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Daisies in the Garden


Daisy, by Lingerie Boutique, is another outfit that I’ve been toting around forever in my inventory meaning to blog. The ensemble has a playful innocence to it that is very appealing. I started on pictures before The Video Card Crash of 2011, but upon my return, junked those pics and started over featuring two of the lovely ladies from SLUniverse, Eva and Scarlett. I appreciated them dropping everything to come and lounge about in a country garden! (Daisy Duke wears this outfit when she’s pretending she doesn’t know the boys are peeking in the window, you can be guaranteed.)

What’s “Just Right”: We all liked the eyelet lace texturing on the babydoll – honestly, it’s the strongest part of the outfit. It’s crisp and clean and kittens-and-puppies-level cute. Scarlet and I both liked the way it gently frames the graceful curves of a woman’s belly. I also liked the touch of lace texture on the hip of the panties. It has been said before, but must be said again: Prim bows are the fastest way to make me squee! There are two bows offered in Daisy: a pair for the hips and one for the bodice.

What Could Use Improvement: Sadly, the textures get just a little muddy on girls with curves on top and there are some spots there there are missed opportunities for shading/wrinkling detail on the panties. Also, the side bows are no mod – so you can’t change width for wider or more narrow hipped avatars, or make larger to fit proportionally. This is really a shame, because they’re utterly adorable.


Other things to note: Memory is a bit fuzzy going back that many months, but I am pretty sure I originally purchased Daisy on the SL Marketplace. I couldn’t find it there when I checked recently, so it may have been removed. (Or I could be remembering wrong; also entirely possible.) Lingerie Boutique does have a strong Marketplace presence for easy gift giving.

More Notes: I contacted the owner of Lingerie Boutique, Leanne Bebb, and she forwarded my note to the outfit designer, Trinetty Skytower. Ms Skytower was very kind to reply and give me some background on the outfit. Daisy was released exactly one year ago today! Trinetty writes, “Leanne had such a vast selection of seductive and dramatic lingerie that I wanted to introduce something a little more fun and flirty, sweet and innocent… and of course, inspired by summer itself.” I’d say she hit the nail right on the head!

Outfit Details:
Price: 220L
Pieces: 7 + Landmark (bra top on shirt and undershirt, panties on underpants and pants, panty bows, chest bow and babydoll)
Availability: Blue, Honeysuckle, Pink Tulip, Lilac, Sage, Sunshine, and Bluebelle

Detailing: B+
Prim Attachments?: Prim bows for hips and bodice, babydoll drape.
Resizing Scripts?: No
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes
Curvy Girl Friendly?: .. Mostly. If you’re indecisive, I recommend going for it on this one.
Multi-purpose pieces?: No.
Permissions?: Transfer, No Mod, No Copy
Sim Rating?: Atlantic City Island is rated Moderate

Photo Details:
Models: Eva Ryan & Scarlett D’Bacon
Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Location: Carbondale Heights
Poses: Poses4Posers, PDA, Glitterati, Exposeur, Abranimations
Props: Awesome Blossom, Botanical, Deco*Licious, Heart, MMG, Modest House, Pocket Gardens, Perfect Prefabs, TiMO, What Next.

Model Details:
Eva Ryan: Skin by LAQ – Phoebe, Hair by TRUTH – Drew, Eyes in Moonlight Blue, Shape – Custom, not for sale.
Scarlett D’Bacon: Skin by Glam Affair – Monica, Hair by lamb – Our Deal, Feet by Addictia – Tropica flip flops. Necklace by Milady’s – Together Platinum

Vendor List:
Addictia: (In World / Marketplace)
Awesome Blossom: Rug (In World / Marketplace Store)
Botanical: Green Dune Grass Bunch (In World / Marketplace Store)
{Deco*licious} Stack of Books (In World / Marketplace Store)
Glam Affair
Heart: Weeping Willow (In World / Marketplace Store)
Lamb: (In World / The Marketplace)
MMGraffiti’s: Garden Shelf
Modest House: Spring Gazebo
Pocket Garden: Blue Flower Bed (In World / Marketplace)
Perfect Prefabs: Blue & Purple flowers
TiMo: Flower Field
What Next: stack of newspapers, coffee cup


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Rock Me, Baby

Rock Me Amadeus

Detail: Back

Prim Detail

Jewelry Detail

I am always on the lookout for lingerie that is widely affordable so I was excited when I found the babydolls offered by Rock Me Amadeus. While I will be honest and say that most of their offerings are not what I would consider up to par, I was hopeful for their Babydoll Lingerie. It is available in three colors: Red, Blue and Pink.

What’s “Just Right”: I really liked the lace-ornamented netted fabric and lace edging of the babydoll. The bra and panty look great on their own or when combined with the babydoll. It’s easy to put together a couple different looks with the pieces available. I like the strappy back of the bra and the flower-shaped centerpoint where the straps meet; it’s very feminine.

What Could Use Improvement: I didn’t notice it until I cranked my graphics up high to take pictures, but there’s a major issue with the bottom of the prim texture for the babydoll – it’s got a very thin red edge. (See detail picture with the arrow and unhappy face. The same issue also exists with the pink and blue versions of the outfit – I checked.) As well, the way the garterbelt layers over the panties looks a bit odd in the front, creating a narrow window of lighter tone that drew my eye.

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Lingerie: Red Babydoll Lingerie by Rock Me Amadeus (In World / The Marketplace)
Jewelry: White & Pearls Bracelet by Bonita’s Jewelry & Funique Shop (In World / The Marketplace), Cassie Pearl Bracelets by SBJ (In World / The Marketplace), Necklace & Earrings by Persona (In World / The Marketplace)
General: Hair by Argrace, Skin by Belleza, Eyes by LAQ, Nails by Candy Nail, Wedding Ring by JCNY
Poses: Long Awkward Pose, Glitterati, What Next, Vista Animations
Location: Fab Pads

Outfit Details:
Price: 75L
Pieces: 5: bra on shirt, garter belt on pants, panties on underwear, stockings, and babydoll dress.

Detailing: C – The red edge on the babydoll prim is a huge deduction in quality.
Prim Attachments?: Yes, the babydoll.
Resizing Scripts?: No
Tattoo Friendly?: No.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes – I found even the lace detailing on the bra stood up well.
Multi-purpose pieces?: There’s three or four looks you can put together, but this is pure lingerie.
Sim Rating?: “Palamos Island” on Edgemont is a PG Sim


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The Scarlet Butterfly

Sabella Fallen in Papillion

I was wandering the grid last night looking for shoes when I stumbled across this cute outfit by Indyra Designs. It’s called Papillion (Release date April 2009), and comes in five colors: white, red, black, merlot and teal. (Four are presented together on one wall; the fifth is available for purchase from a large display picture on an adjoining wall. This caused me a little confusion at first when I was shopping.) It was a struggle to decide which to pick – they all looked good, but the red seemed to have the clearest level of detail and crispness. “Papillion” is French for “Butterfly” and that certainly seems apt.

What’s “Just Right”: The uniqueness of this outfit really stands out. I haven’t seen anything quite like it before. There are multiple looks you can create using the generous number of prim pieces, from the simple (Just the bra and panties) to the complex (adding the sleeves and/or babydoll). I really liked the texture work on the prims. The curve of the skirting seems to celebrate a woman’s curves – I felt sexy and beautiful wearing this outfit. (It got a ‘Daaaaamn!’ from my Partner.)

What Could Use Improvement: The skirt took quite a bit of prim alignment in the back and I wasn’t ever quite satisfied with how I got it to look… but admittedly I have an unusually curvy butt. More lithe avatars may not have that problem. I wish that the prim cord that goes on the bra had a bow; it looks a little unfinished with just the strings hanging down. It should be noted that while there are five different prim pieces to play with, the outfit itself – the bra and panty and shrug – are only provided on one layer each. (Undershirt, Underwear, and Shirt respectively.) This was a big disappointment.

CourtX in Lipstick Red by AW Designs

Streetcorner Red

Other things to note: Indyra Designs carries a wide range of items. I wish their store was a little more clearly laid out – I didn’t see a store map or department signs that would have made it easier to find out that they also had lingerie. I almost missed this cute little outfit as a result. This particular ensemble is not available on the Marketplace, but they do have a small presence there.

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Lingerie: Papillion in Red by Indyra Originals (In World)
Shoes: CourtX in Lipstick Red by AW Designs (In World/Marketplace)
Location: Carbondale Heights
Poses: Vista AO

Outfit Details:
Price: 375L
Pieces: 8 total

Detailing: A+
Prim Attachments: 5 – Sleeves (Left & Right), Babydoll, Skirt, Cord
Resizing Scripts: None
Tattoo Friendly?: No. The core of the outfit was built on underwear and undershirt layers. The babydoll shrug is on the shirt layer. (each piece is only provided on one layer)
Curvy Girl Friendly?: I will give it a yes, but expect to spend some time adjusting the skirt.
Multi-purpose pieces?: A creative girl will likely be able to do some interesting things mixing and matching these pieces.


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“Hit Me Baby One More Time” * (with a pillow)

The Pillowfight: Rebel Hope Babydoll

Sabella Fallen in Rebel Hope Babydoll

So what’s better than two girls having a sleep over? Six girls in lingerie having a pillow fight sleep over. 🙂 With the help of my cohort in crime, Naeve Rossini, we collected a giggling gaggle of girls from the SL Universe group to don flimsy bits of lace and whack each other with pillows, do our toenails and jump on the bed. (A big SLingerie thank you to all the ladies who dropped everything were to doing to help out: Naeve Rossini, Mocksoup Graves, COCA Yven, Roxanne Bloobury, Seyla Warden, and Madison Talon.) I had actually planned to use a baby doll by a different designer for this shoot, but it simply didn’t have the color choices I was hoping for, and, well, when Naeve bounced in wearing the Whisper Babydoll by Rebel Hope, it was too cute to resist. I have previously made purchases from Rebel Hope (their Lalique Bra and Panties, which was actually on my ‘to review’ list), and knew they made some really lovely things.

What’s “Just Right”: I like the variety of options this release provides. You can either wear it as a lace cami, a standard length babydoll, or a longer style babydoll nightgown. The Babydoll also comes in four colors – white, pink, baby blue and violet – giving the girls a variety to choose from. The prims on the babydoll itself are nicely done.

The edges aren’t crisp – they’re soft and flowing, which fits the mood of the piece. My eye was drawn to the scalloped detail on the bottom of the cami which is echoed on the babydoll skirting. It’s a nice extra touch. All three versions – the cami alone, the short babydoll, and the long babydoll – looked good.

What Could Use Improvement: It’s not a ‘needs improvement’ per se, but I did find myself wishing that the bodice/bra was a *smidge* more sheer or detailed, one or the other. If there was a secondary panty option, that would have been incredible, as I’m just not a big fan of g-strings. But hey, at that price, you’re already getting a huge deal. I do wish that the pieces were offered on more than one wear slot – shirt and pant, to make it tattoo friendly.

Other things to note: Rebel Hope sells a _lot_ more than just lingerie. I bought all of the girls their copy of the outfit via XStreet (where they have over 400 individual listings), which made delivery effortless as more and more girls joined the pillowfight. I really like some of their bras and panties! They also have a blog you can follow to stay up on all their newest releases.

Photo Details:
Lingerie: !Babydoll Lingerie by Rebel Hope – White, Pink, Baby Blue, or Lilac
Roxanne: Shoes by Vicariuos Lee, Jewelry by Alyssa Bijoux
Madison: Hair by Calico Creations, Skin by Chaisuki
Coca: Jewelery By Bandit
Naeve: Shoes by Stiletto Moody, eyes by Poetic Colors, Hair by Damselfly, Skin by League.
Sabella: shoes by N-Core, belly jewel by Harmony Deschanel, bracelets by Zaara
Mocksoup Graves: (no info available)
Seyla Warden: (no info available)
Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Location: Carbondale Heights
Pose/pillows/bed: Yellow Snow (Rockin cool!!)

Outfit Details:
Price: 50L. Yep. That’s right. 50L! Another enormous lingerie bargain!
Pieces: Two prim babydoll ‘skirts’, panties on underwear layer and a cami on the undershirt layer.

Detailing: A
Prim Attachments: 2 different length babydoll skirts
Resizing Scripts: None
Tattoo Friendly?: No – outfit is only offered on underwear and undershirt layer.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes – the fabric pattern is a very subtle white on white pattern, and it looked good on all the girls – and we had a wide array of sizes and shapes.
Multi-purpose pieces?: The cami could be worn as a top with jeans or a skirt – it provides full coverage and is suitable even for PG sims.

Quote of the Shoot: Naeve Rossini shouts at the client, “CAN YOU SEE WHO’S BOUNCING OVER ON THE BED???” 🙂

* Yes, I really did quote Britney Spears… God help me!


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“Sweet Cherry Wine” *

I love the femininity of a babydoll nighty. The soft, floating fabrics, the low decolletage, the playful sexiness of them. So when I’m browsing for lingerie, my eye is almost always drawn to this style of garment. I was in a bit of a retro mood when I chanced upon the “Baby Dall * W-drop Red” by Cherry Girl.

What’s “Just Right”: The designer offers this piece with two different options for the babydoll – one that’s quite sheer and the other that’s more solid. That kind of flexibility of pieces is always wonderful. I was very pleased with the soft, wispiness of the transparent version. There was just enough color to provide substance but it still captured the gauzy flow of a good babydoll.

The bra and panty color is fun – a dark hot pink with black polka dots. It reminded me of something a 50’s pinup would wear, stencilled on the side of a Air Force bomber. I like the black satin bow at the center of the bodice; it’s fun and adds a whimsical touch.

What Could Use Improvement: The seat of the panties. The waistband is a wide ruffled satin, and the seat is almost non-existant; to my eye, that just didn’t work, design-wise. It also seemed to clash with the retro feel of the garment. A fuller back would have balanced the outfit better.

Additional Notes: CherryGirl has a very strong presence on XStreet. Their store is open, simply laid out, and not fussy. I haven’t ever seen so many girls huddled around a Lucky Board in all my days.

Photo Details:
Model& Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Lingerie: *CGirl*H* Baby Dall * W-drop Red *
Shoes: NCore Stylus Xtreme Heel in Black
Collar and Cuffs: Abe Shackleton
Pose: Adorkable Poses – customized for avatar size
Location: Carbondale Heights

Outfit Details:
Price: 200L
Pieces: 6 + Landmark (no texture included)

Detailing: B
Prim Attachments: yes – two different versions of the skirt, both worn on chest.
Resizing Scripts: No
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes: Bra and panty are available on two different layers each.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Relatively, yes.
Multi-purpose pieces?: No

* Lyrics by Tommy James and The Shondells.


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I love lace…

and silk, and ribbons, and garter straps and panty lines, and…

If you talk about lingerie – or really fashion of any kind – on Second Life, one of the names that consistantly comes up is Nephilaine Protagonist. Her brand, PixelDolls, is famous throughout the grid. Her lingerie – LoveLace – is a smaller collection, but well worth the browsing time.

I will be honest; I have been more drawn to some of her older collections, than newer ones. The recent releases just haven’t captured my attention as much – though they look great on several friends. My personal favorite piece is her Cygne Babydoll. It’s a solid cup bra accented with lace and a sheer net body, with a matching tanga/gstring. I’ve worn it out clubbing, dancing, and around the house for seduction/play wear.

Sabella Fallen in Cygne by LoveLace

What I Like: I think the best part of this outfit is the back. I know that might sound odd; bear with me. The level of detail on the clasp of the bra and the line of the panties, is really exceptional. You can zoom right in and the little ribbons on the panties seem to create tiny bumps in the slip above them. There are lots of finishing details, like the texture on the bra straps, that go ‘above and beyond.’ The lace on the bra cup is pretty and well done, and there’s beautiful under-bust shading work on this piece. The panties look, feel, and are positioned in just the right spot. So many undies are built poorly, ride up too high on the crotch or bottom area, or simply don’t look realistic. These are exceptional in that regard. (I spend a lot of time grumping about panties — Nothing here to criticize at all.)

What I don’t like: Um….. er…. um….. Hm. Okay, I’m trying to find something I don’t like, but so far…. I got nothin. Erm. Oh, yeah! She didn’t put a _seam_ on the bottom of the babydoll. It’s just a shadowed edge. There. 😛 (I try to be honest in my reviews – honest about the good points and the bad. This really is an exceptionally well designed outfit.) The only bummer is that I didn’t see this available for sale in her store when I visited recently, but it’s a big place; I may have missed it. It is not available on XStreet, either.

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Lingerie: Cygne, by LoveLace.
Belly Jewel: Hot Wife by Lake
Shoes & Stockings by N-core SOUL XtremeHeel II “Galaxy”
Collar and Cuffs: Abe Shackleton
Pose & Dance Pole: LostDog Designs
Rug: Ilse’s Multi Pose Persian Rug
Location: Carbondale Heights

Outfit Details:
Price: Erm. I don’t remember what I paid for it. 😦 It was purchased at the PixelDolls store approximately 8 months ago. I think. I’ve slept since then.
Pieces: 7

Folder contents for Cygne, from LoveLace

Detailing: A
Prim Attachments: N/A
Resizing Scripts: N/A
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes! Very generous layers.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes! No loss of detail on a full bustline.
Multi-purpose pieces?: Yes! I have worn this clubbing, dancing, or seducing.


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