Updates, Corrections, and WhatNots

05 Dec

First — a correction. Due to some sort of bizarre inventory snafu, when IndigoBlue over at SeldomBlue / Eternity Brides sent me the preview copy of her lovely outfit, Rosa (Rosa Has Bloomed), I did not receive all of the pieces. This led me to incorrectly report that the Caramel Special Release (which is 50% off the normal price) only had 27 pieces, instead of the full 54. My bad! Mea culpa!! The only difference between Caramel and the other fat pack releases is the lower price. (And don’t forget, that’s for a limited time!)

Second — Freya Olivieri at Trashy Girls in Style has released another set that we got to preview at the Virtual London Fashion Week show: the Burlesque Princess ensemble. It’s available in black, burgundy, red, magenta, purple, latte, chocolate, yellow, green, and blue. (375L individually, 2750L for the Fat Pack) There’s also two new colors in the You Are My Angel collection: a black and a red with black accents version that are just as stunning as the lighter, delicate colors released previously. They’re very reasonably priced at 249L. The red and black looks positively yummy, and is a ‘must see’!

Third — Something I’m seeing more and more of, is lingerie items or elements being offered as part of a dress collection. It’s a wonderful thing, and you can find some very fun examples of this at Ezura (check out their Nefarious, Shania Lolita, and Dark Evil One collections) and Blue Blood (their Wasp dress’ corset is delightful), as just a few examples. (Look for Lolita/Goth shops for some wonderful corset ideas, as well as lingerie style accessory items like garters, neck-frills, and gloves!) The only “drawback” is that you’re purchasing a full ensemble (which can be more expensive). If it’s in your price point, it’s a win-win!


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