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Burlesque Beauty

Mme. Chatouille, by DeviousBeauty

Hat & Ruff Detail
Skirting Detail
The Show's Headliner
Boots by Bax Coen
(Click on any image for a larger version)

If I’m remembering right from high school French class, the name of our featured outfit translates to “Lady Tickles”… hmm… sounds awefully naughty when you put it like that! But Mme. Chatouille, by Devious Beauty, the fashion arm of Devious Minds/Chanimations, really does tickle the fancy! It’s part of their burlesque line (recently added to with their release of “Miss Dhalia“). I’ve used many of their props and poses here in the blog, but this is the first clothing piece we’ve reviewed for you. Mme. Chatouille was released in December 25th, 2009, and is described by the creator as being “Burlesque Couture and Lingerie” all in one. I agree. Of their clothing line, this one has remained my personal favorite of all of their releases. It’s also the design that Sean Gorham was most drawn to, when we popped over to take a look.

What’s “Just Right”: The level of detail and options in Mme. Chatouille is positively luxurious. There are a variety of looks one can put together – pantyhose or stockings, covered or uncovered, with skirts or without, pasties, bows, you name it. The colors offered are vibrant and intense. This is the sort of outfit that Christina A *wished* she could have worn in her recent movie… I found myself really liking both the pantyhose and the stocking options.

Side View: Sing It Again, Sam
Risque: Topless
Brickhouse Beauty

What Could Use Improvement: The frilled collar gave us a bit of frustration, as it fell directly into/through the face in many of the poses we tried. If it had been modify, we could have saved some really gorgeous pictures, but alas. While it’s exquisite, the design also mandates a short or updo hairstyle – there’s no getting around that.

Other things to Note: Devious Beauty has a wide array of offerings on the Marketplace. They also have some of the most amazing poses and props you’ll see anywhere.

Featured Outfit Details: Mme. Chatouille, by Devious Beauty
Price: 750L in world, 800L on the Marketplace.
Pieces: 40
Availability: Black, White, Red, Pink, Rose, Blue, Teal.

Detailing: A
Prim Attachments: 2 skirts, corset ties, glove tops, Top hat with and without veil, frilled collar.
Resizing Scripts: Yes
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes: Multiple layers are provided.
Curvy Girl Friendly?:
Multi-purpose pieces?: Possibly, if one was creative.
Permissions: Copy, No Trans. Clothing layers: No Mod. Prim attachments: Resize Only
Sim Rating?: DeviousBeauty is rated Adult.

Photo Details:
Model: Sean Gorham
Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Location: (including SLURL)
Poses: Chanimations, Musical Alchemy
Props: Chanimations, Musical Alchemy

Model Details:
Attachments: Hat (with and without veil), two skirts (“mini” and “tutu”), collar, glove tops and glove laces – Mme. Chatouille in red by deviousMind
Outfit: Mme. Chatouille in red by deviousMind
Boots: Black Patent Ankle Boots by Bax Coen
Earrings: Ruby Studs by Caroline Apollo
Skin: Nubia Cocoa by Oceane
Hair: Rabi by Little Heaven
Eyes: Allure in purple by L.Fauna

Vendor List:
Bax Coen: (In World / SL Marketplace)
Devious Minds/Chanimations: Mme. Chatouille Burlesque Couture, Fetish Caberet Photo Stage, (Midnight Muse microphone), ShowDiva Boa in Black
L.Fauna: (In World / Marketplace Store)
Musical Alchemy: Upright Piano + rezzables (In World / SL Marketplace)

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A Late Hour

Sablier, from the BDSM collection by LeeZu

Bodice Detail
Rose Detail
Alt: Front
Shoe Detail
Side View
This is another designer that was recommended by Disaster Krogstad, and oh goodness oh my is it blogworthy! Many of the outfits I found in the BDSM collection by LeeZu were daring and delicious, but the one that immediately drew my eye and held it was Sablier. Google tells me that “Sablier” is French for “hourglass” – and it certainly does sculpt the female figure into that classic silhouette!

What’s “Just Right”: The shape of the corset has beautiful, classic lines. It has gorgeous highlighting to draw attention to a full bustline. The use of textured fabrics on the sides is a lovely, elegant touch. I like the angled lacing in the front back. Naeve’s response when I sent her the pictures for this shoot was, “OMG! You look sooooooooooooooo hot!”

What Could Use Improvement: Without a doubt, the weak point of Sablier is the garter straps. Compared to the strong texture work of the corset, they draw the eye due to their lack of clarity and detail. The concept behind the stockings is very fun, and she’s provided some shadow detailing to give depth, but they don’t hold their own in the outfit. It may not be the case on other avatars, but when I put on this outfit, there’s a distinct line at the waist, even though I wore the Jacket layer and not a pants/shirt combo.

Other things to note: Additional pieces provided include a collar with the BDSM symbol and some wrist ‘restraints.’ The shoes pictured in the pictures in the store do NOT come with the outfit (in some other ensembles in the BDSM room, the boots or shoes are included). The hip drape may give you some difficulty with resizing, but the details of it – the lace drape, the roses at each hip, are well worth the trouble.

Featured Outfit Details:
Price: 690L
Pieces: 14 + 3 notecards (including an educational overview of BDSM), Texture and landmark
Availability: Red or Black

Detailing: B+. If the garter straps were stronger, it would move into the A range.
Prim Attachments?: Collar, rope bracelet (L & R), skirt drape
Tattoo Layer: Yes: Full corset and panties on Tattoo layer
Resizing Scripts?: None
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes – Sablier has a very wide variety of available layers, including pants/underpants, shirt, undershirt and jacket.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes – it held up to even my curves quite well.
Multi-purpose pieces?: The corset could be used for clubbing..?
Permissions?: Clothing is Copy only. Prim items are Modify/Copy.
Sim Rating?: General

Photo Details:
Model: Rick Seaside & Sabella Fallen
Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Location: Carbondale Heights, on location in La Galleria
Poses: NLimbo, LAP, DommEcile
Props: Office – on location, all props by La Galleria. Bedroom: Furniture by La Galleria. Perfume bottles: Alchemy Immortalis.

Model Details:
Sabella – Corset & Stockings: Sablier in Red by LeeZu. Jewelry: Divinica by JCNY. Shoes: Shark in Red by N-Core. Eye Makeup: Freebie by Nomine
Rick – Shape and Skin: Belleza. Clothing: INEEDIT. Shoes: Awori Cassini

Vendor List:
Alchemy Immortalis
Awori-Cassini: (In World / The Marketplace)
DommEcile:(The Marketplace)
JCNY: (In World / The Marketplace)
La Galleria: (In World / The Marketplace)
LeeZu: Sablier ensemble (In World / The Marketplace)
Long Awkward Pose
N-Core: (In World / The Marketplace)
Nomine: (In World / The Marketplace)

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Sleek, Slexy, SLink-y Vixen!

Slinky Vixens

Have Space Suit - Will Travel: Cyber Girls: Photo by Nimue Jewell
Have Space Suit - Will Travel: Cyber Girl: Photo by Nimue Jewell
'Have Space Suit - Will Travel: It's Full of Stars...
Have Space Suit - Will Travel: Boot Detail
Caped Crusaders: Clobberin' Time!
Caped Crusaders: And The Skies Answer..
Caped Crusaders: Lightning Lass
Discipline: Expectations of Obedience
Discipline: Favorite Pet
Discipline:Vixen Detail: Back View
Dive, Girl!: Beauty in the Deep
Dive, Girl!: Wet

OMG! *runs around in circles squeeing*

The last few pieces I’ve shared with you have been blog-worthy but lacked a certain level of “oomph” when it came to the texture and detail department. Well, boys and girls, prepare to have your world rocked. While chatting with Eclectic Wingtips during work on the last post, we were joined by fellow SLU’er, Eku Zhong. She provided me with a couple of suggestions about places to check out – and one of them was SLink. Now, I’m familiar with SLink for their shoes, but – for reasons completely beyond me – I had never actually looked at their clothing.. and had NO idea they made this slinky, delicious catsuit. I teleported right over to their main store, and was then wracked with indecision. The Vixen Catsuit is offered in a multitude of colors, and it was physically agonizing to pick just one. As a blogger on a budget, I simply couldn’t afford the fat pack (just shy of 3kL), but oh lordy, did I want it! I whined about this on group chat and Eku showed up to help me pick… and then very generously handed me the Lindens to get an extra color! (Thank you, Eku!)

At her prompting, I purchased the Ruby version. Right there in the store, I slithered into this tight little number with it’s plunging neckline down to there, and instantly felt like a sexy bombshell. She enthusiastically suggested I get the Black as well, and I have to say it didn’t take much prodding. I started getting some fun ideas about environment backgrounds for the shoot which I was blathering on about on group chat and Nimue Jewell mentioned that she’d been thinking about a sexy android look using the catsuit in Silver. Since this meshed perfectly with one of my ideas, I asked if she’d be willing to join me! The results are pretty spectacular if I do say so myself.

What’s “Just Right”: Without exception, I’ve never seen a better job of highlighting and shadow work on latex than this outfit. Period. End of sentence. Any time I’ve said it before.. well.. this blows it away. Every feminine curve – concave or convex – is lovingly detailed. Eku said she’d heard that the designer did the highlight and shadow work on a 3D model in a rendering program, and that sure makes a lot of sense. It’s the interplay of shadow and light that creates dimension — whether in an oil painting or Second Life clothing — and the work on the Vixen Catsuit is simply superb. The plunging neckline is tres sexy and the arching seaming line over the buttocks is feminine and enticing. That boots to match are included as part of the outfit just adds to the value.

What Could Use Improvement: There’s only two ways this could be improved: 1) The addition of a prim zipper pull – maybe with a dangle/ornament in the shape of a tiny lock to match the ones on the boots? and 2) If the lines of the garment were used to separate the outfit into its component parts (jacket/shirt/pants), instead of the layer shape. That would provide color mix and match (say, crimson legs and gloves, a black ‘leotard’.. or the white and silver intermingled) options that don’t currently exist. If it did… any latex-loving girl would have a fashiongasm.

Other things to note: As I said before, I know of SLink because of their gorgeous prim bare feet (which I wear on a regular basis on the beach at home in Carbondale) and their shoes – but they make a wide array of clothes, too! Sadly, only a few of their offerings are available on The Marketplace.

Special Thank Yous: Great big thank yous go to Eku Zhong, Nimue Jewell, and Naeve Rossini, who’s generosity and kindness made this a wonderfully fun shooting experience! Thank you, ladies!

Featured Outfit Details:
Price: 650L each or 2900L for the fat pack
Pieces: 6 clothing pieces, prim collar, shoe base, latex feet, Shoe Hud, Alpha Layer, Store Landmark
Available Options: Red, Black, Cyborg Blue, Metallic Teal, Gold, Metallic Gray, Rose, Ruby, and White.

Detailing: A Freaking Plus! With Sugar On Top!
Prim Attachments?: Yes! Matching boots included!
Resizing Scripts?:
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes! Available on shirt and jacket layer.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes! My butt and boobs looked *awesome* in this. No distortion, no loss of detail. Slick, hot, sexy.
Multi-purpose pieces?: Yes! Depending on how you accessorize, this outfit can be utilized in a variety of genres. (Thus, the array of pictures.)
Sim Rating?: Sanctum is rated Mature.

Photo Details:
Models: Nimue Jewell, Sabella Fallen
Photographers: Nimue Jewell, Sabella Fallen
Locations: “Have Spacesuit Will Travel”*Deshima Space Station / “Caped Crusaders” – City of Perdition / “Discipline” – Carbondale Heights (private members only sim) / “Dive, Girl!” – Space Bums display tank, and Carbondale Heights.
Poses: Long Awkward Pose, Glitterati, Sticky Candy, Juxtapose, NLimbo, Oberon’s Trick, Poseur, DevPose, Striking Poses.

Model Details:
Nimue Jewell:
“Have Spacesuit Will Travel”*: Vixen Catsuit in Metallic Grey by SLink. Belt – WideBelt Embossed in White, by COCO (In World / The Marketplace). Restraints – Misty White Leather Restraints Set by Insolence. Eye Piece – Memory Cartridge by MetaWear 2030/Infamous Designs. Skin – Elf in Moonbeam Light by Curio. Hair – Anamone in Snow by [Ploom]. Cleavage Enhancement in Superlight by Ayumi (In World / The Marketplace). Tattoo Layer Makeup – Cat Liner by L.Fauna (In World / The Marketplace). Eyes – Snow by Miriel. Custom Eye covers, control pane, and shape by Nimue Jewell (not available for sale).

“The Caped Crusaders”: Vixen Catsuit in Cyborg Blue by SLink. Belt, cuffs, shin guards – Enthraller by Bare Rose. Skin – Tess2 in Milky by LAQ. Cleavage Enhancement by LAQ. Tattoo Layer Makeup – Cat Liner by L.Fauna (In World / The Marketplace). Mask – Columbina by Illusions (In World / The Marketplace). Hair – Diva in Light Mauve by Sixty Nine. Eyes – Light Blue by Miriel. Earrings – Teardrop in Silver by Miriel. Electrical particle effect – Electric Avatar by Basic Elements (In World / The Marketplace)

“Discipline”: Vixen Catsuit in Black by SLink. Boots – Extrema! Latex Boots by Pietas Obscurum (In World / The Marketplace), Skin – Daydream in Lace, Retro by Cupcakes (In World / Marketplace Store), Hair – Neva2 in Jealous Red by (In World / Marketplace Store), Eyewear – Monacle V2 by CatniP (In World / Marketplace Store), Belt – Wrap Skinny Belt in Silver by COCO (In World / The Marketplace), Cleavage Enhancement in Superlight by Ayumi (In World / The Marketplace) Lashes – Glamour by Miriel, Eyes – Emerald by Miriel.

Sabella Fallen:
“Have Spacesuit Will Travel”*: Vixen Catsuit in Ruby by SLink. Belt – VariBelt by GrueLing (In World / The Marketplace). Bracelets – Black and Silver Bangle Bracelets (Freebie!) by Bound By Love (In World / The Marketplace). Dog Tags – Custom Textured Dog Tags by BC Accessory 4 Men (store closed). Armor – Cyber Vest by /108/. Headpiece – Cyber HeadGear by by /108/. Eye – Cyber Eye by by /108/. Tattoo – Think Japanese by NZ Creations (In World / The Marketplace). Thigh Straps – The Cruel Thigh Straps by Sn@tch. Weapon – M9 Beretta & Holster by BYTat.

“The Caped Crusaders”: Vixen Catsuit (includes boots) in Ruby by SLink. Cape – Enchantress in Onyx by Deviance. Mask – Divis by (Illusions. Glowy Hands/Bracelets – Energy Cell by Hawt Toons Inc. Eye Prims – Red Glow Eyes by ZTD (In World / The Marketplace).

“Discipline”: Vixen Catsuit (includes boots) in White by SLink. Ankle Boots in White Patent by Bax (In World / The Marketplace). Etaya Four Strand Collar by (Illusions. O-Ring Cuff in White by Ha! Silk Blindfold by Illusions (In World / The Marketplace), Nails by Candy Nail.

“Dive, Girl!” : Vixen Catsuit in Black by SLink. Scuba Gear (including fins, tanks, weight belt, mask, and dive belt (modified)) by Space Bums (In World / The Marketplace).

* A loving and respectful nod to the master of Science Fiction, Mr. Robert Anson Heinlein.


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Trashy Girls in Style


TGIS @ VLFW The Trashy Girls in Style fashion show at Virtual London Fashion Week kicked off at 5 SLT on Friday the 15th, with some slowjams (“Let’s just Kiss and Say Goodbye”) to set the mood. Folks were dropping in and grabbing a seat even past when the models started walking. The presentation started with some casual chic outfits (I am SO getting the sexy, side-slit belted skirt from the first outfit modeled!) and moved quickly to elegant gowns. There was faux fur, hounds-tooth, silk, sweaters, hats with veils, slim skirts and jackets, rhinestone embellishments … but it was the lingerie that really got my pulse racing. The first ensemble was a brilliant teal corset with a black rose ornament on the bust-line. It was augmented with dropped prim sleeves. (Above, second from the left.) The panties showed just enough cheek, yet had perfect coverage in the front. The second offering was a delightful number in black with marabou accents and lots of sheer fabrics and lace ruffles. (top, large image) Classic burlesque was the inspiration for the third piece – brilliant scarlet and black, with stockings, a sculpted bodice, lace ruffle trim, dropped sleeves, silk roses and double-tiered skirting. (Side image) Talk about your layers of detail!! The fourth piece was, as one audience member exclaimed, “What I’ll be wearing Christmas Eve when I wait up for Santa!” A vision in white, it also featured marabou and sheer lace, and had a soft, feminine curve to the hemline. (Above, left.) While Freya Olivieri couldn’t give us an exact date as to when these lovely offerings will be available in her store, I was bouncing in my seat with excitement and anticipation! I can’t wait for the chance to share them with you in more detail! A huge Thank You to Freya for the invitation to the fashion show, and for the generous gift for all attendees: a pair of pink high heels! Another thank you to the event staff, who assisted with getting me the pictures needed to share with you – especially Shaza Denver and Adora Mistwalker! Thank you, ladies!

Important Note! To celebrate the show, Freya has released the gown pictured above (second from the right). It’s available in The Pink Store on the New Life sim, and comes in six colors: Green, Red, Blue, Noir, Pink, and Purple, and is 550L.


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Vox do You Think?

Vox, by Hugo Designs GUEST REVIEW!!
By Naeve Rossini

I found out about Hugo’s Design from a forum thread about BDSM style. I was not at all prepared for the visual orgy when I teleported into the store. The store is wonderfully laid out with excellent use of posters… they were large and suggestive, with very creative mixing and matching of outfits that showed the versatility of the entire line of products.

The store itself is laid out brightly and easy to navigate, which made shopping a breeze, especially for those of us that like to cam around, rather than walk.

The prices are high, there’s no denying it, and there are no fatpacks. This outfit happens to be one of Hugo’s priciest ones, but a closer look at the textures and detailing will reveal the value of the high sticker. You get what you pay for.

The detailing is phenomenal! It’s particularly evident on the lace and patterned ones, like the pair that Sabella and I are wearing, but you can find the attention to detail in the simpler designs as well. There’s a subtlety to it that elicits the shape of a woman when you look at it. Our shapes are already curvy, but these outfits make us “fill out” in the best way possible.*

For those who like more teasing variations, the outfit can be worn without the bra and/or without the panties. Those of you with “ass men” (or women) in your lives will really appreciate the glorious emphasis of your butt with the way the garters and t-back frame it.

For that edgier, fetishy look, Hugo’s Design is a must see. Bring your pocket book.

… and a napkin.

What’s “Just Right”: A lot of latex designers will just work on the shine of their garments and put just a token effort in other detailing, but Hugo’s designer Erik Hugo has done a fantastic job with incredibly intricate details on this outfit, in addition to his distinctive glossy look. Take a close look. It’s absolutely stunning and really complements feminine curves.* There’s a fullness to the highlights and shading that makes the outfit pop out three-dimensionally without the glasses.

What Could Use Improvement: My wish list is short for this outfit. I’d love to see the bra and corset pieces available on all top layers and in combination with each other. Right now, you can do body oil or tattoos on top, but you couldn’t do both and remain modest. By comparison, the bottoms are as fully tattoo and body oil compatible as you can get. Speaking of bottoms, it would be nice to have a little more coverage in the back for the panties. A little wedge of fabric there would be a more playful hint than the string that’s there now. Fatpacks would be the death of me, but it’d be a very pleasant death.

Photo Details:
Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Lingerie: Vox in White Lace and Red/White, by Hugo’s Design; also available in Black/Pink, Black/White, Red, White/Red, Black/Red, Black/Blue
Sabella Fallen – Hair: Argrace, Skin: Belleza, Shape: Custom, Shoes: Bax Coen
Naeve Rossini – Hair: Damselfly, Skin: League, Shape: Custom, Shoes: Bax Coen

Outfit Details:
Price: $695
Pieces: 12 (corset, garters only, 2x garters+panties, 2x panties, 2x bras, 2x gloves, 2x stockings)

Detailing: A+ The detail of the colours are fantastic, even with the white-on-white, but the thing that tips it over into the + range is the deliciously glossy latex look.
Prim Attachments: Not Applicable
Resizing Scripts: Not applicable
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes! Tops and bottoms are tattoo friendly, although a nice-to-have would be to have the top pieces available separately and together on all layers.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes! It looked great on all of our curves… and we had plenty!
Multi-purpose pieces?: You could… but not really. It pretty much screams “FETISH!!!”

* I can haz secks nao? Pleez taek off!

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Anniversary Celebrations with Gypsy Rose Lee

This past week marked the one year anniversary of Freya Olivieri’s presence as a fashion designer in Second Life. To celebrate, she has been busting her butt on a whole new collection (only a designer would celebrate their hard work… by a project that takes a lot of hard work!) Unfortunately, due to RL obligations, I wasn’t able to make the Trashy Girls In Style Anniversary fashion show.(big huge gigantic bummer to have missed it – but she did get some pictures on her Flikr!) So I got to participate vicariously, at least!

Disclaimer for full disclosure: While all of the other lingerie I have shared with you on Slingerie has been ensembles that I purchased on my own, this outfit was a gift from Freya, when she and I were chatting about her fashion show. I sometimes do modelling for her, and she very kindly gifts me with most of her new releases. This item is not yet available for sale in her store.

Gypsy Rose Lee Anniversary Corset by TGIS

This corset immediately caught my eye – I am a total sucker for the classic burlesque look, and Freya captures that essence perfectly. It was hard to decide between the pink and red corsets.. but as I’ve done a lot of red lately, I had to go with the deliciously girly pink. (The red, while similar, does have some different styling details)

What’s “Just Right”: The level of detail and generous accessories! Included in the set are matching earrings, necklace and shoes! Freya always remembers that it’s the extras that make an outfit, and provides those details – a lace bow for the bodice, a bow for the corset laces, different skirt versions, gloves… you name it. I like the extra touch of the decoration on the stockings – the little dots are cute!

What Could Use Improvement: Hrm…. if I put on my brutal blogger hat, I could nitpick that a *smidge* more detail on the pink lace overlay would be nice. Maybe little pink bows on the garter belt straps?

Other things to note: if you’re really careful with organizing your layers, you can wear both skirt versions, and have those adorable pink bows peeping out from beneath the tulle of the ‘coat skirt’… the possibilities with this outfit get just giggly fun. 🙂 Another note — those who attended the Anniversary Fashion show received a very generous gift bag… Freya has put that gift out at the TGIS store for folks to enjoy! (look for the pink bag with pink paper)

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Lingerie & Jewelry: Gypsy Rose Lee Anniversary Corset by Trashy Girls In Style
Pose & Boa: ShowDiva in Pink by Chanimations/Devious Minds
Cigarette Holder: Devious Minds
Location: Devious Minds

Outfit Details:
Price: Not Yet Available For Sale — but being released soon! (Freya says, “probably around 199L”)
Pieces: Twenty-One!!

Detailing: A
Prim Attachments: MANY!! Corset Tie, Coat Skirt, Chest Bow, Necklace (chest & spine slot), Skirt (stomach & pelvis slot), Earrings, plus shoes!
Resizing Scripts: Yes, a very user friendly one in the coat skirt.
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes! She provides multiple layering options making it fully tattoo friendly.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes – though there was a smidge of stretching on the breast lace.
Multi-purpose pieces?: Sort of… you can put together a variety of looks with the pieces – either the core burlesque ensemble, or a lingerie version…

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Fishy Situations

Luck Inc's Fishnet Bodysuit A while back, I spent hours wandering the grid in some serious power shopping. While my focus was a new, updated skin, I managed to stumble across a number of wonderful clothing and lingerie finds, too. Lingerie can generally take one of several paths. There’s the soft, romantic style, the every-day casual, the hell bent on sex look, the kink edge, and the classic pinup/burlesque. Every once in a while, you find a outfit that blends one or more – and you’ve got something really intriguing.

This release from Luck Inc is just such a piece. They used fishnet, which is generally the domain of the naughty tart and combined it with lace edging for a touch of softness. The cut is under the bust, with the lace framing the cleavage in a style that reminds me of a can-can or burlesque ensemble.

It comes in a TON of colors, including: Brown, gray, French Rose, Eggplant, Red, Tyrian Purple, Rifle Green, Yale blue, White, Black, Sand, Charcoal, and Yellow. There are also different versions – with suspenders and without, so you control the level of coverage. (Needless to say, I prefer without. The suspenders seemed a touch contrived to me; but I tend to be a bit more blatant about my sexual expression.)

What’s “Just Right”: The color is unusual, and I like it. It’s a very light pearl-meets-pewter white – not a true white, not gray, but something in between. This gave them some wiggle room on highlighting and shadowing. The texture on the fishnet is excellent – you really get a sense of depth on the bits of cording that make up the weave. Even though I’m something of a panty purist, I like the line of the back: even though the entire bottom is exposed, I think they made an excellent design choice here.

What Could Use Improvement: It would have been awesome if stockings were included in the outfit. Sadly, this wasn’t the case. I had to do some digging for some stockings that would work – the color of the bodysuit is unusual, so neither white or black stockings looked really perfect.

Other things to note: The outfit comes with a lot of pieces. You have many options for how to wear it – with suspenders, without, just the suspenders – with nipple coverage and without, and you get a ton of layers. So big kudos to the designer for that! (it’s also available in a version with snake print suspenders, FYI.) They don’t have a very strong presence on XStreet – and this is not one of the pieces offered.

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Lingerie: Luck Inc’s Fishnet Bodysuit. Stockings from the Adore outfit by Audacious Designs / Slick.
Shoes: N-Core
Jewelry: JCNY
Location: Carbondale Heights
Bed: Abe Shackleton
Pose: Glitterati – Breast Cancer Awareness Poses

Outfit Details:
Price: 220L for individual colors, 1,430 for the fat pack.
Pieces: TWENTY-ONE!!

Detailing: The highlight and shadow work on the bodysuit itself is excellent. Some detail is lost on the suspenders for larger girls. See below for details.
Prim Attachments: None
Resizing Scripts: Not applicable
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes – multiple layer options are offered on the pieces.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Mostly, yes. The under bust cut of the bodysuit helps those of us who have gone a bit crazy on the sliders… but the version with suspenders over the nipples suffers on the detail when stretched.
Multi-purpose pieces?: This could be worn either as lingerie or as a layering item, so.. yes!

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