Whatever Lola Wants…

27 Sep

Whatever Lola Wants...

Detail 1: Bodice Close Up

Detail 2: Panty Close Up

Detail 3: Shoe Close Up

Detail 4: General Close Up
Review updated to include Marketplace listing – Thank you, IndigoBlue, for the correction!! My bad!!

Seldom Blue makes some really stunning lingerie, and we’ve previously reviewed their Kira outfit. Lola is a more recent release, and in it, Seldom Blue split the outfit into two different offerings. This is of note because the pictures in the store are a little confusing as to which options are available in which outfit, so be careful when you purchase. “Lola” is available in Sheer White (with purple accents), Sheer Black (with pink accents), Opaque Purple (with light purple accents), Opaque Chocolate (more of a tan with chocolately accents), Sheer Nude, Opaque Red (with nude accents), Sheer Blue, and Opaque Green (with nude accents). Some of the color combinations were, to be honest, garish to my eyes — I liked the Sheer Blush (featured), Sheer Blue, Sheer Black, and Sheer Nude, but the Opaque Green was a bit scary. The Lola design is offered in a Lingerie Fatpack (700L), a Lingerie Single Pack (380L), and a Dress Pack (380L).

What’s “Just Right”: One of the strengths of Seldom Blue is the attention to small details that make the whole outfit look very finished and Lola is no different. I like the ribbon detailing that is mirrored on each piece. The femininity of the skirt is delicious and the front and rear lines of the panty are really well done. The placing of the straps on the garterbelt are also very true-to-life, and that kind of accuracy is something Seldom Blue excels at.

What Could Use Improvement: Erm. The ruffles at the bustline are both above and below the breast… and frankly, it makes them look like giant sunflowers. I would have prefered an option that was JUST above the bust and that ruffle option is available in the Dress or the Fat Pack version of Lola, but not the “Lingerie Single Pack.” 😦 I felt that Lola didn’t stand up to curves quite as well as the Kira outfit did and I can’t put my finger on specifically why.

Other things to note: The full name of the designer is “Eternity Brides and Seldom Blue” – and it’s not just bridal and lingerie there. They also create daywear, silks, body jewelry, poses, and latexwear. They do have a presence on The Marketplace, but their lingerie isn’t listed.

[Disclaimer: In the picture of me perched on the desk, I am wearing TWO copies of the skirt, one edited to lay properly over my lap.]

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Lingerie: Lola Lingerie Single Pack in Sheer Blush by Seldom Blue (In World / The Marketplace))
Shoes: Tuli Pumps in Blush by Shiny Things (In World / Not Available On The Marketplace)
Jewelry: Jharna Jewelry Set in Nostalgia by EarthStones (In World / The Marketplace)
Props & Environment: Victoria Vanity by Azure Park, Bottles by Alchemy Immortalis, Candle by Apocalips Japan, Make up by D*Lish, Feather Vase by Devious Minds, Champagne Glass by Luminye, Skybox by Tweedle.
Poses: DeePosed, and ~*Pulling Strings*~
Location: Carbondale Heights

Outfit Details:
Price: 380L
Pieces: 10 – Bra (3 layers), Thong (2 layers), Suspenders/Garterbelt (2 layers), Stockings (1 layer), Bra Frills, skirt frills. (Plus a notecard, texture and landmark.)

Detailing: A
Prim Attachments: (2) Skirt/panty frill, bra frill
Resizing Scripts: None
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes – multiple layers for each clothing piece
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes, but with some distortion on a full bustline.
Multi-purpose pieces?: No
Sim Rating: Angelheart is a Mature sim


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4 responses to “Whatever Lola Wants…

  1. weight

    September 27, 2010 at 11:18 pm

    yeah my dad will like this

    • sabellafallen

      September 28, 2010 at 10:22 am

      But will your mom wear it? 🙂

  2. Indigoblue Dagostino

    September 28, 2010 at 3:52 am

    Hey honey, thanks for blogging, I will take your comments on board ;-))
    Your photos are beautiful!
    Oh our lingerie IS on the marketplace, but its all listed under adult (sigh)…

    • sabellafallen

      September 28, 2010 at 10:22 am

      IndigoBlue, thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! I’ve updated the links to include your Marketplace listings – my bad! Mea culpa! Please keep up the gorgeous work, and we look forward to seeing what comes next from Seldom Blue!


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