Vox do You Think?

23 Apr

Vox, by Hugo Designs GUEST REVIEW!!
By Naeve Rossini

I found out about Hugo’s Design from a forum thread about BDSM style. I was not at all prepared for the visual orgy when I teleported into the store. The store is wonderfully laid out with excellent use of posters… they were large and suggestive, with very creative mixing and matching of outfits that showed the versatility of the entire line of products.

The store itself is laid out brightly and easy to navigate, which made shopping a breeze, especially for those of us that like to cam around, rather than walk.

The prices are high, there’s no denying it, and there are no fatpacks. This outfit happens to be one of Hugo’s priciest ones, but a closer look at the textures and detailing will reveal the value of the high sticker. You get what you pay for.

The detailing is phenomenal! It’s particularly evident on the lace and patterned ones, like the pair that Sabella and I are wearing, but you can find the attention to detail in the simpler designs as well. There’s a subtlety to it that elicits the shape of a woman when you look at it. Our shapes are already curvy, but these outfits make us “fill out” in the best way possible.*

For those who like more teasing variations, the outfit can be worn without the bra and/or without the panties. Those of you with “ass men” (or women) in your lives will really appreciate the glorious emphasis of your butt with the way the garters and t-back frame it.

For that edgier, fetishy look, Hugo’s Design is a must see. Bring your pocket book.

… and a napkin.

What’s “Just Right”: A lot of latex designers will just work on the shine of their garments and put just a token effort in other detailing, but Hugo’s designer Erik Hugo has done a fantastic job with incredibly intricate details on this outfit, in addition to his distinctive glossy look. Take a close look. It’s absolutely stunning and really complements feminine curves.* There’s a fullness to the highlights and shading that makes the outfit pop out three-dimensionally without the glasses.

What Could Use Improvement: My wish list is short for this outfit. I’d love to see the bra and corset pieces available on all top layers and in combination with each other. Right now, you can do body oil or tattoos on top, but you couldn’t do both and remain modest. By comparison, the bottoms are as fully tattoo and body oil compatible as you can get. Speaking of bottoms, it would be nice to have a little more coverage in the back for the panties. A little wedge of fabric there would be a more playful hint than the string that’s there now. Fatpacks would be the death of me, but it’d be a very pleasant death.

Photo Details:
Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Lingerie: Vox in White Lace and Red/White, by Hugo’s Design; also available in Black/Pink, Black/White, Red, White/Red, Black/Red, Black/Blue
Sabella Fallen – Hair: Argrace, Skin: Belleza, Shape: Custom, Shoes: Bax Coen
Naeve Rossini – Hair: Damselfly, Skin: League, Shape: Custom, Shoes: Bax Coen

Outfit Details:
Price: $695
Pieces: 12 (corset, garters only, 2x garters+panties, 2x panties, 2x bras, 2x gloves, 2x stockings)

Detailing: A+ The detail of the colours are fantastic, even with the white-on-white, but the thing that tips it over into the + range is the deliciously glossy latex look.
Prim Attachments: Not Applicable
Resizing Scripts: Not applicable
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes! Tops and bottoms are tattoo friendly, although a nice-to-have would be to have the top pieces available separately and together on all layers.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes! It looked great on all of our curves… and we had plenty!
Multi-purpose pieces?: You could… but not really. It pretty much screams “FETISH!!!”

* I can haz secks nao? Pleez taek off!

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