How Sweets It Is

06 May

I received a notice of a new lingerie release recently with a price tag of nearly 800L. The ensemble had several pieces and was really cute… but I am firmly of the opinion that sexy doesn’t *have* to be expensive. There are very affordable outfits out there and I want to make sure folks on a budget know about them. To further that goal, I’ve been searching the grid and web for low-cost, high-value outfits and came across a cute little number called ““Sweets”” from a designer I hadn’t seen before – “The Dark Diva”, by Naomi Afterthought. This bra and panty set comes in a wide range of other colors: Pink, Violet, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, White, and Black, and is very reasonably priced at just 100L on XStreet. (They can be purchased seperately for 50L each at the in-world location.)
Sweets Lingerie in Natural by The Dark Diva

Judging from their inventory, The Dark Diva appears to be a new design house. I only found two outfits in the whole store, but both seem very well made. (In case you’re curious, the other clothing item was a fetish-inspired buckled, black leather corset ensemble. They also sell two different styles of eyes, in multiple colors.)

What’s Just Right: I’m a big fan of very feminine, girlie styles, (as if you couldn’t tell?) and the “Sweets” outfit is no exception. It has very adorable little polka-dots, plenty of lace, and ‘tie on’ micro-panties. The lines accentuate the feminine form – no boyish cuts here! I like the styling on this piece. I could easily imagine myself wearing it in RL – The highlight and shadow work on the bra is flattering to a full bustline and the construction of the bra itself is well done.

What Could Use Improvement: The ‘barely there’ panties are cute… but I think a LITTLE more coverage both front and back would have made them better. I’d love to see a version with prim ribbons instead of textured ones, and additional layer options are a must. That said, this is definately a designer I’m going to try and keep an eye on, to see her future offerings.

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Outfit – “Sweets Lingerie in Natural”
by “The Dark Diva”
Pose – Patience is a Virtue, by Dee Posed
Background environment & furniture – Palais: Pleasure Ever After (Main Store)

Outfit Details:
Price: 100L for the set, 50L per piece at the in-world store
Pieces: 2

Detailing: A-
Prim Attachments: Not Applicable
Resizing Scripts: Not Applicable
Tattoo Friendly?: Not at all. The outfit comes on a single layer – underwear and undershirt – only. 😦
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes – I found it stood up to my curves rather nicely.
Multi-purpose pieces?: No
Sim Rating?: Sycophatism is rated Moderate.

==> New Info! I had a lovely chat with Naomi Afterthought, the designer at The Dark Diva. We chatted about her current offerings, and she shared with me that while she has done other designs in the past, they simply weren’t up to her current standards – and that’s why the store has limited offerings at the present time. She’s in the process of working up new releases, which will be provided on additional layers. She’s also working on a skin! I look forward to seeing what she shares with us in the future.


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