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Romana in Rio


Romana: View 2
I was thrilled to be offered this outfit to share with ya’ll; it’s the new Dollarbie by Seldom Blue. It was created in celebration of the opening of the Seldom Blue / Eternity Brides mini-shop at Oceane’s Body Boutique, and it’s called Romana. Since I’ve only ever been to the main store, I didn’t know that Seldom Blue offers a unique Dollarbie at each of the branch locations. Romana is exclusive to this location. (Take a look at the back wall of the shop to see other outfits exclusive to this location – the sheer white on black polka-dot bra and panty is adorable!)

While IndigoBlue describes it as having Roman influences, I was feeling a Rio De Janiero at Carnivale sort of vibe. I really like the softness of the prim skirt and sleeves. They have a great shape and color to them. The soft palette of colors used in Romana is delightful – almost like a mother-of-pearl hue. I do wish there was a little bit more coverage at the crotch of the panties – they’re a bit skimpy and come to a point a little higher than I would prefer.

Featured Outfit Details:
Price: 1L Dollarbie
Pieces: 11 + notecard + landmark + texture

Detailing: B+
Prim Attachments?: Yes: Sleeves and skirt
Resizing Scripts?: No
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes – each piece is offered on multiple layers
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Mostly – the pearl detailing lost a little clarity over my girls.
Multi-purpose pieces?: These could definitely be used as silks, or as part of a Carnivale costume…
Sim Rating?: Oceane’s Island on Wunderville is Mature.

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Location: Carbondale Heights
Poses: Olive Juice (Alejandro) and Chanimations/Devious Minds (Show Girl)

Model Details:
Necklace & Bracelet: Bubbles by $Ganked$ (*modified*) (The Marketplace)
Fan: The Show Girl Set in White by Chanimations(The Marketplace)
Boots: Ankle Boot in White Patent by Bax (The Marketplace)
Nails: Heart Butterfly in Pink by Candy Nail (The Marketplace)
Prim Lashes: Black Medium Eyelashes by Arsnova
Eyes: Poetic Colors
Skin: Belleza
Hair: Argrace


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Revealing the Details…

Reveal Thyself, by Sn@tch

I shop at Sn@tch for their awesome jeans (fantastic highlight and shadow work on the rear end!!) and when I got a group notice about this outfit, I made a mental note that I needed to share it with ya’ll. Ivey makes a huge array of accessory and clothing items, in styles ranging from alternative rocker wear to punk, dolly to goth, urban to schoolgirl, and everything in between. (She also makes neko tails/hairs, skins, poses, furniture, buildings.. you name it! And there are multiple releases EVERY SINGLE WEEK. Her level of creative productivity is just mind boggling.) Almost all of her outfits are offered in a group of colors for one small price – including the “Reveal Thyself Tank Garters” ensemble. Now, it’s definitely lingerie, but as to how to classify it, that I’m not 100% sure about… “cute” is unquestionably applicable! (They call it a bodysuit, but it’s more like a gartered teddy, to me…) As with most outfits by Sn@tch, you get a ‘pack’ of colors (purple leopard, pink leopard, leopard, blue leopard, black leopard); I loved the black leopard spot.

What’s “Just Right”: The styling of “Reveal Thyself” is fun, playful and sexy. I love the way the outfit is solid over the breasts and smoothly transitions to sheerness. The femininity of the spaghetti straps and bust-line and the soft curve of the hem are a big plus. The lines of the tanga panty are very well done – the crotch area is smooth and fit my avatar perfectly.

What Could Use Improvement: I wish that the back had garters as well, but alas, it doesn’t. That would have nudged “Reveal Thyself” into a more classic lingerie style – and it may simply be that Ivey was staying true to her rocker-girl, punky roots. I would have loved to see some prim accessories for this: Maybe little bitty black satin or velvet bows? (Ok, I admit it, I have a distinct weakness for bows and ribbons.)

Other things to note: I love something Ivey has on her blog and wanted to quote it. “Sn@tch is a tolerant and mature environment where Kids, Tinies, Nekos, Furries, Goths, Demons. Zombies, Goreans, RPers and yes HUMANS are welcome. Please be nice to each other..” I really like the open and affirming nature of this statement and thought it was worth drawing attention to. 🙂 Sn@tch takes part in a variety of discount/special sale groups, has outfits you can ‘fish’ for, Midnight Madness, Fortune Teller, Riot Vendor, Lucky Chairs, and all manner of means of getting your fashion-grubby hands on stuff at a very, very low price.


Jewelry Detail

Full Length Detail View

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Lingerie: Reveal Thyself Tank Garters by Sn@tch (In World / Marketplace Store)
Boots: Adnata Boots by Addictia (In World / Marketplace Store)
Bracelets: Isis Bangles By ChronoSalp Galaxy (In World / The Marketplace)
Earrings: Vertigo Earrings by La Forgia (In World / The Marketplace) (dollarbie!)
Necklace: Glamazon Necklace by Kunstkammer (Store closed, no longer available)
Nails: Red Prim Nails by Candy Nails (In World / The Marketplace)
Model Details: Hair by Argrace, Skin by Belleza, Eyes by LAQ.
Location: Costa Rica: The Rainforest
Poses: SineWave, Vista, and Long Awkward Pose

Outfit Details:
Price: 275L
Pieces: 17 (3 pieces each for the 5 colors + panties + stockings) + texture + landmark

Detailing: A – the lines and patterns are simple, smooth and classic. Lingerie doesn’t have to be over the top with details to be good and “Reveal Thyself” is a perfect example.
Prim Attachments?: None
Resizing Scripts?: Not applicable
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes and No — a very generous array of options is available for the top, but for the panty, you have only one on Underwear layer. 😦 I would have loved it if she included a pants layer tanga to go with the jacket layer top.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes!
Multi-purpose pieces?: I think this could be paired rather nicely with a black prim skirt for clubwear
Sim Rating?: (Snatch City is rated Mature


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Kara’s Demure…

Palais Silks: Kara & Demure

Extra View #1

Extra View #2

Extra View #3

Extra View #4

One of my favorite places on the grid to furniture shop is Palais. (I have several of her rugs and accessories throughout my home.) Cake Gravois uses some of the most rich, lush, elegant textures you’ll find anywhere. So when I found out she was coming out with a line of silks, I knew we’d be seeing fabrics of exquisite beauty. There are two major lines: the Demure line and the Premium line. The Demure silks come in fifteen different colors. The Kara silk is a vivid ensemble that is “constructed of golden dipped feathers and the finest silks vibrantly hand dyed in Purple and Orange.” All the outfits are offered in either a Copy version or a Transfer version for easy gift giving and a fat pack is available for the Demure Silks (All 15 for 1,499L)

What’s ‘Just Right’: The fabrics — no one does texture like Cake does and these do not disappoint. The patterns on the prim skirts are gorgeous. They remind me of the richness of an Indian Sari. The variety of color options is remarkable and each stands out uniquely. I was immediately drawn to “Evergreen” and “Loden,” but several others were just as lovely. The line of the Demure bra top and panty are pretty and could be worn on their own as a more exotic swimsuit. Breeze was drawn to the brilliant color and sway of the Kara line, with its fitted prim top and prim fringes.

What Could Use Improvement: On the Demure Silks, the under-bust shading is a little softer than I prefer. As a result, this looks better on a modest bustline.

Other Things To Note: Make sure you look around the silks room — there’s a really lovely freebie by the door that’s a version in white and gold, with a sheerness to the top that’s deliciously naughty. Two color options are available on XStreet Marketplace, but you’ll want to go to the in-world location to get the best shopping options.

Photo Details:
Models: Breeze Charisma & Sabella Fallen
Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Outfits: Breeze – Palais Kara Silk. Sabella – Palais Demure Silks in Evergreen.
Location: Carbondale Heights
Model Details: Sabella – Jewelry by Zaara – Nizam Choodiya (bangles) and Nizam Jhoomar + Tikka (head jewel), both in white. Necklace – Kunstkammer Glamazon in Bronze. SLink Jolie Pied Barefeet Medium, :+:SS:+: Euphoria Anklets – in Sea Breeze, Body Oil – LAQ in Medium.
Pose: Persian Rug & Pillow by Ilse’s Animations, Belly Dances by Animazoo.
Furniture: Table and screen from the Taza line at Palais. Hanging Lamp – Palais. Rug and cushion by Ilse’s Animations.

Outfit Details:
Price: Demure Silks – 199L, Kara Silk – 499L. Note that the price on the Demure silks is an introductory price and they will be going up at the end of the month.
Pieces: Demure Silks – 9 + 3 notecards and a Landmark.

Detailing: A
Prim Attachments: Demure Silks – 5
Resizing Scripts: Yes in the belt, arm band and thigh band.
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes – the outfit pieces are available on pants/underpants and shirt/undershirt.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Mostly – the Demure bodice could use a touch more under-bust shading to be truly ‘curvy girl’ friendly.
Multi-purpose pieces?: You could use this without the prims as an exotic swimsuit or just the top as a ‘separate’ with jeans..
Sim Rating?: Palais is rated mature.

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An Air of Intrigue…

I usually spend at least an hour or two a week going through all the new lingerie listings on Xstreet – as much to learn about new designers as to see what I may have missed for my own wardrobe. I stumbled across this hot little number and just had to tell ya’ll about it! The designer – Hollow Angel – was totally new to me, which is always exciting! They have three stores, with locations in Fourd, Lutra (at the Lumiere Goth Mall) and Scandalust Isle (at the Devilish Whispers Plaza). I wandered around their biggest location (in Fourd), and found that they have an array of latex and fetish fashions, lingerie, dresses, clubwear, even some shoes and accessories. Of everything in the main store, the one I saw on XStreet was still my favorite – Intrigue.” This is a very versatile outfit, designed to go seamlessly from the dance floor to the bedroom floor. The core of the outfit is a positively delicious corset in silver. Well – see for yourself! Intrigue by Hollow Angel

The outfit was specifically designed for multiple looks: underbust, overbust – with white or black cups, a lingerie look with stockings, and a version to wear with (included) leather pants. I applaud the creativity!

What’s “Just Right”: I love the pattern of the fabric – very nicely done! The line of the corset is well executed, and the contrasting dark fabric used for the stays and edges is a good detail. The line of the panties is Just Right – this is an area that so many designers mess up on – making it too narrow through the groin. Jude Fatale does an awesome job. The panty line is smooth, flattering, and perfectly aligned with the bottom of the corset in a flattering line.

What Could Use Improvement: Better accuracy in describing the piece in the ad. It says it has 24 pieces – when I bought it, I received 18 plus a notecard. As well, the detailing on the cups is a little lacking (which is why I went with the underbust look in the photo).

Other things to note: The quality on this piece is far and above, in my humble opinion, the best item being offered at Hollow Angel. They do have a presence on XStreet (that IS how I found out about them), which is always a happy thing.

Additional Note: A big thank you to Madison Talon from SLU, who went above and beyond to try and help me out with this shoot. We experienced some Technical Difficulties, which was 100% my fault – and so I wasn’t able to use the shots she was going to assist with… but I really appreciate her dropping everything to try and help!

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Lingerie: Intrigue, by Hollow Angel
Location: The Landing Strip, Carbondale Heights
Couch: LA Jazz
Background Model: Abe Shackleton (thanks, honey!!) – His pose by LA Jazz.
Pose: Breast Cancer Awarenesss by Glitterati

Outfit Details:
Price: Limited Introductory Price of 75L, will be increasing to 275 in the future.
Pieces: 18, not the 24 promised in the ad.

Detailing: B+
Prim Attachments: 1 prim skirt
Resizing Scripts: Yes – for scale, position and rotation.
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes – options came on multiple layers.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Mostly – No distortion on the corset itself, but the cups suffered when they tried to cover my curves. 😦
Multi-purpose pieces?: Yes – the outfit was specifically designed for multiple looks and uses.

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Tastes Like Candy

Whenever I ask folks, ‘Who is your favorite designer,’ it’s a virtual guarantee that someone is going to say PixelDolls. As one of SL’s most recognized designers, Nephilaine Protagonist is also one of its most prolific. Her lingerie line, LoveLace, spans the range from comfy cotton to delicate silk and everything in between.

The Neopolitan Lingerie set was released back in February, and I first saw it in person when my friend Stormy bounced over to Carbondale Heights to show me. On her lushly proportionate figure, it looked just stunning. In general, I’ve been hesitant to buy some of LoveLace’s newer releases, out of concern about under-bust shading… but Stormy provided proof positive that this release nailed it. It comes in 5 different colors/combinations – I picked it up in Licorice.

Lovelace: Neopolitan

What’s “Just Right”: There is a a great deal of texture in this piece: Lace, textured taffetta, fishnet.. it’s right at the edge of too much, but pulls it off gracefully, giving the Neopolitan the look of very, very expensive French lingerie. I like the line of the back and the tiny black silk ribbon bow detail.

What Could Use Improvement: The lace edging on the prim skirt doesn’t seem to be quite as long as it is on the teddy itself…but that could be an optical illusion due to the curvature of the prim. If the lace pattern was a little more crisp, that would be awesome.

Other things to note: PixelDolls, the parent company for LoveLace has something of a presence on Xstreet, but none of the lingerie is sold there. 😦

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Lingerie: Neopolitan, by LoveLace, in Licorice
Boots and Cuffs: + ADDiCTIA + Adnata Boots Graphite, Women Boots (OMFG, these are SMOKING HOT)
Collar: Abe Shackleton
Necklace: Kunstkammer Blackened Coin Necklace
Location: The Landing Strip, Carbondale Heights
Pose: Female Dance #9 by Henamations

Outfit Details:
Price: 199 for the single outfit, 747 for the fat pack.
Pieces: 5

Detailing: A+
Prim Attachments: Prim skirt panel
Resizing Scripts: None
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes – the top is available on undershirt & Shirt, the bottom is available on pants and underwear layers.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes! No distorting on bum or boobs. 🙂
Multi-purpose pieces?: Yes! I think this looks as good on the dance floor as it does the bedroom.


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Top This..

:SK Designs: Cthulhu Top Blue
I’ll be honest- I’m not sure if this qualifies as lingerie or not, but it’s so unique that I had to share it with you. I found SK Creations on a Weekend Fever shopping trip, grabbing up their “WF top in Old Pink.” As I tend to revisit stores later when things aren’t so rushed, I grabbed up the fat pack on my next visit. (Which is offered under the Chthulhu name – a bit confusing.) This blue version is part of the fat pack, which is priced less than most single outfits.

It’s almost a shirt, almost a merrywidow, almost a chemise… but not quite entirely any of those. It’s just.. well.. eyecatching, whatever the hell it is. I decided to categorize it as Dancewear, but that isn’t 100% accurate, either… So I’ll leave it up to the imagination of my readers to decide — what is this outfit in your eyes? I think it’s fun and intriguing, even if I have no idea what the heck to call it…


What’s “Just Right”: For me, the under bust shading and the wrinkles are awesome. I also think the heart-shaped clasp at the thigh with the little gray ribbons is adorable. Another very cool touch is the eyelet at the center stomach and mid-back — the texturing on the ribbon is so perfectly glossy satin.

What Could Use Improvement: Ugh. The panties. The crotch area is almost painful.. to the point that I have thought about blogging this one for months, but didn’t, because I struggled with the panties so much. There’s no stockings with the outfit – had they included some with little matching heart/bow combos, it would have been just delightful. Since I made this purchase, they DO offer a variant of this that does have chain-shaped garters and a gray striped stocking. It didn’t really catch my eye when I revisited the store, though.

Other things to note: Sadly, SK Design doesn’t have a presence on XStreet. FYI – If you like the general shape of the bodice, they re-used that outline and wrinkle template on a shorts/top ensemble called the “Slim Outfit.” Another of their offerings, called the “Classy Outfit” is in my “quick change” folder – (as in, oh crap, I landed in a PG sim, gotta get covered up NOW!) They do have a blog:

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Lingerie: Cthulhu Tops Fat Pack
Stockings: Simply Orgasmic
Jewelry:Tahitian Pearls Full Set in Gold by Drifting Sands
Pose: Gaeline Creations
Furniture: Sofa with Mirror & Phone by Morantique

Outfit Details:
Price: 150 for the Fat Pack, which includes Blue, Black, and Green
Pieces: 16 total, 5 per color + 1 panty.

Detailing: A-
Prim Attachments: None
Resizing Scripts: None
Tattoo Friendly?: No: The panties are only offered on the underwear layer.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes: Even on my 89s, it held up well.
Multi-purpose pieces?: Yes. I paired the top with some high-shine leggings from TGIS, and looked smokin hot for clubbing.

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