I’ve Got A Crush On You…

04 May

Crush, by BlackLace .
I was doing my weekly browsing of new lingerie offerings on XStreet, and was delighted to see BlackLace pop up with a cute little number called “Crush.” (Sadly, I think they did themselves a disservice in the listings – all the pictures show the pink version, so shoppers don’t get to see the range of colors available: Pink, Purple, Champagne, Teal, Yellow, Black, Blue, Green, and Orange. As well, they don’t make use of the ‘See Item in Second Life’ feature, that would give browsers a link to their store location.) I love the combination of sheer fabrics and lace, so Crush immediately drew my eye. I popped over to their store and wandered around looking for the outfit — you’ll find it onthe lower floor. I’m a sucker for certain colors – the blue just had to come home with me. 🙂

What’s ‘Just Right’: I love the little details that BlackLace puts into this piece. The seaming down the front of the mesh, the little ribbon rosettes, the lace pattern on the padded cups of the bra… But what blew me away was the panties! Yes, panties that look as good coming as they do going. (sorry, there’s just so much bad underwear out there, I have to really celebrate when someone gets it so very right.) To quote a country song, ‘We hate to see her go, but love to watch her leave…*’ Your significant other is going to adore watching you stroll about in these undies. The line of the back is graceful, flattering, feminine, and sexy – and if you’re a girl with some wiggle in your walk, it’s going to enhance it. Woot!

What Could Use Improvement: Erm… Well, their Xstreet listings definately need some help, but… for the piece itself, the only way I could see to improve upon it, is to have a finished seam on the bottom hem. But that’s reaaaally stretching it. Frankly, this is a really well made piece.

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer – Sabella Fallen
Lingerie: Crush, by BlackLace, in Blue
Jewelry: Aubade* by Mariposa, in Blue * The designer very kindly customized the piece I’m wearing in the photo; it’s about twice again as big as the original pendant.
Shoes: Bare Ingrid, by Stiletto Moody’s
Skin Oil: LAQ (Thanks, Naeve, for letting me know about this one!)
Location/Background: Contemporary Skybox by Mariposa
Pose: Glamour Girl 6 by {.:exposeur:.}

Outfit Details:
Price: 298L
Pieces: 8 clothing pieces, plus a landmark, pose stand, styling card, texture, TEDDY BEAR, and copy of Avenue Magazine. [Yes. Teddy bear. How can you resist lingerie that includes a teddy bear?!?]

Detailing: A
Prim Attachments: not applicable
Resizing Scripts: not applicable
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes! Generous layering options are provided.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes! Only the vile and horrid mesh problems of Linden Lab caused this outfit any difficulties… NOT the design!
Multi-purpose pieces?: Yes! I tossed on a pair of jeans, and voila! I was decent enough to go wandering about the grid. “Crush” makes a great top. 🙂
Sim Rating: PG (Thanks, Zipper Moomintoog, for grabbing that info for me while I was unable to get it!)


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