Charmed, I’m Sure…

10 May

Charme, by Paradisis .
Lingerie doesn’t have to be expensive! This is my current mantra. Having flexibility in an outfit is a huge part of the value of the piece. The ‘Charme’ bra, panty, garterbelt and stocking set from Paradisis demonstrates that in spades. Not only is it fully tintable – so you can make it whatever color your little heart desires – but it comes in twenty different pieces / layer combos, so you can easily put together just the right look.

What’s ‘Just Right’: The variety and flexibility of the outfit pieces, both in the layers offered and in the tintability. Charme has classic lingerie lines – the bra, panties, and garterbelt all are well constructed – no strange angles, no nonsensical design.

It’s flattering and feminine, from the upward tug of the stockings by the garter-belt straps, to the smooth line of the panty, to the low cut cups of the bra. The stockings are also calf-length, so you can wear them with your favorite prim foot shoes.

What Could Use Improvement: The fabric is a patterned lace – kind of like an eyelet – and I think some detail is lost. It passes the 10 foot rule – from 10 feet away, it looks good – but when you zoom in, things get a little blurry. If I was doing boudoir photography, I probably wouldn’t use this outfit, unless I was planning on using a soft-focus filter.

Photo Details:
Model& Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Outfit: Charme, by Paradisis
Skin Oil: LAQ
Face Light: League
Pose: Bubblegum Coquette, by Olive Juice
Location: Carbondale Heights

Outfit Details:
Price: 125L
Pieces: 20 + notecard

Detailing: B
Prim Attachments: not applicable
Resizing Scripts: not applicable
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes – many layering options provided.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Mostly – a bit of distortion, but it’s not excessive.
Multi-purpose pieces?: Not really
Sim Rating?: Paradisis is rated Mature


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