Sweet Like Carmela…

17 May

MichaMi Carmela Bustier in Blush

Carmela Bustier in Blush by MichaMi: rear view

Rose Necklace by Illusions

Lace Garter in Sangria by Intimizzio

There’s a great program in Second Life called
DSN – the Designer Showcase Network
– through it, you can subscribe to various categories of items and receive samples from designers. I received the Carmela Corset free through DSN from MichaMi last year. I liked the piece, and had it in my head to see what other styles of lingerie they might offer. When I went back to the main store in Glitter today, I could not find the Carmela Corset by itself. However, there is a Carmela outfit, which comes with two skirts, two complete bustiers (black and taupe), two cardigans with sculpted sleeves, and two belts. At a mere 250L for all those pieces, it definately qualifies for my current mantra of ‘Good Lingerie Doesn’t Have To Cost a Lot.’

I love the vintage look and the Carmela bustier has it in spades. From the full coverage back to the seaming detail, it’s easy to picture Bacall wearing this under a silk blouse while trying to seduce Bogie. There were accompanying pieces in the DNS sample: A cardigan with sculpted sleeves and a belt – but they change the look and feel of the outfit away from lingerie and more towards the ‘fashion forward’ look, which isn’t my thing.

What’s ‘Just Right’: The bustline highlighting and shadow is exquisite. There’s a perfect artistry to the cups of the bustier – they are rendered beautifully. In the back, the seaming draws the eyes to a woman’s curves and the seat provides enough coverage withing concealing too much. The wrinkles are also very well done.

What Could Use Improvement: From a lingerie perspective – having garter straps and matching stockings would have been a pin-up dream come true. This garment is put together with skill and attention to detail – it’s very hard to find anything wrong with it.

Additional Details: You can check out the MichaMi blog for additional releases, or browse their extensive offerings on XStreet. It looks like nearly everything they offer is available both in-world and on Xstreet, which makes gift-giving a cinch.

Photo Details:
Outfit: Carmela Bustier, pictured in Blush (no longer available) by MichaMi
Pose/Furniture: Pretty in Pink – Couch by Symfurny
Necklace, earrings and rose held: The Varda Collection by Illusions
Garter: Classic Bow Garter in Sangria by Intimizzio
Shoes: STYLUS XtremeHeel L v2 Black by N-Core

Outfit Details:
Price: 250L
Pieces: TWO different colors (taupe and black) of corset, plus 2 skirts, 2 cardigans and 2 belts.

Detailing: A
Prim Attachments: For the corset: none. For the additional outfits – 2 Skirts, cuffs for cardigan sweater, belts.
Resizing Scripts: Not in the original sample.
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes – a generous variety of layers are offered.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Entirely. The bustline work is some of the most flattering to a full figure I have yet discovered in SL.
Multi-purpose pieces?: It comes as part of ‘collection’ with sweater, skirt and belt.. so the ‘multi purpose’ is included.
Sim Rating?: Glitter is rated PG.

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