Lush Green Urban Renewal

16 Oct

Naeve in CG Lush




By Naeve Rossini

There are many things I love about Lush and a few things I wish were a little different, but overall I enjoyed this offering so much, I bought the fat pack.

Lush really shows off the curves. ChronoSalp Galaxy‘s lingerie really flatter my shape, highlighting and drawing attention to my top and bottom with just enough sass, mixed with a touch of lacy class.

This is lingerie meant for showing off. If you’re the right sort of girl, this may be for you.

What I mean is that it looks demure on the surface, but if you allow the camera to wander close enough, you will find its sordid secrets between the legs. For the sake of this blog, we won’t be zooming up close for you, but suffice it to say the designer’s ads have little ovals on them for a reason.

Speaking of the designer, ChronoSalp has done a good job with creating a satiny texture and combines it well with intricate lace. Altogether, I am very pleased with the results and with her choice of color options. Too often, I see colors that are altogether unrealistic, but ChronoSalp has chosen very realistic and elegant colors for Lush.

Sadly, there aren’t a lot of lingerie choices at her shop. It’s mostly stockings. My hope is that more lingerie will appear with time.

(There’s a PG store and an Adult store, but they’re practically identical in offerings.)

What’s “Just Right”: I just have to say straight out that the curve of the back of the panty and the garter belt straps is perfect for showing off my bottom. I wouldn’t change a thing there. The lace is also phenomenal, both scalloped around my breasts and those stocking tops. Yum! The bra is cut in a way that really enhances cleavage and has that naughtiness of appearing like the band has tucked under the breast a little for us bustier girls.

What Could Use Improvement: It’s going to sound like minute nitpicking, but I would love to see just a little more texture in the satin to give it more of a fabric texture. It’s just a hair too glossy. My only other desire is for a garter belt with some triangular satin panels holding each belt and some combined layers for those that want to add tattoos/body shine/whatever underneath the lingerie.

Featured Outfit Details:
Featured Outfit: Lush in Emerald Green by ChronoSalp Galaxy (In World, SL Marketplace); also available (not shown) in Azure Blue, BlackSilver, Red Poppy and Tyrian White
Price: $150-250 each; $400 fat pack ($600 savings)
Pieces: 16, standard layers plus tattoo layer

Detailing: A- ChronoSalp’s texture work on the lace is excellent. The satin bra cups are a little too uniform, but it still pulls of the shiny-but-not-latex look well. My only real beef is the bra straps disappearing somewhat and the band-like shape of the garter belt.
Prim Attachments: Not Applicable
Resizing Scripts: Not Applicable
Tattoo Friendly: Somewhat. The bra is entirely tattoo friendly, but you’ll have to choose between the panty or the garter for lower body tattoos. There is a bra and panty combo, but it’s made for the tattoo layer, which doesn’t really help for tattoos.
Curvy Girl Friendly: Yes
Sim Rating: PG

Photo Details:
Model: Naeve Rossini
Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Props: V-Metro Subway Train by Arcadia Asylum from the Urban Grunge Project
Location: Carbondale Heights
Poses: DeePosed, C’est La Vie, Reel Expression, Striking Poses,
ANOmotions, Tiny Awkward Bird

Model Details:
Outfit: Lush in Emerald Green by ChronoSalp Galaxy
Heels: Classic Pump in Blackberry by Juicy
Skin: Kate by League
Hair: Paula by Truth
Eyes: Poison Ivy by Poetic Colors

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