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Romana in Rio


Romana: View 2
I was thrilled to be offered this outfit to share with ya’ll; it’s the new Dollarbie by Seldom Blue. It was created in celebration of the opening of the Seldom Blue / Eternity Brides mini-shop at Oceane’s Body Boutique, and it’s called Romana. Since I’ve only ever been to the main store, I didn’t know that Seldom Blue offers a unique Dollarbie at each of the branch locations. Romana is exclusive to this location. (Take a look at the back wall of the shop to see other outfits exclusive to this location – the sheer white on black polka-dot bra and panty is adorable!)

While IndigoBlue describes it as having Roman influences, I was feeling a Rio De Janiero at Carnivale sort of vibe. I really like the softness of the prim skirt and sleeves. They have a great shape and color to them. The soft palette of colors used in Romana is delightful – almost like a mother-of-pearl hue. I do wish there was a little bit more coverage at the crotch of the panties – they’re a bit skimpy and come to a point a little higher than I would prefer.

Featured Outfit Details:
Price: 1L Dollarbie
Pieces: 11 + notecard + landmark + texture

Detailing: B+
Prim Attachments?: Yes: Sleeves and skirt
Resizing Scripts?: No
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes – each piece is offered on multiple layers
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Mostly – the pearl detailing lost a little clarity over my girls.
Multi-purpose pieces?: These could definitely be used as silks, or as part of a Carnivale costume…
Sim Rating?: Oceane’s Island on Wunderville is Mature.

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Location: Carbondale Heights
Poses: Olive Juice (Alejandro) and Chanimations/Devious Minds (Show Girl)

Model Details:
Necklace & Bracelet: Bubbles by $Ganked$ (*modified*) (The Marketplace)
Fan: The Show Girl Set in White by Chanimations(The Marketplace)
Boots: Ankle Boot in White Patent by Bax (The Marketplace)
Nails: Heart Butterfly in Pink by Candy Nail (The Marketplace)
Prim Lashes: Black Medium Eyelashes by Arsnova
Eyes: Poetic Colors
Skin: Belleza
Hair: Argrace


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Trashy Girls in Style


TGIS @ VLFW The Trashy Girls in Style fashion show at Virtual London Fashion Week kicked off at 5 SLT on Friday the 15th, with some slowjams (“Let’s just Kiss and Say Goodbye”) to set the mood. Folks were dropping in and grabbing a seat even past when the models started walking. The presentation started with some casual chic outfits (I am SO getting the sexy, side-slit belted skirt from the first outfit modeled!) and moved quickly to elegant gowns. There was faux fur, hounds-tooth, silk, sweaters, hats with veils, slim skirts and jackets, rhinestone embellishments … but it was the lingerie that really got my pulse racing. The first ensemble was a brilliant teal corset with a black rose ornament on the bust-line. It was augmented with dropped prim sleeves. (Above, second from the left.) The panties showed just enough cheek, yet had perfect coverage in the front. The second offering was a delightful number in black with marabou accents and lots of sheer fabrics and lace ruffles. (top, large image) Classic burlesque was the inspiration for the third piece – brilliant scarlet and black, with stockings, a sculpted bodice, lace ruffle trim, dropped sleeves, silk roses and double-tiered skirting. (Side image) Talk about your layers of detail!! The fourth piece was, as one audience member exclaimed, “What I’ll be wearing Christmas Eve when I wait up for Santa!” A vision in white, it also featured marabou and sheer lace, and had a soft, feminine curve to the hemline. (Above, left.) While Freya Olivieri couldn’t give us an exact date as to when these lovely offerings will be available in her store, I was bouncing in my seat with excitement and anticipation! I can’t wait for the chance to share them with you in more detail! A huge Thank You to Freya for the invitation to the fashion show, and for the generous gift for all attendees: a pair of pink high heels! Another thank you to the event staff, who assisted with getting me the pictures needed to share with you – especially Shaza Denver and Adora Mistwalker! Thank you, ladies!

Important Note! To celebrate the show, Freya has released the gown pictured above (second from the right). It’s available in The Pink Store on the New Life sim, and comes in six colors: Green, Red, Blue, Noir, Pink, and Purple, and is 550L.


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BlackLace Launch Party

BlackLace Launch Party

Officially starting in just 10 minutes — though we’re already rocking out — it’s the BlackLace Launch Party at The Lady Runway Club! We will, of course, bring you some of the sexiest outfits being released tonight!

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“Rosa” knows how to tease!

The last two days I’ve been chatting back and forth with IndigoBlue, the designer at Eternity Brides & SeldomBlue, and was deeply honored when she granted me a “sneak peek” at a design she’s working on – Rosa. I can’t show you much – just a tiny little tease of a picture – but I can promise that it will have the level of variety and detail that we’ve come to expect from SeldomBlue! Prim detailing, rich and luxurious fabric textures, multiple layer options, multiple panty and stocking options… it’s just beautiful! IndigoBlue tells me it won’t be available for at least another month… but you read about it here, first! 🙂 Thank you, IndigoBlue, for this tantalizing little tease of Rosa!
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(Hippy) Jailbait

Hippy Chick Jailbait Ok, this isn’t REALLY a review. It’s just more of a “heads up” — There is a cute and adorable little grey striped buckle corset available for just 1L over at Shades of October. I found them (and it) while going through The Witch Hunt. As you enter the store, it’s one of six practically free items sitting atop a long bookshelf looking thingy against the south wall. It’s well made and versatile, and comes on two layers (jacket and shirt). FYI, the landmark in the box is outdated, so you’ll want to grab an accurate landmark when you visit the Mount Curl location.

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Corset: Jailbait, by Shades of October
Off The Shoulder Top: Starr, by Onyx Wear
Skirt & Belt: Boho Set by CS Fandango (Also an item found on the Witch Hunt)
Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet: Eden Collection, by Cad & Tart (Designer also in the Witch Hunt)
Boots: Danielle Over-Knee Boots by PixelMode
Location: Botanical
Pose: AO by Vista

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Coming Soon!

Things we’re working on…. The Ever Intrepid Naeve Rossini is working on another Guest Post, reviewing a seductive little number by Cipher, and Hollee, from Lingerie by Hollee sent over some of her latest styles – so we’ll be sharing those with you, soon!