An Air of Intrigue…

23 Apr

I usually spend at least an hour or two a week going through all the new lingerie listings on Xstreet – as much to learn about new designers as to see what I may have missed for my own wardrobe. I stumbled across this hot little number and just had to tell ya’ll about it! The designer – Hollow Angel – was totally new to me, which is always exciting! They have three stores, with locations in Fourd, Lutra (at the Lumiere Goth Mall) and Scandalust Isle (at the Devilish Whispers Plaza). I wandered around their biggest location (in Fourd), and found that they have an array of latex and fetish fashions, lingerie, dresses, clubwear, even some shoes and accessories. Of everything in the main store, the one I saw on XStreet was still my favorite – Intrigue.” This is a very versatile outfit, designed to go seamlessly from the dance floor to the bedroom floor. The core of the outfit is a positively delicious corset in silver. Well – see for yourself! Intrigue by Hollow Angel

The outfit was specifically designed for multiple looks: underbust, overbust – with white or black cups, a lingerie look with stockings, and a version to wear with (included) leather pants. I applaud the creativity!

What’s “Just Right”: I love the pattern of the fabric – very nicely done! The line of the corset is well executed, and the contrasting dark fabric used for the stays and edges is a good detail. The line of the panties is Just Right – this is an area that so many designers mess up on – making it too narrow through the groin. Jude Fatale does an awesome job. The panty line is smooth, flattering, and perfectly aligned with the bottom of the corset in a flattering line.

What Could Use Improvement: Better accuracy in describing the piece in the ad. It says it has 24 pieces – when I bought it, I received 18 plus a notecard. As well, the detailing on the cups is a little lacking (which is why I went with the underbust look in the photo).

Other things to note: The quality on this piece is far and above, in my humble opinion, the best item being offered at Hollow Angel. They do have a presence on XStreet (that IS how I found out about them), which is always a happy thing.

Additional Note: A big thank you to Madison Talon from SLU, who went above and beyond to try and help me out with this shoot. We experienced some Technical Difficulties, which was 100% my fault – and so I wasn’t able to use the shots she was going to assist with… but I really appreciate her dropping everything to try and help!

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Lingerie: Intrigue, by Hollow Angel
Location: The Landing Strip, Carbondale Heights
Couch: LA Jazz
Background Model: Abe Shackleton (thanks, honey!!) – His pose by LA Jazz.
Pose: Breast Cancer Awarenesss by Glitterati

Outfit Details:
Price: Limited Introductory Price of 75L, will be increasing to 275 in the future.
Pieces: 18, not the 24 promised in the ad.

Detailing: B+
Prim Attachments: 1 prim skirt
Resizing Scripts: Yes – for scale, position and rotation.
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes – options came on multiple layers.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Mostly – No distortion on the corset itself, but the cups suffered when they tried to cover my curves. 😦
Multi-purpose pieces?: Yes – the outfit was specifically designed for multiple looks and uses.

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