldom Blue last year, it was relatively soon after it’s release. While six months is a long time in fashion, this piece is definately worth a revisit. It’s offered in Black, Cool Green, Electric Blue, Nude, Magenta, Lilac, and Misty Blue.

While it’s the most expensive piece I’ve yet shared with you, it is also the most generous in terms of pieces; two versions EACH of the bra, corset, panties, two skirt options… and multiple layer options are available for nearly all of them! The differing versions include see-through/peekaboo options as well as ones with more coverage for the modest. The Kira set is also remarkable for its extras – prim lace edging for the bra and an adorable little corset-lacing bow.

What’s “Just Right”: The detail work on the fabric itself is remarkable. You can practically hear the rustle of taffetta. The lacing up the front is executed extremely well. I love the lace pattern on the upper portion of the bra cup, which is also repeated on the stockings. The wide band of lace there is striking, and the band of blue draws the eye. Of the skirts, my preference is for the sheer ‘frill’ option, rather than the longer one. I think the flat prims on the short skirt look and lay more naturally than the rounded prims on the long version.

I also like the secondary fabric used as an accent on the stockings that provides a decorative element on the back of the corset. She didn’t have to add extra detail there; but she did, and it really adds to the garment construction.

What Could Use Improvement: The long prim skirt. The shape chosen for the prims doesn’t enhance the piece. There’s a small rosette on the nipple area; I think it distracts a little from the beauty of the bra and the outfit would have been better without it.

Additional Details: SeldomBlue has a very strong xstreet presence, which is just lovely for those wanting to shop for their significant others or friends. Note that many of her wares are offered on Xstreet Uncensored, which may cause issues if you’re browsing/shopping from work…

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Outfit: Kira, by Seldom Blue
Location: Carbondale Heights
Pose: DeePosed
Bed & Pillows: DeePosed
Candle: Kunstkammer Crystallized Wax Pillar Candle – UV White
Bookcase: By Georgia!
Feather & Vase: DeviousMinds group gift
Curio Box: Kismet Design

Outfit Details:
Price: 792L
Pieces: 21 + Texture & Landmark. No, you didn’t read that wrong. Twenty-one pieces.

Detailing: A+
Prim Attachments: Lacing bow, skirt frills, skirt with train, and bra frills.
Resizing Scripts: None
Tattoo Friendly?: Partially – torso only. There is not a combo garterbelt/panty option for those who wear lower body tattoos. I asked the designer about it and she mentioned that she would be willing to make one on a commission basis for 800L, as she’d have to build it from scratch.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Mostly – Some of the vertical detail on the bra gets distorted on higher-slider girls. Moderate shapes shouldn’t have this issue.
Multi-purpose pieces?: Yes. I wear the long corset combined with other pieces for clubbing.


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