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Burlesque Beauty

Mme. Chatouille, by DeviousBeauty

Hat & Ruff Detail
Skirting Detail
The Show's Headliner
Boots by Bax Coen
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If I’m remembering right from high school French class, the name of our featured outfit translates to “Lady Tickles”… hmm… sounds awefully naughty when you put it like that! But Mme. Chatouille, by Devious Beauty, the fashion arm of Devious Minds/Chanimations, really does tickle the fancy! It’s part of their burlesque line (recently added to with their release of “Miss Dhalia“). I’ve used many of their props and poses here in the blog, but this is the first clothing piece we’ve reviewed for you. Mme. Chatouille was released in December 25th, 2009, and is described by the creator as being “Burlesque Couture and Lingerie” all in one. I agree. Of their clothing line, this one has remained my personal favorite of all of their releases. It’s also the design that Sean Gorham was most drawn to, when we popped over to take a look.

What’s “Just Right”: The level of detail and options in Mme. Chatouille is positively luxurious. There are a variety of looks one can put together – pantyhose or stockings, covered or uncovered, with skirts or without, pasties, bows, you name it. The colors offered are vibrant and intense. This is the sort of outfit that Christina A *wished* she could have worn in her recent movie… I found myself really liking both the pantyhose and the stocking options.

Side View: Sing It Again, Sam
Risque: Topless
Brickhouse Beauty

What Could Use Improvement: The frilled collar gave us a bit of frustration, as it fell directly into/through the face in many of the poses we tried. If it had been modify, we could have saved some really gorgeous pictures, but alas. While it’s exquisite, the design also mandates a short or updo hairstyle – there’s no getting around that.

Other things to Note: Devious Beauty has a wide array of offerings on the Marketplace. They also have some of the most amazing poses and props you’ll see anywhere.

Featured Outfit Details: Mme. Chatouille, by Devious Beauty
Price: 750L in world, 800L on the Marketplace.
Pieces: 40
Availability: Black, White, Red, Pink, Rose, Blue, Teal.

Detailing: A
Prim Attachments: 2 skirts, corset ties, glove tops, Top hat with and without veil, frilled collar.
Resizing Scripts: Yes
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes: Multiple layers are provided.
Curvy Girl Friendly?:
Multi-purpose pieces?: Possibly, if one was creative.
Permissions: Copy, No Trans. Clothing layers: No Mod. Prim attachments: Resize Only
Sim Rating?: DeviousBeauty is rated Adult.

Photo Details:
Model: Sean Gorham
Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Location: (including SLURL)
Poses: Chanimations, Musical Alchemy
Props: Chanimations, Musical Alchemy

Model Details:
Attachments: Hat (with and without veil), two skirts (“mini” and “tutu”), collar, glove tops and glove laces – Mme. Chatouille in red by deviousMind
Outfit: Mme. Chatouille in red by deviousMind
Boots: Black Patent Ankle Boots by Bax Coen
Earrings: Ruby Studs by Caroline Apollo
Skin: Nubia Cocoa by Oceane
Hair: Rabi by Little Heaven
Eyes: Allure in purple by L.Fauna

Vendor List:
Bax Coen: (In World / SL Marketplace)
Devious Minds/Chanimations: Mme. Chatouille Burlesque Couture, Fetish Caberet Photo Stage, (Midnight Muse microphone), ShowDiva Boa in Black
L.Fauna: (In World / Marketplace Store)
Musical Alchemy: Upright Piano + rezzables (In World / SL Marketplace)

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Anniversary Celebrations with Gypsy Rose Lee

This past week marked the one year anniversary of Freya Olivieri’s presence as a fashion designer in Second Life. To celebrate, she has been busting her butt on a whole new collection (only a designer would celebrate their hard work… by a project that takes a lot of hard work!) Unfortunately, due to RL obligations, I wasn’t able to make the Trashy Girls In Style Anniversary fashion show.(big huge gigantic bummer to have missed it – but she did get some pictures on her Flikr!) So I got to participate vicariously, at least!

Disclaimer for full disclosure: While all of the other lingerie I have shared with you on Slingerie has been ensembles that I purchased on my own, this outfit was a gift from Freya, when she and I were chatting about her fashion show. I sometimes do modelling for her, and she very kindly gifts me with most of her new releases. This item is not yet available for sale in her store.

Gypsy Rose Lee Anniversary Corset by TGIS

This corset immediately caught my eye – I am a total sucker for the classic burlesque look, and Freya captures that essence perfectly. It was hard to decide between the pink and red corsets.. but as I’ve done a lot of red lately, I had to go with the deliciously girly pink. (The red, while similar, does have some different styling details)

What’s “Just Right”: The level of detail and generous accessories! Included in the set are matching earrings, necklace and shoes! Freya always remembers that it’s the extras that make an outfit, and provides those details – a lace bow for the bodice, a bow for the corset laces, different skirt versions, gloves… you name it. I like the extra touch of the decoration on the stockings – the little dots are cute!

What Could Use Improvement: Hrm…. if I put on my brutal blogger hat, I could nitpick that a *smidge* more detail on the pink lace overlay would be nice. Maybe little pink bows on the garter belt straps?

Other things to note: if you’re really careful with organizing your layers, you can wear both skirt versions, and have those adorable pink bows peeping out from beneath the tulle of the ‘coat skirt’… the possibilities with this outfit get just giggly fun. 🙂 Another note — those who attended the Anniversary Fashion show received a very generous gift bag… Freya has put that gift out at the TGIS store for folks to enjoy! (look for the pink bag with pink paper)

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Lingerie & Jewelry: Gypsy Rose Lee Anniversary Corset by Trashy Girls In Style
Pose & Boa: ShowDiva in Pink by Chanimations/Devious Minds
Cigarette Holder: Devious Minds
Location: Devious Minds

Outfit Details:
Price: Not Yet Available For Sale — but being released soon! (Freya says, “probably around 199L”)
Pieces: Twenty-One!!

Detailing: A
Prim Attachments: MANY!! Corset Tie, Coat Skirt, Chest Bow, Necklace (chest & spine slot), Skirt (stomach & pelvis slot), Earrings, plus shoes!
Resizing Scripts: Yes, a very user friendly one in the coat skirt.
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes! She provides multiple layering options making it fully tattoo friendly.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes – though there was a smidge of stretching on the breast lace.
Multi-purpose pieces?: Sort of… you can put together a variety of looks with the pieces – either the core burlesque ensemble, or a lingerie version…

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Celestial Bodies

It was really difficult to pick just one outfit from Reasonable Desires to share with you. They do a surprising number of things really well, including lingerie, costumes, burlesque, can-can, and retro clothing. Every time I visit, I find something else I simply can’t do without. There is an in-world group with gifts, VIP/Picks prizes, and Lucky Chairs… but honestly, the prices are so low, everything in the store is within reach of even the most modest budget.

Intending to check the price of an outfit I’d already purchased, I found myself with several more bags worth of clothes, questioning my original choice for the blog. Austie Pegler is known for her deft touch with vintage and retro, but at the time time, her new offerings were just delicious. It was sheer fashion agony, I tell you! 🙂

Miss Celeste, by Reasonable Desires

After days of indecision, I finally had to go with one of her burlesque outfits, because she has such a wide variety, both in color and style. I selected the “Miss Celeste” in a black and white polkadot. It can be worn either over or under bust, with a long or a short skirt.

What’s “Just Right”: The lace that Austie used on this ensemble is lovely and the texturing work on the fabric is subtly done. I love the contrasting colored boning and the sheer variety of options in the outfit. The hat is adorable and cute (though I didn’t do a very good job of aligning it on my head in the picture.) This ensemble is delightfully flexible, with so many options – stockings up or down, over or under bust, two different gloves, plus all the extras – pasties, bows, etc.

What Could Use Improvement: I wish that there was a ‘jacket layer’ version of the corset. It’s in two pieces – shirt and pants. The pants layer contains the lower part of the corset and the garters, which are drawn up as if the stockings are unattached. A version with them with the garters extended (and attached) would have been delightful, since standard stockings are part of the outfit (in addition to the’rolled down’ stockings).

Additional Information: Reasonable Desires has a strong presence on XStreet, with inventory in such categories as costumes, lingerie, christmas apparel, underwear, uniforms, lounging and sleepware, silks, cultural costumes, and more. The store is large, easy to browse, and rezzed pretty quickly for me. It’s easy to find the new products, items are grouped by type, and it’s light and airy, making for a pleasant shopping experience.

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Outfit: Reasonable Desires – Miss Celeste Burlesque
Location: Devious Minds
Pose: Devious Minds/Chanimations

Outfit Details:
Price: 299L
Pieces: Nineteen.

Detailing: A.
Prim Attachments: Rolled Down stockings for either left or right leg, Fancy Hat, Left & Right Garter Bows, Left & Right pasties, Long Skirt, Short skirt, and Hair Flower.
Resizing Scripts: None
Tattoo Friendly?: No – the bra to the corset is worn on the underwear layer, the corset itself on the shirt layer.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes. It handled my ’89s with no problem.
Multi-purpose pieces?: Costume balls, period role play, a ‘private showing’ for your man…

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