“How I Feel About You Nite And Day”*

24 May

Recherche by Nyte'N'Day

Shoes by N-Core

Bracelet by Calypso Giano

Recherche by Nyte'N'Day

Nyte’N’Day was one of the first clothing stores I learned about in Second Life. It has a wide range of clothing and a small(ish) section of lingerie. While they may not offer a lot of options in underthings (8 designs total), what they do have is very well done and worth the trip. You’ll find it in the north-east corner of the main store.

Recherche is a classic camisole / teddy, with a sheer fabric edged in black lace. A small prim knot and cord prim finishes off the bustline, hinting that with one wee little tug on that string, it might just fall off – a very sexy touch. The lace pattern is pretty and contrasts beautifully with the dark teal. (I liked all the color combos available: black, Teal, Magenta, Red, Pink and White)

What Is Just Right:The back of the thong panties has a beautiful, feminine curve to them. I like that you COULD pair this with a black lace bra underneath, if you wanted to, you could wear a lace bra under the top and it would provide some lovely texture. As is, you’ll get a sexy outline of nipple or tattoo peeping out from beneath the fabric. The slit up the side on the hip is something I don’t see often and it’s a nice touch.

What Could Use Improvement: The front of the panties could use a little more coverage, for a smoother, cleaner line in the crotch. A finished seam on the hem would be a nice finishing detail.

Additional Info: Nyte’N’Day has a strong XStreet presence, which is nice for browsing or gift giving. While this particular piece isn’t available on XStreet, they do have a number of other lingerie pieces there. (Their Arden Corset is a lovely outfit that does wonderful things for your rear, if you’re a curvy girl, btw… I have it in blue.)

Photo Details:
Lingerie: Recherche in Teal by Nyte’N’Day
Jewelry: Pepper Diamond Set by Calypso Giano
Standing Pose: Whisper by (with love & squalor)
Reclinine Pose: *BR Snuggle Rug v2.0 by Burned Rice
Fireplace: Tryst

Outfit Details:
Price: 175L for one, fat pack of 6 for 595L
Pieces: 4 + texture

Detailing: B+ / A-
Prim Attachments: knot and cord, worn on chest
Resizing Scripts: not applicable
Tattoo Friendly?: Recherche’s top is only offered on Jacket. The panties are offered on pants and underwear. While this isn’t the largest number of options, I do think it’s tattoo friendly.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Not as much as other pieces. The lace detailing suffered when it was stretched over my bustline. It looks beautiful on the front as it frames the navel, though.
Multi-purpose pieces?: I’ve worn it while dancing, but that’s about it for this one.
Sim Rating?: Nyte’N’Day is rated Mature

* Lyric from ‘Nite and Day,’ by Al B. Sure


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