The Scarlet Butterfly

22 Sep

Sabella Fallen in Papillion

I was wandering the grid last night looking for shoes when I stumbled across this cute outfit by Indyra Designs. It’s called Papillion (Release date April 2009), and comes in five colors: white, red, black, merlot and teal. (Four are presented together on one wall; the fifth is available for purchase from a large display picture on an adjoining wall. This caused me a little confusion at first when I was shopping.) It was a struggle to decide which to pick – they all looked good, but the red seemed to have the clearest level of detail and crispness. “Papillion” is French for “Butterfly” and that certainly seems apt.

What’s “Just Right”: The uniqueness of this outfit really stands out. I haven’t seen anything quite like it before. There are multiple looks you can create using the generous number of prim pieces, from the simple (Just the bra and panties) to the complex (adding the sleeves and/or babydoll). I really liked the texture work on the prims. The curve of the skirting seems to celebrate a woman’s curves – I felt sexy and beautiful wearing this outfit. (It got a ‘Daaaaamn!’ from my Partner.)

What Could Use Improvement: The skirt took quite a bit of prim alignment in the back and I wasn’t ever quite satisfied with how I got it to look… but admittedly I have an unusually curvy butt. More lithe avatars may not have that problem. I wish that the prim cord that goes on the bra had a bow; it looks a little unfinished with just the strings hanging down. It should be noted that while there are five different prim pieces to play with, the outfit itself – the bra and panty and shrug – are only provided on one layer each. (Undershirt, Underwear, and Shirt respectively.) This was a big disappointment.

CourtX in Lipstick Red by AW Designs

Streetcorner Red

Other things to note: Indyra Designs carries a wide range of items. I wish their store was a little more clearly laid out – I didn’t see a store map or department signs that would have made it easier to find out that they also had lingerie. I almost missed this cute little outfit as a result. This particular ensemble is not available on the Marketplace, but they do have a small presence there.

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Lingerie: Papillion in Red by Indyra Originals (In World)
Shoes: CourtX in Lipstick Red by AW Designs (In World/Marketplace)
Location: Carbondale Heights
Poses: Vista AO

Outfit Details:
Price: 375L
Pieces: 8 total

Detailing: A+
Prim Attachments: 5 – Sleeves (Left & Right), Babydoll, Skirt, Cord
Resizing Scripts: None
Tattoo Friendly?: No. The core of the outfit was built on underwear and undershirt layers. The babydoll shrug is on the shirt layer. (each piece is only provided on one layer)
Curvy Girl Friendly?: I will give it a yes, but expect to spend some time adjusting the skirt.
Multi-purpose pieces?: A creative girl will likely be able to do some interesting things mixing and matching these pieces.


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