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Daisies in the Garden


Daisy, by Lingerie Boutique, is another outfit that I’ve been toting around forever in my inventory meaning to blog. The ensemble has a playful innocence to it that is very appealing. I started on pictures before The Video Card Crash of 2011, but upon my return, junked those pics and started over featuring two of the lovely ladies from SLUniverse, Eva and Scarlett. I appreciated them dropping everything to come and lounge about in a country garden! (Daisy Duke wears this outfit when she’s pretending she doesn’t know the boys are peeking in the window, you can be guaranteed.)

What’s “Just Right”: We all liked the eyelet lace texturing on the babydoll – honestly, it’s the strongest part of the outfit. It’s crisp and clean and kittens-and-puppies-level cute. Scarlet and I both liked the way it gently frames the graceful curves of a woman’s belly. I also liked the touch of lace texture on the hip of the panties. It has been said before, but must be said again: Prim bows are the fastest way to make me squee! There are two bows offered in Daisy: a pair for the hips and one for the bodice.

What Could Use Improvement: Sadly, the textures get just a little muddy on girls with curves on top and there are some spots there there are missed opportunities for shading/wrinkling detail on the panties. Also, the side bows are no mod – so you can’t change width for wider or more narrow hipped avatars, or make larger to fit proportionally. This is really a shame, because they’re utterly adorable.


Other things to note: Memory is a bit fuzzy going back that many months, but I am pretty sure I originally purchased Daisy on the SL Marketplace. I couldn’t find it there when I checked recently, so it may have been removed. (Or I could be remembering wrong; also entirely possible.) Lingerie Boutique does have a strong Marketplace presence for easy gift giving.

More Notes: I contacted the owner of Lingerie Boutique, Leanne Bebb, and she forwarded my note to the outfit designer, Trinetty Skytower. Ms Skytower was very kind to reply and give me some background on the outfit. Daisy was released exactly one year ago today! Trinetty writes, “Leanne had such a vast selection of seductive and dramatic lingerie that I wanted to introduce something a little more fun and flirty, sweet and innocent… and of course, inspired by summer itself.” I’d say she hit the nail right on the head!

Outfit Details:
Price: 220L
Pieces: 7 + Landmark (bra top on shirt and undershirt, panties on underpants and pants, panty bows, chest bow and babydoll)
Availability: Blue, Honeysuckle, Pink Tulip, Lilac, Sage, Sunshine, and Bluebelle

Detailing: B+
Prim Attachments?: Prim bows for hips and bodice, babydoll drape.
Resizing Scripts?: No
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes
Curvy Girl Friendly?: .. Mostly. If you’re indecisive, I recommend going for it on this one.
Multi-purpose pieces?: No.
Permissions?: Transfer, No Mod, No Copy
Sim Rating?: Atlantic City Island is rated Moderate

Photo Details:
Models: Eva Ryan & Scarlett D’Bacon
Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Location: Carbondale Heights
Poses: Poses4Posers, PDA, Glitterati, Exposeur, Abranimations
Props: Awesome Blossom, Botanical, Deco*Licious, Heart, MMG, Modest House, Pocket Gardens, Perfect Prefabs, TiMO, What Next.

Model Details:
Eva Ryan: Skin by LAQ – Phoebe, Hair by TRUTH – Drew, Eyes in Moonlight Blue, Shape – Custom, not for sale.
Scarlett D’Bacon: Skin by Glam Affair – Monica, Hair by lamb – Our Deal, Feet by Addictia – Tropica flip flops. Necklace by Milady’s – Together Platinum

Vendor List:
Addictia: (In World / Marketplace)
Awesome Blossom: Rug (In World / Marketplace Store)
Botanical: Green Dune Grass Bunch (In World / Marketplace Store)
{Deco*licious} Stack of Books (In World / Marketplace Store)
Glam Affair
Heart: Weeping Willow (In World / Marketplace Store)
Lamb: (In World / The Marketplace)
MMGraffiti’s: Garden Shelf
Modest House: Spring Gazebo
Pocket Garden: Blue Flower Bed (In World / Marketplace)
Perfect Prefabs: Blue & Purple flowers
TiMo: Flower Field
What Next: stack of newspapers, coffee cup


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Ooh La Lacey!

Let Me Just Slip Into Something More Comfortable...

Back Detail 1

Front View
I can always count on Disaster Krogstad to have a recommendation for places to shop. He has a keen eye, enjoys spoiling his little moppet, and has traveled the grid far more widely than I. Recently he showed me a little boutique on the Tableau sim, Ooh LaLa. (Addendum: The sim is currently under re-design, but you can see the Ooh LaLa line – which is part of Nylon Outfitters – on The Marketplace.)

I loved the design of the store, and really hope it doesn’t change too much in the sim remodel. It harkened back to when femme fatales of the silver screen wore structured corsets, weren’t afraid to embrace their femininity, and styles didn’t have to be cut all the way up to there to be considered sexy.

While there aren’t a lot of different pieces offered, what is available is intriguing. I purchased three different outfits: the Lacey Slip, the Betty BodySuit, and the Lined Corset. I also picked up the Garter Clips and Black Seamed Stockings which are sold separately.

After trying on all three, I was most strongly drawn to the Lacey Slip, which I purchased in Black. I appreciated its classic lingerie lines, the detail of the wide lace bands, the sensual draping of the fabric over feminine softness. Some clothing on Second Life is shadowed and highlighted for a girl with almost body-builder-like abs, but the Lacey Slip hints at the gentle curve of a woman’s belly and the delicious spot where thigh meets hip.

What’s “Just Right”: I love the attention to detail when it comes to the patterning of the lace and the wrinkles on the fabric. As a ‘period piece’ the construction seams are perfectly placed and add to the authenticity of the garment. [While the garter straps are sold separately, they were remarkable enough to earn their own comments: The realism of the garter straps is very high. The satiny texture and the slight shift of the ribbon is luscious. I appreciated the way the garter straps peeped through the bright white lace of the slip.]

What Could Use Improvement: I wish that the ribbons where the straps meet the bodice were prim ribbons and not part of the texture of the garment. On a smaller chested girl, they would work, but for me, there was distortion. The outfit cries out for the completion of the garter straps – I wish they were sold as part of the outfit.

Featured Outfit Details: The Lacey Slip
Price: 150 for the Lacey Slip, 140 for the Garter Clips (a 3 color set), 30 for the stockings.
Pieces: 5 (Jacket/Shirt/Undershirt, Pants/Underpants) + Prim skirt piece and a landmark.
Availability: Black (featured), Red, Cream, and Pink

Detailing: B+
Prim Attachments?: 1 – the ‘skirt prim’
Resizing Scripts?: Not applicable
Tattoo Friendly?: Not if you want to include the garters.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes! In fact, some of the shading work celebrates a girl with softness.
Multi-purpose pieces?: I suppose one could wear this as a dress… maybe?
Permissions?: Copy – yes / Modify – Yes / Transfer – No. (All colors available on the Marketplace for gifting, though.)
Sim Rating?: Sim is currently closed for construction.

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Location: Carbondale Heights
Poses: [What Next], Alchemy Immortalis, Olive Juice, Diesel Works
Props: Dressing screen and stool by What Next. Victorian Skybox by FE Designs.

Model Details:
Lingerie: (Ooh LaLa!) Lacey Slip in Black
Stockings: (Ooh LaLa!) Seam Stockings – Black
Garters: (Ooh LaLa!) Garter Clips
Shoes: Opium Ultra Stilettos in Black
Jewelry: *JD* black pearl necklace
General: Hair by Argrace, Skin by Belleza, Eyes by Poetic Colors, Nails by Candy Nail, Wedding Ring by JCNY

Vendor List:
FE Designs: Victorian Manor Themed Skybox (The Marketplace)
PS/PS & JD: Pearl Jewelry Set(The Marketplace)
[What Next]: Vintage Dressing Screen & Stool Modelling Props (The Marketplace)

Extra Special Bonus Edition Review!

Impish Eku
Okay, I’ll be honest. The real reason for this secondary review is that it was a pretty thin excuse to get a friend of mine into lingerie. (Ok, so maybe I *am* trying to feature a wider variety of body types. But still. Doesn’t she look adorable? :)) The Betty Body Suit is the outfit Disaster thought I would be most drawn to – but on my curves, it just didn’t look right. Enter someone of more delicate proportions – the infamous Eku Zhong!

All of the things I held against the Betty outfit, Eku praised – the lack of extra shadowing below the bustline, the modest back, the highlights and shadows. So it just goes to show that not everyone is going to see the same outfit the same way.

What we did agree on: The styling of the garment is beautiful – it captures the concept of that time period very well. I also appreciated that the garter clips were built in to this outfit, rather than a separate item. (However, the layering options using the garter clips aren’t the strongest. I would have liked to have seen a ‘bottom part of garment + clips’ option.)

Featured Outfit Details: The Betty BodySuit
Price: 150L
Pieces: 6
Availability: Red, Black, and Cream

Model Details:
Lingerie: (Ooh LaLa!) Betty BodySuit in Red
Stockings: (Ooh LaLa!) Seam Stockings – Black
Boots: Opium Hell Cowboy Boots (Unisex)
General: Hair by TheAbyss, Skin by []::Tuli::[], eyes by *REDGRAVE*, Shape by Eku Zhong (Custom, not for sale).


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Rosa Has Bloomed

Rosa in Caramel

At the end of September, we were privileged to give you a ‘sneak peek’ at an upcoming release by SeldomBlue — Rosa. Well, this flower has bloomed in a big, big way, and is now available! Especially for the holidays, there are three groups of releases: A full ‘fat pack’ in 7 different colors, a ‘limited pack’ in Caramel, and a Christmas themed dollarbie in white and red. We’ve been given the opportunity to share it with our readers, even before the ‘official’ public release announcement!

Based on their previous releases, we’ve come to expect high quality and loads of layering options from SeldomBlue. The Rosa ensemble takes it to a whole new level. It isn’t just a bra and panty set, or just a corset… it’s also a basque and a peignoir. IndigoBlue Dagostino has outdone herself, with a stunning FIFTY FOUR pieces in the fat pack. and 27 in the Caramel limited release (Corrected to note that the Caramel release has the full 54 pieces: due to some sort of weird inventory bug, not all the pieces were showing for me). It took me a few minutes to really grasp just how many options are available, it’s that mind boggling.

Stealing from the notes IndigoBlue supplied me, the fat packs include: “long basque, long basque with peignoir, cupless long basque, cupless long basque with peignoir, short basque, short basque with peignoir, cupless short basque, cupless short basque with peignoir, bra, bra with peignoir, peignoir only, full cut panties, full cut panties with garter-belt, thong, thong with garter-belt, garter-belt only, thigh-high stay up
stockings, stockings for garter-belt, garter bows, bra bow, hip frills, peignoir arm frills, and a peignoir skirt.” Takes your breath away, doesn’t it?

What’s “Just Right”: Hands down, the massive array of options is the strong point of this ensemble. But that shouldn’t take attention away from the exquisite femininity of the garments. From the soft, sheer bows to the flowing lace, the naughty or nice versions, the lovely cut of the panties… there is a LOT to celebrate with Rosa. I was delighted at the two stockings – the upward tug of the fabric for those designed to work with the garter-belt, and the clean, smooth line of the thigh-high ‘stay ups.’

What Could Use Improvement: While I really like the actual lace patterning, if there is a weak spot to the outfit, it lies in the textured roses at the bust and hip line. It’s really hard to capture something as three-dimensional as a rose in bloom, on flat fabric, and while a strong attempt was made… if I have to pinpoint a weakness, that would be it.

Other things to note: The Christmas Dollarbie includes an adorable marabou shrug/bolero, and a Short corset, thong, stockings, garter-belt, and garter-belt prim bows. Rosa is not currently available on The Marketplace, but Seldom Blue does have a very strong presence there. As a side note, while I’m not usually drawn to outfits with too many colors combined, I have to say that the Passion version is very intriguing and will probably be finding its way into my closet in the near future… 😉

Disclaimer for full disclosure: The Christmas Dollarbie and Caramel Limited Edition were provided as samples by the designer.

Featured Outfit Details: Rosa in Caramel by SeldomBlue
Price: 770L for the Bonus Fat Packs, 385L for the special release in Caramel, 1L for the Christmas version in white and red.
Pieces: Bonus Fat Packs = 54. Caramel Special Release = 27 (20 clothing items + 7 prim attachments – stocking bows (2), arm frills (2), skirt, hip frill, bra bow) Plus note card, texture and landmark.
Availability: Fat Packs: White (with black accents), Baby Pink (with hot pink accents), Rich Pink (more of a fuchsia/lavender to my eyes), Teal (a bright, minty green), Red (A deep, vibrant, orangey red), Passion (Black with accents of purple, pink and red), Black (with red accents – the version we got to Sneak Peek for you). Also the Special Release in Caramel, and the Christmas Limited Edition in White with Red accents.

Detailing: A. The lace patterning is beautiful as is the delicacy of the sheer bows and prim work.
Prim Attachments?: TONS. 7 on the limited Caramel release.
Resizing Scripts?: None.
Tattoo Friendly?: The panties/thong/garter-belt variations are offered on both underwear and pant layers. The variations of the basque/bra/peignoir are offered on shirt, and there’s one Jacket and one undershirt item… so it varies a little.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes!
Multi-purpose pieces?: Hrm. Maybe if one was extra creative…
Sim Rating?: Angelheart is rated mature

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Location: Carbondale Heights
Poses: DeePosed, Glitterati, Long Awkward Pose
Props: Candles by Apocalips Japan, house by Mariposa Contemporary Skybox (Store Closed)

Model Details:
Jewelry: Drifting Sands Tahitian Pearls Full Set Gold (Store Closed)
Shoes: ***LYNX*** Zip it! Stilettos (In World / The Marketplace)
General: Hair by Argrace, Skin by Belleza, Eyes by Poetic Colors, Nails by Candy Nail, Wedding Ring by JCNY



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Good Morning, Sunshine

Naeve in Insolence

Naeve PensiveSabella Balconette
Naeve WistfulSabella Rocking
Naeve/Sabella ConfidingNaeve Come On
Naeve Bodice DetailNaeve Panty Detail
By Naeve Rossini 

If you know me, you know that I love cute. Insolence’s relatively new Flore is all sorts of cute with extra cute whip cream on top. As soon as I put this on, I could just imagine the entire setting where I’d wear it… greeting my sweetie in the morning with the smell of coffee wafting in with me. For someone who loves demure lingerie, Flore really satisfies.

There are basically two bras and two panties for you to mix and match. You get a triangle bra and a balconette bra, as well as a regular panty and a side-string panty. You also get teddy attachments that you can add to the bras and bows to add to the panties.

The first thing that captured my interest was the darling little teddy ruffle, which featured just the right amount of airy flounce and with some nice details, too. I like that the cut is relatively conservative. Even the side-string panty isn’t as lurid as some of the other options I’ve seen.

What’s “Just Right”: What’s absolutely right right right about Flore is that it captures “cute and girly” right on. Wearing this lingerie had me thinking of lazy Sunday mornings and relaxing with a hot cup of tea and a special someone.

What Could Use Improvement: While they’re so very pretty, the details on the bra and panties get washed out. I’d love to see this be a little crisper. Sabella adds that she would love to see a bow for the bra, similar to the one for the panties.

Featured Outfit Details:
Featured Outfit: Flore Ensemble by Insolence, available in Green, White, Cream (not shown), Lavendar (not shown), Peach (not shown) and Pink (not shown)
Price: $290 each
Pieces: 8 + 4 prims

Detailing: A- It’s so pretty, but a little sharper detail on the bra and panties would have been nice. The pretty floral accents disappear somewhat.
Prim Attachments: 4; 2 teddy attachments and 2 knots for the panties
Resizing Scripts: None
Tattoo Friendly?: You get two layers each for tops and bottoms, no jacket layer
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes
Multi-purpose pieces?: Not really; it’s very clearly lingerie
Sim Rating?: PG. It’s very sweet, but it is lingerie.

Photo Details:
Models: Naeve Rossini and Sabella Fallen
Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Location: Carbondale Heights
Poses: Barcode, Ilse’s Animations, Just A Pose, Penny Dreadful Arcade, RosePose, Striking Poses
House: Coastal Bungalow by Barcode
Props: Bombay Breeze Bedroom Set by Barcode, Lazy Day Rug by Awesome Blossom, Of the Sea (Seaglass Bottles with Candles) by Art Dummy, Unwind Wicker Rocker in Cream by Just A Pose

Model Details:
Naeve – Outfit: Flore Ensemble (Triangle Bra, String Side Panties) in Green by Insolence; Necklace & Earrings: Valencia by Jewelry By Jake; Skin by League, Hair by Truth, Eyes by Poetic Colors; Nails by Candy Nail

Sabella – Outfit: Flore Ensemble (Balcony Bra, Panties) in White by Insolence; Necklace & Earrings: Pearl Drops in Cream by Persona; Prim Feet: Prim Feet by SLink; Skin by Belleza; Hair by Argrace; Eyes by Poetic Colors; Nails by Candy Nail; Wedding Ring by JCNY

Vendor List (alphabetical):
Art Dummy (In World / Marketplace)
Awesome Blossom (In World / Marketplace)
Barcode (In World / Marketplace)
Candy Nail
Ilse’s Animations
Insolence (In World / Marketplace)
Jewelry by Jake
Just A Pose
League (In World / Marketplace)
Penny Dreadful Arcade (Closed)
Persona (In World / Marketplace)
Poetic Colors
Striking Poses (Closed)
Truth (In World / Marketplace)


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Romana in Rio


Romana: View 2
I was thrilled to be offered this outfit to share with ya’ll; it’s the new Dollarbie by Seldom Blue. It was created in celebration of the opening of the Seldom Blue / Eternity Brides mini-shop at Oceane’s Body Boutique, and it’s called Romana. Since I’ve only ever been to the main store, I didn’t know that Seldom Blue offers a unique Dollarbie at each of the branch locations. Romana is exclusive to this location. (Take a look at the back wall of the shop to see other outfits exclusive to this location – the sheer white on black polka-dot bra and panty is adorable!)

While IndigoBlue describes it as having Roman influences, I was feeling a Rio De Janiero at Carnivale sort of vibe. I really like the softness of the prim skirt and sleeves. They have a great shape and color to them. The soft palette of colors used in Romana is delightful – almost like a mother-of-pearl hue. I do wish there was a little bit more coverage at the crotch of the panties – they’re a bit skimpy and come to a point a little higher than I would prefer.

Featured Outfit Details:
Price: 1L Dollarbie
Pieces: 11 + notecard + landmark + texture

Detailing: B+
Prim Attachments?: Yes: Sleeves and skirt
Resizing Scripts?: No
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes – each piece is offered on multiple layers
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Mostly – the pearl detailing lost a little clarity over my girls.
Multi-purpose pieces?: These could definitely be used as silks, or as part of a Carnivale costume…
Sim Rating?: Oceane’s Island on Wunderville is Mature.

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Location: Carbondale Heights
Poses: Olive Juice (Alejandro) and Chanimations/Devious Minds (Show Girl)

Model Details:
Necklace & Bracelet: Bubbles by $Ganked$ (*modified*) (The Marketplace)
Fan: The Show Girl Set in White by Chanimations(The Marketplace)
Boots: Ankle Boot in White Patent by Bax (The Marketplace)
Nails: Heart Butterfly in Pink by Candy Nail (The Marketplace)
Prim Lashes: Black Medium Eyelashes by Arsnova
Eyes: Poetic Colors
Skin: Belleza
Hair: Argrace


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A Rose By Any Other Name

Rose Black by JayDee Designs

Naeve tossed me a landmark Saturday night and I investigated on Sunday. Arriving at JayDee Designs, I found a curious collection including everything from elegant goth to slutwear. Given that it was Halloween, I was drawn to the Rose outfit. While it actually IS a full dress, the individual elements are pure lingerie. [It should be noted that there’s a more classically ‘lingerie’ version, called Rose Black RP – but I was really drawn to the back view of the dress version. The two are similar, but the dress has a bit more natural line over the bottom.] There are multiple looks that can be created using the pieces provided, and two are specifically ‘lingerie.’ One is a skimpy, barely there g-string and bra combo, and the other is more of a Elvira-esque teddy. I couldn’t resist it. Really, I did try! A touch of pallor to the skin, a dark lipstick, eyes of a crimson hue, and I was ready for this goth ensemble that’s a new vamp’s wet dream.

Since we’d just shot Naeve’s latest at Dragon Rose Isle, I asked the gang at SLU if they could recommend some other locations. After visiting five or so other places (Arkham, The Abbey, Innsbrook, and a couple others, I gave in; there’s really no where on SL quite like Dragon Rose Isle. But it’s a big place, and I found a spot I’d not visited before – somewhere terribly suitable for the dark atmosphere that the Rose ensemble inspired.

What’s “Just Right”: The “Teddy” version: The graceful upward-sweeping lines of the jewels on the back are what made it a ‘must-buy’ for me. While I have seen rhinestones detailed more convincingly in one or two other outfits by other designers, the Rose set does look pretty good. It easily passes the ‘ten foot’ rule; it only breaks down a little when you zoom in. I *love love love* the prim ‘skirt’ that goes with it – layers of lace adorned with a sweet little rosette that draws the eye to delicious sexy curve where back meets derriere. The sheer fabric is nicely done. G-string/Bra Version: Again, I have to say that the back of the outfit tops the front. The g-string has a three-cord detail that’s sexy, and the bra has intricate lines of jewels.

What Could Use Improvement: The front didn’t stand up to the fullness of my breasts – on a more modestly curved avatar, it may look better. I noticed a bit too much distortion in the pattern for my taste. The prim garter is a lovely extra touch — but thighs aren’t round, they’re oval. I had a hard time fitting the garter properly.

Detail View: Back

Detail View: Garter

Detail View: Bodice / Skin / Eyes

Detail View: Creepy

Detail View: Dress Close Up

Other things to note: This outfit is sold as a dress, and you get a number of skirt options. Some call for a system skirt, which on a girl of my curves gets a bit odd looking – like I’m wearing a bustle. Still… the dress is gorgeous, and I had fun sashaying about wearing it.

Featured Outfit Details: Rose Black by JayDee Designs
Price: 399L
Pieces: Lingerie = 8: 2 pants / 2 shirts for different looks/amounts of coverage + gloves + stockings + garter + flexy skirt. Dress = 15. Bodylight + landmark + Notecard also included.

Detailing: A-
Prim Attachments?: Yes: flexy skirt for lingerie look, plus multiple skirt options for the dress.
Resizing Scripts?: Yes
Tattoo Friendly?: Pieces are not offered on multiple layers: Only Shirt and Pant. But most folks – if they wear a tattoo on a clothing layer – wear it on Underwear / Undershirt, so you should be good to go.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Not as much as I would have liked.
Multi-purpose pieces?: Yes – the outfit actually IS a dress.
Sim Rating?:

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Location: (+NO SALVATION+, Dragon Rose Isle (75, 234, 23)
Poses: Whole Lotta Rosie (store under reconstruction), Just A Pose, Penny Dreadful Arcade (closed), ANOmations by Cristiano Midnight, Ilse’s Animations

Model Details:
Mary-Jane Shoes: Lara, by SLink
Eyes: Red, by Vanilla C Designs
Skin: Coagulate, by Violent Seduction
Eyebrows: Musette, by Nocturnal Flesh
Cleavage: Grayscale Tintable Enhancement by Ayumi
Earrings: Orinthia by Illusions
Hair: Argrace
Wedding Ring: JCNY


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Little She-Devil

Naeve modeling Belial by Blacklace

Top CloseupSibirica Horns
SassyInfernal Magic
Bax Prestige BootsBarbed Wire Bangles
Hand on HipSorceress
By Naeve Rossini

BlackLace unveiled the Belial: Red Leather Devil Costume at their
Halloween line launch show at the Runway Cafe on 10 October. I was teased with it in the announcement notecard and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. What can I say? I put this on a week and a half before Halloween and I’ve been wearing it ever since!

I’ve loved BlackLace’s products ever since the first time I set foot in their store and every time I go back, there’s something new to fall in love with. Belial is no exception and it honours their high standard of quality.

The lingerie is a saucy leather strap affair, practically a harness-turned-teddy by the addition of some of the best sheer fabric texturing I’ve seen. While it’s naughty enough to skirt the edge of fetish, it still retains the mystique of lingerie in a perfect balance.

Although the extra parts were included to complete the outfit, I never expect extras to measure up as well as products where the designer specializes in, say, horns or boots. The ones provided were decent, but were ultimately supplanted by products from Illusions and Bax Coen, respectively. The wings were pretty good and I opted not to search for alternatives.

What’s “Just Right”: The whole combo just works together. Even with the included horns and boots, it looks unified with each piece complementing the others. It manages to make someone terminally saccharine in appearance look even mildly sultry, so kudos to BlackLace on that! My favourite part of the whole outfit is the sheer textures in the teddy and the stockings. The highlights and shadows and hints of red are just right.

What Could Use Improvement: Speaking directly to the lingerie, I would have liked to see leather straps that weren’t quite as glossy. The effect seemed a little less realistic to me, though the complaint is really like quibbling over whether one brand of caviar is better than another. I would have liked to see some kind of boning in the teddy to match the rear garter straps; they just seem structurally odd where they are currently placed.

Featured Outfit Details:
Featured Outfit: Belial Red Leather Devil Costume by BlackLace (In World, SL Marketplace); alas, there is only one colour available only in-world
Price: $450
Pieces: 26; 10 clothing, 16 prim, plus 7 non-clothing objects

Detailing: A- Fabulous job altogether, extra impressed with the highlights and shadows on the sheer parts, but the leather straps could stand to have slightly improved textures to give it a more realistic appearance
Prim Attachments: Wings, Horns (not shown), Pendant, Bangles, Charm Bracelets (not shown), Boots (not shown)
Resizing Scripts: There are resizer scripts in all of the prim attachments except the pendant
Permissions: No Copy, No Modify, Transfer; the prims (except boots) have limited Modify permissions, although they appear to be No Modify due to the scripts’ permissions
Tattoo Friendly: Yes; you just need to be careful which layers you select as some will overlap with others and you’ll end up with lighter/darker sections of sheer fabric
Curvy Girl Friendly: Yes
Sim Rating: PG

Photo Details:
Model: Naeve Rossini
Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Props: Fireball and Pentagram/Candle set from the Sourceress: Fire Ritual, by Chanimations/Devious Minds (In World / The Marketplace)
Location: No Salvation: Dark Gothic Church, Dragon Rose Bay
Poses: DeePosed, Long Awkward Pose, Olive Juice, Glam Affair (no longer available)

Model Details:
Outfit: Belial Red Leather Devil Costume by BlackLace
Horns: Sibirica by Illusions
Boots: Prestige Leather Boots in Red by Bax Coen Designs
Nails: Magic of Witch in Red by Candy Nail
Skin: Kate by League
Hair: Annika by Truth
Eyes: Hell Fire by Poetic Colors


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