Tastes Like Candy

12 Apr

Whenever I ask folks, ‘Who is your favorite designer,’ it’s a virtual guarantee that someone is going to say PixelDolls. As one of SL’s most recognized designers, Nephilaine Protagonist is also one of its most prolific. Her lingerie line, LoveLace, spans the range from comfy cotton to delicate silk and everything in between.

The Neopolitan Lingerie set was released back in February, and I first saw it in person when my friend Stormy bounced over to Carbondale Heights to show me. On her lushly proportionate figure, it looked just stunning. In general, I’ve been hesitant to buy some of LoveLace’s newer releases, out of concern about under-bust shading… but Stormy provided proof positive that this release nailed it. It comes in 5 different colors/combinations – I picked it up in Licorice.

Lovelace: Neopolitan

What’s “Just Right”: There is a a great deal of texture in this piece: Lace, textured taffetta, fishnet.. it’s right at the edge of too much, but pulls it off gracefully, giving the Neopolitan the look of very, very expensive French lingerie. I like the line of the back and the tiny black silk ribbon bow detail.

What Could Use Improvement: The lace edging on the prim skirt doesn’t seem to be quite as long as it is on the teddy itself…but that could be an optical illusion due to the curvature of the prim. If the lace pattern was a little more crisp, that would be awesome.

Other things to note: PixelDolls, the parent company for LoveLace has something of a presence on Xstreet, but none of the lingerie is sold there. 😦

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Lingerie: Neopolitan, by LoveLace, in Licorice
Boots and Cuffs: + ADDiCTIA + Adnata Boots Graphite, Women Boots (OMFG, these are SMOKING HOT)
Collar: Abe Shackleton
Necklace: Kunstkammer Blackened Coin Necklace
Location: The Landing Strip, Carbondale Heights
Pose: Female Dance #9 by Henamations

Outfit Details:
Price: 199 for the single outfit, 747 for the fat pack.
Pieces: 5

Detailing: A+
Prim Attachments: Prim skirt panel
Resizing Scripts: None
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes – the top is available on undershirt & Shirt, the bottom is available on pants and underwear layers.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes! No distorting on bum or boobs. 🙂
Multi-purpose pieces?: Yes! I think this looks as good on the dance floor as it does the bedroom.


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