A Rose By Any Other Name

01 Nov

Rose Black by JayDee Designs

Naeve tossed me a landmark Saturday night and I investigated on Sunday. Arriving at JayDee Designs, I found a curious collection including everything from elegant goth to slutwear. Given that it was Halloween, I was drawn to the Rose outfit. While it actually IS a full dress, the individual elements are pure lingerie. [It should be noted that there’s a more classically ‘lingerie’ version, called Rose Black RP – but I was really drawn to the back view of the dress version. The two are similar, but the dress has a bit more natural line over the bottom.] There are multiple looks that can be created using the pieces provided, and two are specifically ‘lingerie.’ One is a skimpy, barely there g-string and bra combo, and the other is more of a Elvira-esque teddy. I couldn’t resist it. Really, I did try! A touch of pallor to the skin, a dark lipstick, eyes of a crimson hue, and I was ready for this goth ensemble that’s a new vamp’s wet dream.

Since we’d just shot Naeve’s latest at Dragon Rose Isle, I asked the gang at SLU if they could recommend some other locations. After visiting five or so other places (Arkham, The Abbey, Innsbrook, and a couple others, I gave in; there’s really no where on SL quite like Dragon Rose Isle. But it’s a big place, and I found a spot I’d not visited before – somewhere terribly suitable for the dark atmosphere that the Rose ensemble inspired.

What’s “Just Right”: The “Teddy” version: The graceful upward-sweeping lines of the jewels on the back are what made it a ‘must-buy’ for me. While I have seen rhinestones detailed more convincingly in one or two other outfits by other designers, the Rose set does look pretty good. It easily passes the ‘ten foot’ rule; it only breaks down a little when you zoom in. I *love love love* the prim ‘skirt’ that goes with it – layers of lace adorned with a sweet little rosette that draws the eye to delicious sexy curve where back meets derriere. The sheer fabric is nicely done. G-string/Bra Version: Again, I have to say that the back of the outfit tops the front. The g-string has a three-cord detail that’s sexy, and the bra has intricate lines of jewels.

What Could Use Improvement: The front didn’t stand up to the fullness of my breasts – on a more modestly curved avatar, it may look better. I noticed a bit too much distortion in the pattern for my taste. The prim garter is a lovely extra touch — but thighs aren’t round, they’re oval. I had a hard time fitting the garter properly.

Detail View: Back

Detail View: Garter

Detail View: Bodice / Skin / Eyes

Detail View: Creepy

Detail View: Dress Close Up

Other things to note: This outfit is sold as a dress, and you get a number of skirt options. Some call for a system skirt, which on a girl of my curves gets a bit odd looking – like I’m wearing a bustle. Still… the dress is gorgeous, and I had fun sashaying about wearing it.

Featured Outfit Details: Rose Black by JayDee Designs
Price: 399L
Pieces: Lingerie = 8: 2 pants / 2 shirts for different looks/amounts of coverage + gloves + stockings + garter + flexy skirt. Dress = 15. Bodylight + landmark + Notecard also included.

Detailing: A-
Prim Attachments?: Yes: flexy skirt for lingerie look, plus multiple skirt options for the dress.
Resizing Scripts?: Yes
Tattoo Friendly?: Pieces are not offered on multiple layers: Only Shirt and Pant. But most folks – if they wear a tattoo on a clothing layer – wear it on Underwear / Undershirt, so you should be good to go.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Not as much as I would have liked.
Multi-purpose pieces?: Yes – the outfit actually IS a dress.
Sim Rating?:

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Location: (+NO SALVATION+, Dragon Rose Isle (75, 234, 23)
Poses: Whole Lotta Rosie (store under reconstruction), Just A Pose, Penny Dreadful Arcade (closed), ANOmations by Cristiano Midnight, Ilse’s Animations

Model Details:
Mary-Jane Shoes: Lara, by SLink
Eyes: Red, by Vanilla C Designs
Skin: Coagulate, by Violent Seduction
Eyebrows: Musette, by Nocturnal Flesh
Cleavage: Grayscale Tintable Enhancement by Ayumi
Earrings: Orinthia by Illusions
Hair: Argrace
Wedding Ring: JCNY


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