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18 Sep

Palais Silks: Kara & Demure

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One of my favorite places on the grid to furniture shop is Palais. (I have several of her rugs and accessories throughout my home.) Cake Gravois uses some of the most rich, lush, elegant textures you’ll find anywhere. So when I found out she was coming out with a line of silks, I knew we’d be seeing fabrics of exquisite beauty. There are two major lines: the Demure line and the Premium line. The Demure silks come in fifteen different colors. The Kara silk is a vivid ensemble that is “constructed of golden dipped feathers and the finest silks vibrantly hand dyed in Purple and Orange.” All the outfits are offered in either a Copy version or a Transfer version for easy gift giving and a fat pack is available for the Demure Silks (All 15 for 1,499L)

What’s ‘Just Right’: The fabrics — no one does texture like Cake does and these do not disappoint. The patterns on the prim skirts are gorgeous. They remind me of the richness of an Indian Sari. The variety of color options is remarkable and each stands out uniquely. I was immediately drawn to “Evergreen” and “Loden,” but several others were just as lovely. The line of the Demure bra top and panty are pretty and could be worn on their own as a more exotic swimsuit. Breeze was drawn to the brilliant color and sway of the Kara line, with its fitted prim top and prim fringes.

What Could Use Improvement: On the Demure Silks, the under-bust shading is a little softer than I prefer. As a result, this looks better on a modest bustline.

Other Things To Note: Make sure you look around the silks room — there’s a really lovely freebie by the door that’s a version in white and gold, with a sheerness to the top that’s deliciously naughty. Two color options are available on XStreet Marketplace, but you’ll want to go to the in-world location to get the best shopping options.

Photo Details:
Models: Breeze Charisma & Sabella Fallen
Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Outfits: Breeze – Palais Kara Silk. Sabella – Palais Demure Silks in Evergreen.
Location: Carbondale Heights
Model Details: Sabella – Jewelry by Zaara – Nizam Choodiya (bangles) and Nizam Jhoomar + Tikka (head jewel), both in white. Necklace – Kunstkammer Glamazon in Bronze. SLink Jolie Pied Barefeet Medium, :+:SS:+: Euphoria Anklets – in Sea Breeze, Body Oil – LAQ in Medium.
Pose: Persian Rug & Pillow by Ilse’s Animations, Belly Dances by Animazoo.
Furniture: Table and screen from the Taza line at Palais. Hanging Lamp – Palais. Rug and cushion by Ilse’s Animations.

Outfit Details:
Price: Demure Silks – 199L, Kara Silk – 499L. Note that the price on the Demure silks is an introductory price and they will be going up at the end of the month.
Pieces: Demure Silks – 9 + 3 notecards and a Landmark.

Detailing: A
Prim Attachments: Demure Silks – 5
Resizing Scripts: Yes in the belt, arm band and thigh band.
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes – the outfit pieces are available on pants/underpants and shirt/undershirt.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Mostly – the Demure bodice could use a touch more under-bust shading to be truly ‘curvy girl’ friendly.
Multi-purpose pieces?: You could use this without the prims as an exotic swimsuit or just the top as a ‘separate’ with jeans..
Sim Rating?: Palais is rated mature.

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