For the bed chamber…

11 Apr

There’s no question that the folks at Armidi have some exquisite creations. Their lingerie line is no exception. (In fact, this set has probably been blogged a gazillion times already and is “old news” fashion wise.. but it’s pretty, and I was all about the pretty today.) I held off purchasing from them for a long time, because – as in the real fashion world, a lot of their designs didn’t strike me as ones that would look good on a curvy girl. But, out of a sense of fairness (and, okay, I admit it, magpie-like covetousness), I gave some a shot. For the most part, I was pleasantly surprised.

I selected the Aufiori Chambre, which comes in 11 different colors – I chose “Dove” which is a soft blue. Though, honestly, I could easily see myself purchasing several of the other colors available – the Sangria set was also gorgeous.

Sabella Fallen in Aufiori Chambre, by Intimizzio

What’s “Just Right”: OMG, I nearly had a mini orgasm when I saw the garterbelt on this outfit for the first time. It is so exquisitely detailed – you can practically feel the delicacy of the fabric edges, the satin ribbon cording on the front. This is one of the ways that SL improves upon RL. The lightweight chiffon could never support or hold its shape in RL like this – and it looks just delicious.

There’s fantastic detail on the panties, the garter straps, and I love the light chiffon ruffle on the bra and the bra clasp. Each piece is available on multiple layers — and the panties & garterbelt are available on both underpants and pants layer – which means you can wear the panties on TOP of the garter belt for easier / prettier sexual access… though you do lose sight of the pretty satin cording.

Another tiny detail that adds so much is the seaming – everywhere that on a real garment you would have a seam – this has one – and it’s appropriately shaded and highlighted. That’s a level of detail I don’t often see.

What Could Use Improvement: The bra is the weakest piece of the outfit. There’s just something odd about the shading, such that on a woman with larger breasts, the light and shadow looks like it’s being viewed from an off angle. It’s hard to put my finger on, precisely, but it isn’t quite right. As well, the detail on the straps where they meet the cups could be better. A bit more crispness to the ribbon rosettes would have been awesome.

Other things to note: Armidi doesn’t have an Xstreet presence – they have their own website, I found it remarkably user unfriendly, and gave up on my fourth or fifth attempt to register for the site. Very frustrating.

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Lingerie: Aufiori Chambre, by Intimizzio – the lingerie line of Armidi
Jewelry: Tahitian Pearls Full Set in Gold by Drifting Sands
Pose: Gaeline Creations, “Hot Girl” Stand #4

Outfit Details:
Price: 295L
Pieces: 8

Detailing: B+ because some major detail is lost on the bra straps where they meet the cups, and the shadowing is a bit odd on the under-bust area.
Prim Attachments: None
Resizing Scripts: Not Applicable
Tattoo Friendly?: It would be more-so if there was a single combined layer for panties + garterbelt. If you aren’t using the Viewer 2.0 tattoo-layer, you won’t be able to wear all the pieces.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Hrm. Mostly, yes. The gold ribbons on the garter belt on the back lose some detail, as does the bra strap.
Multi-purpose pieces?: No. Pure, girly lingerie.


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