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An Attitude of Romance…

Madeline, by Attitudes

I have actually had Attitudes recommended to me by multiple folks, including Ned Easterwood and Disaster Krogstad – thank you both, gentlemen – as a place with high quality offerings. They definately told the truth. Attitudes is filled with beautiful pieces, whether you’re looking for a saucy corset, barely-there bikini or simple comfy cotton underthings. Attitudes also offers some very generous freebies; take a look on the east wall for a large collection of panties and bras in cotton, fishnet and lace.(They also have a fairly wide selection of mens swimwear and boxers – so you guys aren’t entirely left out!) They recently moved to a new location in Conch Cove – so make sure you have the latest landmark!

It was difficult to select just one piece; Attitudes has a number of very solid offerings, any of which would be a delightful addition to your wardrobe. I finally settled on Madeline, a lovely lace ensemble that comes in red, black and white, and color combos in red & black and pink & white. You get a lot of styling options – just the bra and thong panties, a short corset, or a long corset with garter straps. Stockings area also included.

What’s ‘Just Right’: I love the feminine line of the corset. It’s perfectly constructed with delicious realism. The thong has enough coverage in the front and a lovely lack of coverage in the back. the rear line of the thong is smooth and clean – not that weird thready buttfloss you see in less well-produced pieces. I appreciate the lacing detail on the back in contrasting red cord, and like the rose lace patterning.

What could Use Improvement: The panties and corsetry all have finished edges, but the stockings do not. The corsets are offered on shirt and undershirt but not jacket – which would have been a lovely way to completely finish off the desirable layers. I wish that the pink rosettes on the panties and garters were just a tiny bit more defined. They get a bit fuzzy. Prim attachments for the corset laces, or maybe a bodice lace would have been a lovely addition.

All in all, this is a solid piece of lingerie in both its construction and execution. Madeline is feminine, sexy and delicious. It also wins points for having options that allow the panties to go on top of the garter straps, for that extra realistic touch.

Shoes by N-Core

Back View

Jewelry by JCNY and Zuri

Madeline, by Attitudes

Additional Info: Attitudes has a strong presence on XStreet, although Madeline – as I purchased it – is not available there. (You can get the bra and thong, though)

Photo Details:
Lingerie: Madeline, by Attitudes
Shoes: N-core HIGH SCHOOL XtremeHeel White
Jewelry: Necklace and earrings from the Virginia Gardens collection by JCNY, Silver Beaded Bangle Bracelet by Zuri which is sold as a dollarbie/gift.
Primary Poses + Environment: Vivaposes. Bath with walls, tub and screen by Jas Core of Vivaposes. This is a customized version of their VP Dirty Bath. (Disclosure: I added the prim water.)
Secondary Poses: Vista AO

Outfit Details:
Price: 275L (Madeline is also sold in a fat pack for all 5 colors for 825L)
Pieces: 16 + landmark
Permissions: Transfer, No Copy, no Modify

Detailing: A
Prim Attachments: None
Resizing Scripts: Not applicable
Tattoo Friendly?: Heavens, yes. Many, many layering options and combinations offered.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes – while there was some distortion on the bustline, it held up pretty well.
Multi-purpose pieces?: Nope – pure, girlie, glorious lingerie
Sim Rating?: Conch Cove is rated Mature.


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