Treasures of the Orient

23 Dec

Sumana by Zaara

One of the things you can count on when you purchase from Zaara, is that none of their designs are ever ever ‘look-alike.’ You’re going to find something fresh and interesting, not derivative. You can always expect rich textures, often with Near and Far East elements to them, beautiful garment lines, and a focus on detail. Their Sumana Lingerie release is no different, and it proudly upholds the Zaara tradition of excellence.

Released back in August of 2010, Sumana features a strapless demi-cup bra, wide corset-style garter-belt, panties and stockings. The fabric choices step away from the usual: no tawdry lace or delicate tulle, they’ve brought us lush Oriental influences in satin. The fabrics are elegant and the Asian style floral patterns have a crispness that is remarkable, given that all of Zaara’s products are hand drawn.

What’s “Just Right”: The pleating on the garter-belt/corset piece is unusual and adds a very elegant and couture feel to the garment. I like the keyhole cutaway on the panties and the adorable little bow is a perfect accent to draw the eye. The wide array of layers in the ‘optional pieces’ box really helps with putting together your ideal look. I appreciate that, because it allows me to wear my panties OVER the garters. There’s a lot to like here – the outfit is executed with precision and beauty.

Detail: frontDetail: Shoes

What Could Use Improvement: If we were given a bra option with straps, as well as the strapless version, I would have had a squeegasm. 🙂 I’ve personally never been drawn to the strapless look. An upward tug on the fabric of the stockings where they attach to the garter straps would be a welcome additional touch of realism. Such pretty fabrics are used, that I would have adored seeing a full corset version as well.

Other things to note: Zaara is my absolute favorite store build from a design standpoint. The store and surrounding courtyard and buildings are exquisite and perfectly suited to the style of products sold, while creating a beautiful and tranquil environment that invites you to explore, relax and enjoy. When you drop by, be sure to look for the freebies and lowbies being offered in the outer foyer. Look for the picture of a distinguished Indian gentleman (the winner of their photo contest earlier this year) – they’re on the table underneath. You’ll find two accessories and two outfits. Sadly, Sumana is not yet available on The Marketplace, but Zaara does have a strong presence there.

Special Note: A huge thank you to Eku Zhong, who not only provided nearly all of the physical elements for the set, but assisted with styling and shared her cultural perspective as well. THANK YOU!!!

Featured Outfit Details:
Price: 250L
Pieces: 12 (Plus 2 notecards and a landmark – be sure to open the ‘extra layers’ box!)
Availability: Ebony, Crimson, Gold, Vanilla, Frost, Blush

Detailing: A+
Prim Attachments?: None
Resizing Scripts?: Not Applicable
Tattoo Friendly?: There isn’t a combined layer item for panties/garterbelt… so you’ve got to decide which you want to wear.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes – The fabric held up well to all my various curves.
Multi-purpose pieces?: This really is gorgeous, girly lingerie.
Sim Rating?: The Zaara Sim is PG.
Permissions: Copy: Yes / Modify: Yes / Transfer: No.

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Location: Carbondale Heights
Poses: Kinki Animations, Poseur, Adorkable Poses, XOXO Ania, Pose Paradise, C’est La Vie, Tiny Awkward Bird, Glitterati, Exposure, Torridwear.

Model Details:
Lingerie: Sumana Lingerie by Zaara.
Shoes: Ilaida Mojri in Jeweled red by Zaara.
General: Hair by Argrace, Skin by Belleza, Eyes by Poetic Colors, Nails by Candy Nail, Wedding Ring by JCNY

Vendor List:
Apocalips Japan: Zen Moments Pool (The Marketplace), Stone Lanterns, Tea House building, Japanese Woodblock art prints, Kyoto Japanese table, Kyoto Sapphic Daybed, cushions, bamboo flooring, Japanese Square Floor Lamp in Cherry, Japanese tansu, Japanese Laquer tray, Step Tansu, Asian Mission Lamp in Dark Wood, Books, Incense Burner in Red, mikan basket, Tea Pot and Bancha, Raku Planter Cobalt with Bamboo, Turquoise Fat Planter with Bamboo.
Botanical: Green Dune Grass Bunch
Heart Garden Center: Golden Bamboo (The Marketplace)
Organica: Rock and Tree, Bamboo
Yurichan Aeon (Sculpt) & Eku Zhong (texture): Torii (Not sold as displayed)


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