24 May

Zipper Corset, Panties and Stockings by My Pinkie Skull

I love fashion groups in Second Life. Inevitably, I lose hours wandering through the merchants participating in that week’s fashion adventures and then tend to check out the stores that are around them, as well. This weekend, I was chasing down items from the Super Bargain Saturday and wandered into My Pinkie Skull. I was immediately taken by the quality of the pieces, many of which have an urban grunge feel to them. Who says lingerie can’t be edgy? Not me! I was very easily able to put together a fun outfit that I hope you’ll enjoy. It’s anchored by their Zipper Corset, which comes in a variety of colors. Having a scene in mind, I chose the Black, and paired it up with their torn stocking & sock combo and panties.

What is Just Right: I was in panty heaven. For a mere 130L, I got ten different colors of panties, each on two different layers – and while that, in and of itself is enough to get excited, the quality on these was enough to make be bounce up and down. They are gorgeously shaded and highlighted, making for some of the most remarkably perfect panties I have yet seen, AND you can choose to wear a pair with the tag up or down! The prim zipper is a great finishing detail, making that element of the corset really pop. The stockings shouldn’t be overlooked – the laddering on the nylon combined with the torn knee on the stocking are ideal for a neko / grunge look.

What Could Use Improvement: A garter belt option for the corset would be terrific. A small prim ruffle on the top of the corset to match the textured one would also be lovely…

Additional Details: My Pinkie Skull has a presence on Xstreet, and satellite stores in Rue D’Antibes and Industry District.

Photo Details:
Corset: Zipper Corset by My Pinkie Skull
Undies: Panties by My Pinkie Skull (Pack of 10 colors: Photographed in Black)
Stockings: Ripped Stockings and Socksby My Pinkie Skull
Boots: Divine Aura Boots in Black, by Yuli
Coat: Long Black Open Trench by Adored
Collar: Bouquet of Barbed Wire, by Deviant Designs
Blood and Dirt: Part of the Apocalyptic outfit by GrueLing Designs
Bandana: Custom made, not available for sale.
Location: Carbondale Heights
Poses: Laying019 by ANOmations, Strip Tease (from the Durty Girl Pose Set by LAP,
The Wall 21 by DeePosed, and Gun Stand 5 by Riashi Lyle
Backdrop: Fire Barrel by Napoliy

Outfit Details (for *all* three My Pinkie Skull Items):
Price: Corset = 120L, Stockings & Socks = 150L, Panties 10 Pack = 130L
Pieces: Corset =4, Panties = 20, Stockings & Socks = 9

Detailing: Corset = B+, Panties = A+, Stockings & Socks = A
Prim Attachments: prim zipper on the corset
Resizing Scripts: None Applicable
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes – all the individual pieces were offered on multiple layers
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes – though the corset stretched a little bit
Multi-purpose pieces?: Yes – the corset could easily be used for clubbing or layered with other pieces
Sim Rating?: The Main Store for My Pinkie Skull, located in theOut of Control Sim is rated Mature. It also has an amazing collection of rockin good shops. 🙂

Divine Aura Boots in Black, by Yuli

Bouquet of Barbed Wire Slave Collar by Deviant Designs

Panties & Stockings with Socks by My Pinkie Skull

Zippered Corset by My Pinkie Skull

Bad-Ass Bitty Girl

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