Itty Bitty Sophia

22 Sep

Sophia, by Alexandre, on SLingerie

Betsy in Blue by B&G While I didn’t deliberately set out to find the tiniest outfit imaginable, it feels like I succeeded with the Sophia set by Alexandre. From the thin straps of the ‘held together by beads and embroidery floss’ bra to the teenie-weenie bikini g-string, Sophia is all about the bare essentials. I had this one in my XStreet Favorites for a while – I kept coming back to the intricate and unusual beading/lacing detail on the bra and the brilliant color. (Sophia is also available in other shades: Black, Red and Purple)

What’s “Just Right”: The color is a glorious, rich, royal blue. The latice/laced together design of the bra is interesting and unique – it doesn’t come across as slutty, just sexy and intriguing.

What Could Use Improvement: I wish there was a little more to the panty to make it a smidge more realistic. Girls, you better be wearing a ‘smokeless’ skin on this one, because even a Brazilian will look a little odd with the micro-coverage of the g-string. A panty option would have been nice… so would a garter belt.

Other things to note: This outfit is NOT offered on multiple layers. You get one option – undershirt/underwear. 😦

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Lingerie: Sophia in Blue by Alexandre – (In World / The Marketplace)
Shoes: Betsy in Blue by B&G (In World / The Marketplace)
Poses & Backdrop: CWS Photo System

Outfit Details:
Price: 300
Pieces: 3

Detailing: B+
Prim Attachments: None
Resizing Scripts: Not applicable
Tattoo Friendly?: Not even a little bit. 😦
Curvy Girl Friendly?: A little distortion on the bra, but I’m going to say ‘yes’ on this one.
Multi-purpose pieces?: No.
Sim Rating:Alexandre is rated Mature.


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