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11 Apr

:SK Designs: Cthulhu Top Blue
I’ll be honest- I’m not sure if this qualifies as lingerie or not, but it’s so unique that I had to share it with you. I found SK Creations on a Weekend Fever shopping trip, grabbing up their “WF top in Old Pink.” As I tend to revisit stores later when things aren’t so rushed, I grabbed up the fat pack on my next visit. (Which is offered under the Chthulhu name – a bit confusing.) This blue version is part of the fat pack, which is priced less than most single outfits.

It’s almost a shirt, almost a merrywidow, almost a chemise… but not quite entirely any of those. It’s just.. well.. eyecatching, whatever the hell it is. I decided to categorize it as Dancewear, but that isn’t 100% accurate, either… So I’ll leave it up to the imagination of my readers to decide — what is this outfit in your eyes? I think it’s fun and intriguing, even if I have no idea what the heck to call it…


What’s “Just Right”: For me, the under bust shading and the wrinkles are awesome. I also think the heart-shaped clasp at the thigh with the little gray ribbons is adorable. Another very cool touch is the eyelet at the center stomach and mid-back — the texturing on the ribbon is so perfectly glossy satin.

What Could Use Improvement: Ugh. The panties. The crotch area is almost painful.. to the point that I have thought about blogging this one for months, but didn’t, because I struggled with the panties so much. There’s no stockings with the outfit – had they included some with little matching heart/bow combos, it would have been just delightful. Since I made this purchase, they DO offer a variant of this that does have chain-shaped garters and a gray striped stocking. It didn’t really catch my eye when I revisited the store, though.

Other things to note: Sadly, SK Design doesn’t have a presence on XStreet. FYI – If you like the general shape of the bodice, they re-used that outline and wrinkle template on a shorts/top ensemble called the “Slim Outfit.” Another of their offerings, called the “Classy Outfit” is in my “quick change” folder – (as in, oh crap, I landed in a PG sim, gotta get covered up NOW!) They do have a blog:

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Lingerie: Cthulhu Tops Fat Pack
Stockings: Simply Orgasmic
Jewelry:Tahitian Pearls Full Set in Gold by Drifting Sands
Pose: Gaeline Creations
Furniture: Sofa with Mirror & Phone by Morantique

Outfit Details:
Price: 150 for the Fat Pack, which includes Blue, Black, and Green
Pieces: 16 total, 5 per color + 1 panty.

Detailing: A-
Prim Attachments: None
Resizing Scripts: None
Tattoo Friendly?: No: The panties are only offered on the underwear layer.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes: Even on my 89s, it held up well.
Multi-purpose pieces?: Yes. I paired the top with some high-shine leggings from TGIS, and looked smokin hot for clubbing.

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