Treasures of the Orient

Sumana by Zaara

One of the things you can count on when you purchase from Zaara, is that none of their designs are ever ever ‘look-alike.’ You’re going to find something fresh and interesting, not derivative. You can always expect rich textures, often with Near and Far East elements to them, beautiful garment lines, and a focus on detail. Their Sumana Lingerie release is no different, and it proudly upholds the Zaara tradition of excellence.

Released back in August of 2010, Sumana features a strapless demi-cup bra, wide corset-style garter-belt, panties and stockings. The fabric choices step away from the usual: no tawdry lace or delicate tulle, they’ve brought us lush Oriental influences in satin. The fabrics are elegant and the Asian style floral patterns have a crispness that is remarkable, given that all of Zaara’s products are hand drawn.

What’s “Just Right”: The pleating on the garter-belt/corset piece is unusual and adds a very elegant and couture feel to the garment. I like the keyhole cutaway on the panties and the adorable little bow is a perfect accent to draw the eye. The wide array of layers in the ‘optional pieces’ box really helps with putting together your ideal look. I appreciate that, because it allows me to wear my panties OVER the garters. There’s a lot to like here – the outfit is executed with precision and beauty.

Detail: frontDetail: Shoes

What Could Use Improvement: If we were given a bra option with straps, as well as the strapless version, I would have had a squeegasm. 🙂 I’ve personally never been drawn to the strapless look. An upward tug on the fabric of the stockings where they attach to the garter straps would be a welcome additional touch of realism. Such pretty fabrics are used, that I would have adored seeing a full corset version as well.

Other things to note: Zaara is my absolute favorite store build from a design standpoint. The store and surrounding courtyard and buildings are exquisite and perfectly suited to the style of products sold, while creating a beautiful and tranquil environment that invites you to explore, relax and enjoy. When you drop by, be sure to look for the freebies and lowbies being offered in the outer foyer. Look for the picture of a distinguished Indian gentleman (the winner of their photo contest earlier this year) – they’re on the table underneath. You’ll find two accessories and two outfits. Sadly, Sumana is not yet available on The Marketplace, but Zaara does have a strong presence there.

Special Note: A huge thank you to Eku Zhong, who not only provided nearly all of the physical elements for the set, but assisted with styling and shared her cultural perspective as well. THANK YOU!!!

Featured Outfit Details:
Price: 250L
Pieces: 12 (Plus 2 notecards and a landmark – be sure to open the ‘extra layers’ box!)
Availability: Ebony, Crimson, Gold, Vanilla, Frost, Blush

Detailing: A+
Prim Attachments?: None
Resizing Scripts?: Not Applicable
Tattoo Friendly?: There isn’t a combined layer item for panties/garterbelt… so you’ve got to decide which you want to wear.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes – The fabric held up well to all my various curves.
Multi-purpose pieces?: This really is gorgeous, girly lingerie.
Sim Rating?: The Zaara Sim is PG.
Permissions: Copy: Yes / Modify: Yes / Transfer: No.

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Location: Carbondale Heights
Poses: Kinki Animations, Poseur, Adorkable Poses, XOXO Ania, Pose Paradise, C’est La Vie, Tiny Awkward Bird, Glitterati, Exposure, Torridwear.

Model Details:
Lingerie: Sumana Lingerie by Zaara.
Shoes: Ilaida Mojri in Jeweled red by Zaara.
General: Hair by Argrace, Skin by Belleza, Eyes by Poetic Colors, Nails by Candy Nail, Wedding Ring by JCNY

Vendor List:
Apocalips Japan: Zen Moments Pool (The Marketplace), Stone Lanterns, Tea House building, Japanese Woodblock art prints, Kyoto Japanese table, Kyoto Sapphic Daybed, cushions, bamboo flooring, Japanese Square Floor Lamp in Cherry, Japanese tansu, Japanese Laquer tray, Step Tansu, Asian Mission Lamp in Dark Wood, Books, Incense Burner in Red, mikan basket, Tea Pot and Bancha, Raku Planter Cobalt with Bamboo, Turquoise Fat Planter with Bamboo.
Botanical: Green Dune Grass Bunch
Heart Garden Center: Golden Bamboo (The Marketplace)
Organica: Rock and Tree, Bamboo
Yurichan Aeon (Sculpt) & Eku Zhong (texture): Torii (Not sold as displayed)


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Naughty or Nice? Bratty or..?

Bratty: Christmas Edition

Shoe Detail View
OK, I confess: I love holiday themed clothing. I adore the costumes of Halloween, I grin and squee at adorable bunny outfits, snicker at festive St. Patrick’s day themes, and feel an odd sense of pride and pleasure at 4th of July ensembles. Is it any wonder that Christmas is one of my favorite times of year? There are a plethora of outfits designed for the holiday season and I’ve been checking in with some of the designers who have really impressed us this year to see if they were doing any special releases.

One that jumped right off the page at me was the Carrie Bridger / Carrie’s Lingerie releases. She has over half a dozen, but the two that drew my eye the fastest was the Bratty and the Rachael. I visited their store and was immediately greeted by one of the customer service reps, Punky Teardrop. We chatted a bit about the store and the holiday items being offered. It was really lovely to have an actual salesperson to talk with, rather than a bot or silence, and I appreciated her help. She let me know that Carrie’s is doing a “12 days of Christmas” special, with a different outfit being offered for only 50L each day. I happened to luck out and found my favorite – Bratty – on discount that day. Yay for sales!

What’s “Just Right”: I liked the taffeta sheen to this outfit, and the adorable striped fabric on the bodice contrasting with the gold snowflakes on the body. There’s well-done hints at boning for extra realism, which I always appreciate. The busk is a subtle detail that is highlighted by a bright red edging. The line of the garters is feminine and flirty. You’re provided with several styling options: under-bust and over-bust, a flirty mini-ruffle or gartered look. The pieces are very mix-and-match friendly so you can find the version you like best. I appreciated the extra touch of the prim bow for the lacing ends.

What Could Use Improvement: I found the prim ruffle/skirt a bit unwieldy. It’s so short that it will require a good bit of adjusting individual prims for a more curvy avatar. There were some angles it just looked odd from. I would have liked a secondary, contrasting panty option – it disappears into the garter-belt a little bit.

Other things to note: Carrie’s Lingerie has a strong presence on The Marketplace, and they have gift-friendly permissions (Transfer) which is much appreciated!

Featured Outfit Details:
Price: 425 apiece or 2,300L for the fat pack (which does not include the holiday version)
Pieces: 11 clothing + 2 prims + landmark + Texture
Availability: Holiday, Green, Pink, Blue, Purple, Red and Teal.

Detailing: A-.
Prim Attachments?: Skirt and Bow
Resizing Scripts?: None
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes – there are a generous variety of options provided.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes – the patterns chosen showed minimal stretching and distortion.
Multi-purpose pieces?: You could pair the corset with pants for a holiday party, or use the under-bust option with a top for a festive look.
Permissions?: No copy / No Modify, Transfer OK! Prim Skirt is Mod.
Sim Rating?: New York Harbor is rated Mature.

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Location: Carbondale Heights
Poses: Glitterati, Vista Animations, [What Next], Fire Beach Designs

Model Details:
Lingerie: Bratty – Christmas Edition, by Carrie’s Lingerie
Pasties: Holly Pasties by Motherfunken
Shoes: CourtX in Lipstick Red by AW Design
Deelyboppers: Holiday Horns by Circle Widdershins
General: Hair by Argrace, Skin by Belleza, Eyes by Poetic Colors, Nails by Candy Nail, Wedding Ring by JCNY

Vendor List:
/artilleri/: Colored string lights
AW Design: CourtX heels in Lipstick Red (The Marketplace)
B&D: Christmas Wreath
Carrie’s Lingerie: Bratty – Christmas Edition (The Marketplace)
Cleo Design: Bag of Gifts (This is actually the *packaging* for an item I purchased there.
Djinn & Tonic: Happy Christmas Tree (Part of the Stumblebum Brigade sale)
Fire Beach Designs It’s a Wrap pose and prop set (The Marketplace)
[GOS]: Macchiato coffee from the Cafe Collection
Motherfunken: Holly Pasties (The Marketplace)
MudHoney: Pinecone Tree w/ Gold Star (Hunt Freebie)
Republica: Snowflake Holiday Skybox
Skell Dagger: 5-prim tabletop Christmas tree (not sure where/if it’s still sold)
[What Next]: ‘Cosy Christmas’ Set 1 (Offered on the 12/12/10 Lazy Sunday), ‘Cosy Christmas’ Set 2 – (Offered as part of Project Themeory).

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Simply Stunning


Second Life lingerie superstars BlackLace have teamed up with a real-life corset company for a really cool promotion: buy one of the SL collection – which mirrors a RL design – and receive a $25.00 off code to purchase a corset in RL! That’s pretty hecka cool! The partnership is with Vollers Corsets and the discounted corset can be purchased from It looks like we have a total of six releases to look forward to: Stunning, Salacious, Dazzling, Enchanting, Ravishing, and Worship. The first and second of the series are now available – Stunning and Salacious – and they’re quite a treat!

The first thing that caught my eye about the Stunning corset was the rich interplay of lace and satin. The whole of the corset is overlaid with a large-pattern lace. I selected the crimson, though it’s also available in gold and a burnished pewter. In comparing the pictures between the Vollers corset and their corset, they really nailed the design.

What’s “Just Right”: The strength of BlackLace often lies in their use of texture. Here, lace overlays a gleaming satin, creating depth that’s visually interesting. The lace also helps to conceal a weaknesses I’ve seen from time to time in BlackLace releases, and that’s the highlighting on the bust in their garments. It can sometimes appear they’re designed for a smaller bustline, with opportunities for under-bust shading to accent the girls being missed. With Stunning, the darkness of the lace renders that issue moot. I like the way the panties mirror the back line of the corset. I also like the prim tops to the gloves. This is an area I have not seen enhanced with prim work before – on shirts, sure… but never that level of attention given to gloves. The fabric highlight and shadow work on them is already excellent, and the prim cuffs finish them off beautifully. The busk in the back, the eyelets and the lacing pattern also show a level of attention detail that I really appreciate, and is extremely well done.


Detail: Back

What Could Use Improvement: Because BlackLace is mirroring an outfit that already exists in RL, they’re limited by the vision of someone else’s design. This puts a little bit of a restriction on creativity – I think they might have done more with the stockings and panties, if they had the freedom to do so. I would have liked to see the slightest touch of wrinkle on the undies to emphasize the high curve of the butt, or maybe a secondary panty option with more coverage.

Other things to note: Salacious was released on Saturday (Dec 4th) after I’d already purchased Stunning, and I’ll be honest – I probably would have snatched it up instead, given a choice between the two. Definitely worth checking it out on the Alphamale/BlackLace Blog or at their in-world location. It should also be noted that included in the delivery is A TEDDY BEAR!

Featured Outfit Details:
Price: $498
Pieces: 9 + 4 prims + 3 notecards (BlackLace Bio, FAQ, and the Coupon Code), + 2 textures + landmark + TEDDY BEAR.
Availability: Black on Red (Featured), Black on Gold, and Black on pewter/gray.

Detailing: A-.
Prim Attachments?: 4: 2 glove tops, 2 charm bracelets (Plus a TEDDY BEAR!)
Resizing Scripts?: Not applicable
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes – a generous variety of layers was provided.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes – the patterning of the lace conceals whatever imperfections there might be.
Multi-purpose pieces?: If creative, this could be matched up with a flirty little skirt for a fun night out dancing.
Sim Rating?: Alphamale is rated PG.

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Location: Carbondale Heights
Poses: With Love & Squalor, Long Awkward Pose, Kria Flan, Medhue Animations, Chanimations, Olive Juice

Vendor List:
AT Design: Urban Loft “Basic” edition (The Marketplace)
Bitter Sweet: Royal Planter
Earthstones: Tennis Bracelet, Tennis Necklace, Dangle Stud Earrings (Group Gifts)
FE Skyboxes: Overhead lights & Artwork
MudHoney: Madera Bed
Musical Alchemy: Concert Grand Piano
La Galleria: Ebony Isfahan Oriental rug, White Marble Fireplace and Table Lamp
N-Core: Soul XtremeHeel II Galaxy (The Marketplace)
RC Cluster: Beauty Counter, Makeup Artist Chair, Makeup accessories
Silken Surrender: Hairbrush (The Marketplace)
The Loft: Alex Black Sofa, Mayer Bench

*In case I forgot to mention it: The box includes a TEDDY BEAR. 🙂

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Updates, Corrections, and WhatNots

First — a correction. Due to some sort of bizarre inventory snafu, when IndigoBlue over at SeldomBlue / Eternity Brides sent me the preview copy of her lovely outfit, Rosa (Rosa Has Bloomed), I did not receive all of the pieces. This led me to incorrectly report that the Caramel Special Release (which is 50% off the normal price) only had 27 pieces, instead of the full 54. My bad! Mea culpa!! The only difference between Caramel and the other fat pack releases is the lower price. (And don’t forget, that’s for a limited time!)

Second — Freya Olivieri at Trashy Girls in Style has released another set that we got to preview at the Virtual London Fashion Week show: the Burlesque Princess ensemble. It’s available in black, burgundy, red, magenta, purple, latte, chocolate, yellow, green, and blue. (375L individually, 2750L for the Fat Pack) There’s also two new colors in the You Are My Angel collection: a black and a red with black accents version that are just as stunning as the lighter, delicate colors released previously. They’re very reasonably priced at 249L. The red and black looks positively yummy, and is a ‘must see’!

Third — Something I’m seeing more and more of, is lingerie items or elements being offered as part of a dress collection. It’s a wonderful thing, and you can find some very fun examples of this at Ezura (check out their Nefarious, Shania Lolita, and Dark Evil One collections) and Blue Blood (their Wasp dress’ corset is delightful), as just a few examples. (Look for Lolita/Goth shops for some wonderful corset ideas, as well as lingerie style accessory items like garters, neck-frills, and gloves!) The only “drawback” is that you’re purchasing a full ensemble (which can be more expensive). If it’s in your price point, it’s a win-win!


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The Battle of the Betties

The Battle of the Betties

Rose in RubyBetty Vintage in Raspberry
Rose in RubyBetty Vintage in Raspberry
Detail View: Boots by Bettie's Vintage
While going through my ‘To Be Reviewed’ folder, I came across two outfits that had a lot of similarities in style and genre. Since I like them both, I decided to toss them both into the ring and let them fight it out in an underwear cage match! (Ok, maybe not so much.) Since both of them have very strong retro flair to them, one has the name already, AND I could easily imagine the iconic Bettie Page wearing either, I bring you – The Battle of the Betties!

The Contenders: In one corner, wearing the red satin panties, is underpinings power house Angel Dessous, and their offering, “Betty Vintage Rasberry!” And in the other corner… wearing red velvet panties, is The Gatsby Girl’s “Rose” in Ruby!

The Fight:

BRA – Gatsby Girl goes for a strong statement with a burned-velvet pattern. It’s beautiful, but is not curvy-friendly. Angel Dessous has a much simpler – yet still lovely – pattern to the fabric, which makes it wearable for a broader range of body types to enjoy. Although they are VERY similar, the cut on the Gatsby Girl bra “feels” more true-to-era, with its solid, unadorned straps. First Round is a draw!

PANTIES – The lines of the Gatsby Girl panties are fairly basic, and you can see a touch of white on the edges of the garment — but the Angel Dessous outfit doesn’t have the panties available as a separate item (they are built into the garter-belt), so this round must go to Gatsby Girl.

GARTER-BELT – The thick straps and angularity of the Rose garter-belt is sexy and clean. The lines to the Angel Dessous garter-belt are blocky and less flattering to a feminine shape, and the rear end just looks like a generic ‘satin texture’ was applied, rather than being highlighted in the right places. Round goes to Gatsby Girl.

STOCKINGS – Here again, Angel Dessous uses the ‘generic satin texture’ in a wide band on the stockings, which creates highlights and shadows that don’t make visual sense. The narrow band of lace beneath the satin is a beautiful and feminine touch as is the crimson back seam, and there’s the second version with variance in sheerness which adds value and options. Gatsby Girl’s Rose uses the burned velvet patterning, but here on the thigh, there’s no distortion and the beauty of the design shines. It has a contrasting black back seam for a very sexy touch. I prefer the realism of the garter clips here – it adds authenticity. Both have the stockings ending very high on the thigh – I would have preferred a just a wee bit lower. Round goes to Gatsby Girl.

GLOVES – Angel Dessous is known for the level of detail to their outfits and with Betty Vintage, they offer two different opacity levels on the gloves. The sheer pattern is a very delicate fabric that is feminine and sweet, and the solid is a vampish satin. A narrow border of lace accents the upper arm. Gatsby Girl does not offer gloves with their outfit. Round goes to Angel Dessous.

PRIM EXTRAS – Angel Dessous offers a very cute little prim bow to grace the back of the spine. Gatsby Girl does not have any prim extras. Round goes to Angel Dessous.

OVERALL TEXTURING – Both outfits have positives and negative, balancing each other out. Angel Dessous does go one step further and offers two different versions of of the whole outfit – one sheer and one more modestly solid. Round goes to Angel Dessous.

OVERALL STYLING – The ‘this is what Mrs. Cleaver wears after the Beaver has gone to bed’ styling of the Rose outfit perfectly captures the era. Round goes to Gatsby Girl.

PRICE/VALUE – Rose is 100L for 6 pieces (16.66 L per piece). Betty Vintage is 390L for 7 plus a prim bow for a total of 8 (48.75 L per piece). Round goes to Gatsby Girl.

COLOR AVAILABILITY – Rose is available in Ruby and Onyx. Betty Vintage is offered in Lavender, Cream, Red, Black, and Steel. Angel Dessous wins for flexibility of color availability. (They do not offer Betty Vintage on the Marketplace at this time.)

TATTOO FRIENDLINESS / LAYER FLEXIBILITY – Gatsby Girl’s Rose only has the panties on one layer (underwear) but offers the bra and garter-belt on two each. Angel Dessous’s Betty only offers the bra on one layer (shirt) and the combo undies/garter-belt on one layer (pants). Round goes to Gatsby Girl.

CURVY GIRL QUALIFIED – The burned-velvet patterning used by Gatsby Girl is beautiful… but wasn’t as curvy friendly as the more delicate patterning implemented by Angel Dessous. Round to Angel Dessous.

What’s “Just Right”: For pure retro style, the Gatsby Girl Rose ensemble really hits the mark. It’s got all of the design elements you would expect and stays true to its vision throughout. It takes some risks, fabric-wise, and for me, those risks didn’t work out – but on a less voluptuous figure, Rose would look stunning. The strength of the Angel Dessous ensemble is the delicacy of the fabric on the sheer version. While it’s less true to that vintage style visually, the line of the bra is just exquisite and is very well done.

What Could Use Improvement: The garter-belt of the Betty Vintage is the outfit’s Achilles heel. The generic ‘satin texture’ and design elements of the garter-belt were not flattering. Angel Dessous gets a serious scolding for combining the garter-belt and panty, and not offering the pieces as individual layers as well.

AND THE WINNER IS…. The Gatsby Girl’s Rose!

Featured Outfits:
Betty Vintage by Angel Dessous – (In World / Marketplace Store)
Rose Lingerie by Gatsby Girl – (In World / The Marketplace)

Photo & Model Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Location: DeviousMinds
Poses: The Vintage collection by Luth (In World / The Marketplace), Coy by Torridwear (In World / The Marketplace)
Props: Stage from the FetishCabaret MegaPack by (In World / The Marketplace)
Shoes: Shoes: Victorian Ankle Boot by Bettie’s Vintage (In World / The Marketplace)


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Rosa Has Bloomed

Rosa in Caramel

At the end of September, we were privileged to give you a ‘sneak peek’ at an upcoming release by SeldomBlue — Rosa. Well, this flower has bloomed in a big, big way, and is now available! Especially for the holidays, there are three groups of releases: A full ‘fat pack’ in 7 different colors, a ‘limited pack’ in Caramel, and a Christmas themed dollarbie in white and red. We’ve been given the opportunity to share it with our readers, even before the ‘official’ public release announcement!

Based on their previous releases, we’ve come to expect high quality and loads of layering options from SeldomBlue. The Rosa ensemble takes it to a whole new level. It isn’t just a bra and panty set, or just a corset… it’s also a basque and a peignoir. IndigoBlue Dagostino has outdone herself, with a stunning FIFTY FOUR pieces in the fat pack. and 27 in the Caramel limited release (Corrected to note that the Caramel release has the full 54 pieces: due to some sort of weird inventory bug, not all the pieces were showing for me). It took me a few minutes to really grasp just how many options are available, it’s that mind boggling.

Stealing from the notes IndigoBlue supplied me, the fat packs include: “long basque, long basque with peignoir, cupless long basque, cupless long basque with peignoir, short basque, short basque with peignoir, cupless short basque, cupless short basque with peignoir, bra, bra with peignoir, peignoir only, full cut panties, full cut panties with garter-belt, thong, thong with garter-belt, garter-belt only, thigh-high stay up
stockings, stockings for garter-belt, garter bows, bra bow, hip frills, peignoir arm frills, and a peignoir skirt.” Takes your breath away, doesn’t it?

What’s “Just Right”: Hands down, the massive array of options is the strong point of this ensemble. But that shouldn’t take attention away from the exquisite femininity of the garments. From the soft, sheer bows to the flowing lace, the naughty or nice versions, the lovely cut of the panties… there is a LOT to celebrate with Rosa. I was delighted at the two stockings – the upward tug of the fabric for those designed to work with the garter-belt, and the clean, smooth line of the thigh-high ‘stay ups.’

What Could Use Improvement: While I really like the actual lace patterning, if there is a weak spot to the outfit, it lies in the textured roses at the bust and hip line. It’s really hard to capture something as three-dimensional as a rose in bloom, on flat fabric, and while a strong attempt was made… if I have to pinpoint a weakness, that would be it.

Other things to note: The Christmas Dollarbie includes an adorable marabou shrug/bolero, and a Short corset, thong, stockings, garter-belt, and garter-belt prim bows. Rosa is not currently available on The Marketplace, but Seldom Blue does have a very strong presence there. As a side note, while I’m not usually drawn to outfits with too many colors combined, I have to say that the Passion version is very intriguing and will probably be finding its way into my closet in the near future… 😉

Disclaimer for full disclosure: The Christmas Dollarbie and Caramel Limited Edition were provided as samples by the designer.

Featured Outfit Details: Rosa in Caramel by SeldomBlue
Price: 770L for the Bonus Fat Packs, 385L for the special release in Caramel, 1L for the Christmas version in white and red.
Pieces: Bonus Fat Packs = 54. Caramel Special Release = 27 (20 clothing items + 7 prim attachments – stocking bows (2), arm frills (2), skirt, hip frill, bra bow) Plus note card, texture and landmark.
Availability: Fat Packs: White (with black accents), Baby Pink (with hot pink accents), Rich Pink (more of a fuchsia/lavender to my eyes), Teal (a bright, minty green), Red (A deep, vibrant, orangey red), Passion (Black with accents of purple, pink and red), Black (with red accents – the version we got to Sneak Peek for you). Also the Special Release in Caramel, and the Christmas Limited Edition in White with Red accents.

Detailing: A. The lace patterning is beautiful as is the delicacy of the sheer bows and prim work.
Prim Attachments?: TONS. 7 on the limited Caramel release.
Resizing Scripts?: None.
Tattoo Friendly?: The panties/thong/garter-belt variations are offered on both underwear and pant layers. The variations of the basque/bra/peignoir are offered on shirt, and there’s one Jacket and one undershirt item… so it varies a little.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes!
Multi-purpose pieces?: Hrm. Maybe if one was extra creative…
Sim Rating?: Angelheart is rated mature

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Location: Carbondale Heights
Poses: DeePosed, Glitterati, Long Awkward Pose
Props: Candles by Apocalips Japan, house by Mariposa Contemporary Skybox (Store Closed)

Model Details:
Jewelry: Drifting Sands Tahitian Pearls Full Set Gold (Store Closed)
Shoes: ***LYNX*** Zip it! Stilettos (In World / The Marketplace)
General: Hair by Argrace, Skin by Belleza, Eyes by Poetic Colors, Nails by Candy Nail, Wedding Ring by JCNY



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Lazy Sunday

Intimates - Dots, by My Pinkie Skull: Lazy Sunday

Naeve’s last post was so overwhelmingly girlie cute that I had to follow that same vein. I dug through my ‘To Be Reviewed’ folder, and immediately came up with the Intimates Dots by My Pinkie Skull. This adorable little bra, panty and gartered stocking outfit is casual, comfy, girl-next-door-in-cotton sexy. It was the sort of outfit I could see myself wearing during some hardcore weekend lazing around the house. Or, if I was being daring, slipping out to the back yard to deal with the laundry… Hope the neighbor isn’t peeking through the fence! 😛 

I like the extra details found on the Intimates Dots — the seaming on the bra and panties, the shadow of nipples under the bra, the ribbon details on both pieces. These are the sorts of things that brings an outfit to the level that makes me sit up and wanna blog.

What’s “Just Right”: The highlight and shadow work on the bra is very subtle but well done.The seaming on both pieces is nicely executed. I appreciate that two options were offered – a single white lace garter mid-thigh, or white gartered blue stockings. I like the tiny hint of white lace at the top of the panty, and would love to have seen more on the bra as well.

What Could Use Improvement: I absolutely adore MPS’ 10 pack of panties (previously blogged in ‘Zipped’) for their detail – the undies on the Intimate Dots isn’t quite up to the same level. Still good — just not *great*. I’d love it if the bows on the bra and panties were prim bows, for extra detail.

Other things to note: My Pinkie Skull has a very strong presence on The Marketplace, which makes shopping and gifting easy.

Late Breakfast
Getting Dressed
Laundry Day

Featured Outfit: Intimate Dots by My Pinkie Skull
Price: 150
Pieces: 8 + landmark – Bra on Undershirt, Shirt & Jacket, Panty on Underpants & Pants, Garter on Sock, Gartered Stockings on Sock, Gloves.
Available Colors: Black, Red, Blue (Featured), Pink, and Green.

Detailing: B
Prim Attachments?: None
Resizing Scripts?: Not applicable
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes – both pieces offered on multiple layers
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes – very little discernible distortion of the pattern.
Multi-purpose pieces?: Maybe – it could double as a retro-ish swimsuit….
Sim Rating?:

Model Details:
Sabella: Outfit – Intimates Dots by My Pinkie Skull. Bare Feet by SLink. Leeza Locking Pumps by Pixel Mode. Hair by Argrace, Skin by Belleza, Eyes by Poetic Colors, Nails by Candy Nail, Wedding Ring by JCNY

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Locations: iTuTu, Carbondale Heights.
Poses: Water Sapphire, Long Awkward Pose, DeePosed, Luth, Ilse’s Animations, Vextra Messing Design, Penny Dreadful Arcade (Closed).

Vendor Details:
Apocalips Japan: Teal Paisley Rug, Buddha in the Valley Painting, Copper glazed Planter with Bamboo & Rattan Planter.
iTuTu: Hanging Laundry set / Shoot location.
La Galleria: White Dentelle Lace Sculpted Scarf Table with Scarf, 2 Prim Table Lamp with Peony white shade, White & LACE Comforter Bed Linens, Sculpted Iron Bed Frame
Modest House: Roslyn House
Prim Pincher: Whimsical Blue Star Hanging Lamp
Republica: Geek Chic Chair (Project Themory Exclusive)
Tasty Prims Food Shop: Hashbrown, Bacon & Eggs Breakfast Plate
Vextra Messing Design: Garden Table for Two (The Marketplace)
{what next}: Coastal Cottage Breakfast Room Cafetiere, Pile of Children’s Books.


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