Give In To Temptation…

04 May

Indi Designs is a fashion house that doesn’t have just one specialty – their offerings are very diverse, from menswear, ladieswear, intimates, footwear, accessories… spanning the range from fantasy to business attire. Each offering is made with skill and attention to detail – including their lingerie line. I actually discovered them when looking for some shoes, sneakers, to be exact. I was drawn to their use of color and texture, and kept them in the back of my mind when I started this blog.

In chatting with Paige Cedarbridge from the Syn City Urban RP sim, we got on the subject of clothes, and I boldly asked if she’d be willing to model for me. She very kindly agreed, so off we went to Indi. I set her loose in the lingerie section, and to my pleasure and surprise, she picked out the outfit I liked the most, too: a naughty little number called “Temptation.” We wandered back to Syn City, and she slid gracefully up onto one of the dance poles, and let me snap away…

Temptation is available in five sultry colors: a royal purple, a deep indigo blue, icy white, deep rose pink, and an ashy sable – all of which are accented with black lace. For myself, I grabbed up that gorgeous blue. πŸ™‚

What’s Just Right: The clear star on this outfit is the texture work. The satins glow, the lace is beautifully defined with clear edges, the silk of the stockings is delicious. Careful attention was paid to the eyelets and the lacing, and extra details were included in the tiny satin bows that grace the bra and garter belt (The clasps on the straps on the garter belt are also very well done). I also appreciate that for each set, there are multiple options for each piece – both color and style – which gives the outfit a lot of versatility. You’re really getting a lot of pieces to play with. Want to wear the garter belt? You have stockings with a pleasing upward tug on them. In the mood for just a little more lace to contrast with your skin? There’s a bra option for that, too. I love choice – and INDI really delivers it in this outfit.

What Could Use Improvement: A different color choice for the crotch of the colored panty – it is black against the color of the rest of the panty, which looks.. well.. just a little odd. The back of the panty has an inventive and creative line to it on the top… but I wish the shape on the bottom of the back was a little bit smoother. it is definately the weak point of the outfit, if Temptation has one.

Photo Details:
Model – Paige Cedarbridge
Photographer – Sabella Fallen
Outfit – Temptation Lingerie in Purple, by INDI Designs
Location – Synful Desires club, Syn City
Model Details – Shape, Hair, Skin, and Eyes by LAQ. Shoes by Nadas.

Outfit Details:
Price: 250L
Pieces: 14 in the main package, plus 14 more in an ‘extra layers’ bundle! That’s a new record!

Detailing: A
Prim Attachments: None
Resizing Scripts: N/A
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes — Open up that “Additional Layers” box that’s in the folder, and you’ll find layering options to your heart’s content.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes — Temptation seems to have been designed for a girl with curves, and it celebrates them.
Multi-purpose pieces?: Sort of — there’s so many options here. The waist cincher/corset can definately be used as a mix-n-match piece. The bra would look really lovely peeping out from beneath a sheer shirt.
Sim Rating?: Indi Designs Main Store – Mature


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