“Rosa” knows how to tease!

29 Sep

The last two days I’ve been chatting back and forth with IndigoBlue, the designer at Eternity Brides & SeldomBlue, and was deeply honored when she granted me a “sneak peek” at a design she’s working on – Rosa. I can’t show you much – just a tiny little tease of a picture – but I can promise that it will have the level of variety and detail that we’ve come to expect from SeldomBlue! Prim detailing, rich and luxurious fabric textures, multiple layer options, multiple panty and stocking options… it’s just beautiful! IndigoBlue tells me it won’t be available for at least another month… but you read about it here, first! 🙂 Thank you, IndigoBlue, for this tantalizing little tease of Rosa!
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Posted by on September 29, 2010 in Tease / Sneak Peek



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