Daisies in the Garden

25 Jul


Daisy, by Lingerie Boutique, is another outfit that I’ve been toting around forever in my inventory meaning to blog. The ensemble has a playful innocence to it that is very appealing. I started on pictures before The Video Card Crash of 2011, but upon my return, junked those pics and started over featuring two of the lovely ladies from SLUniverse, Eva and Scarlett. I appreciated them dropping everything to come and lounge about in a country garden! (Daisy Duke wears this outfit when she’s pretending she doesn’t know the boys are peeking in the window, you can be guaranteed.)

What’s “Just Right”: We all liked the eyelet lace texturing on the babydoll – honestly, it’s the strongest part of the outfit. It’s crisp and clean and kittens-and-puppies-level cute. Scarlet and I both liked the way it gently frames the graceful curves of a woman’s belly. I also liked the touch of lace texture on the hip of the panties. It has been said before, but must be said again: Prim bows are the fastest way to make me squee! There are two bows offered in Daisy: a pair for the hips and one for the bodice.

What Could Use Improvement: Sadly, the textures get just a little muddy on girls with curves on top and there are some spots there there are missed opportunities for shading/wrinkling detail on the panties. Also, the side bows are no mod – so you can’t change width for wider or more narrow hipped avatars, or make larger to fit proportionally. This is really a shame, because they’re utterly adorable.


Other things to note: Memory is a bit fuzzy going back that many months, but I am pretty sure I originally purchased Daisy on the SL Marketplace. I couldn’t find it there when I checked recently, so it may have been removed. (Or I could be remembering wrong; also entirely possible.) Lingerie Boutique does have a strong Marketplace presence for easy gift giving.

More Notes: I contacted the owner of Lingerie Boutique, Leanne Bebb, and she forwarded my note to the outfit designer, Trinetty Skytower. Ms Skytower was very kind to reply and give me some background on the outfit. Daisy was released exactly one year ago today! Trinetty writes, “Leanne had such a vast selection of seductive and dramatic lingerie that I wanted to introduce something a little more fun and flirty, sweet and innocent… and of course, inspired by summer itself.” I’d say she hit the nail right on the head!

Outfit Details:
Price: 220L
Pieces: 7 + Landmark (bra top on shirt and undershirt, panties on underpants and pants, panty bows, chest bow and babydoll)
Availability: Blue, Honeysuckle, Pink Tulip, Lilac, Sage, Sunshine, and Bluebelle

Detailing: B+
Prim Attachments?: Prim bows for hips and bodice, babydoll drape.
Resizing Scripts?: No
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes
Curvy Girl Friendly?: .. Mostly. If you’re indecisive, I recommend going for it on this one.
Multi-purpose pieces?: No.
Permissions?: Transfer, No Mod, No Copy
Sim Rating?: Atlantic City Island is rated Moderate

Photo Details:
Models: Eva Ryan & Scarlett D’Bacon
Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Location: Carbondale Heights
Poses: Poses4Posers, PDA, Glitterati, Exposeur, Abranimations
Props: Awesome Blossom, Botanical, Deco*Licious, Heart, MMG, Modest House, Pocket Gardens, Perfect Prefabs, TiMO, What Next.

Model Details:
Eva Ryan: Skin by LAQ – Phoebe, Hair by TRUTH – Drew, Eyes in Moonlight Blue, Shape – Custom, not for sale.
Scarlett D’Bacon: Skin by Glam Affair – Monica, Hair by lamb – Our Deal, Feet by Addictia – Tropica flip flops. Necklace by Milady’s – Together Platinum

Vendor List:
Addictia: (In World / Marketplace)
Awesome Blossom: Rug (In World / Marketplace Store)
Botanical: Green Dune Grass Bunch (In World / Marketplace Store)
{Deco*licious} Stack of Books (In World / Marketplace Store)
Glam Affair
Heart: Weeping Willow (In World / Marketplace Store)
Lamb: (In World / The Marketplace)
MMGraffiti’s: Garden Shelf
Modest House: Spring Gazebo
Pocket Garden: Blue Flower Bed (In World / Marketplace)
Perfect Prefabs: Blue & Purple flowers
TiMo: Flower Field
What Next: stack of newspapers, coffee cup


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