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18 Mar

It was really difficult to pick just one outfit from Reasonable Desires to share with you. They do a surprising number of things really well, including lingerie, costumes, burlesque, can-can, and retro clothing. Every time I visit, I find something else I simply can’t do without. There is an in-world group with gifts, VIP/Picks prizes, and Lucky Chairs… but honestly, the prices are so low, everything in the store is within reach of even the most modest budget.

Intending to check the price of an outfit I’d already purchased, I found myself with several more bags worth of clothes, questioning my original choice for the blog. Austie Pegler is known for her deft touch with vintage and retro, but at the time time, her new offerings were just delicious. It was sheer fashion agony, I tell you! 🙂

Miss Celeste, by Reasonable Desires

After days of indecision, I finally had to go with one of her burlesque outfits, because she has such a wide variety, both in color and style. I selected the “Miss Celeste” in a black and white polkadot. It can be worn either over or under bust, with a long or a short skirt.

What’s “Just Right”: The lace that Austie used on this ensemble is lovely and the texturing work on the fabric is subtly done. I love the contrasting colored boning and the sheer variety of options in the outfit. The hat is adorable and cute (though I didn’t do a very good job of aligning it on my head in the picture.) This ensemble is delightfully flexible, with so many options – stockings up or down, over or under bust, two different gloves, plus all the extras – pasties, bows, etc.

What Could Use Improvement: I wish that there was a ‘jacket layer’ version of the corset. It’s in two pieces – shirt and pants. The pants layer contains the lower part of the corset and the garters, which are drawn up as if the stockings are unattached. A version with them with the garters extended (and attached) would have been delightful, since standard stockings are part of the outfit (in addition to the’rolled down’ stockings).

Additional Information: Reasonable Desires has a strong presence on XStreet, with inventory in such categories as costumes, lingerie, christmas apparel, underwear, uniforms, lounging and sleepware, silks, cultural costumes, and more. The store is large, easy to browse, and rezzed pretty quickly for me. It’s easy to find the new products, items are grouped by type, and it’s light and airy, making for a pleasant shopping experience.

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Outfit: Reasonable Desires – Miss Celeste Burlesque
Location: Devious Minds
Pose: Devious Minds/Chanimations

Outfit Details:
Price: 299L
Pieces: Nineteen.

Detailing: A.
Prim Attachments: Rolled Down stockings for either left or right leg, Fancy Hat, Left & Right Garter Bows, Left & Right pasties, Long Skirt, Short skirt, and Hair Flower.
Resizing Scripts: None
Tattoo Friendly?: No – the bra to the corset is worn on the underwear layer, the corset itself on the shirt layer.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes. It handled my ’89s with no problem.
Multi-purpose pieces?: Costume balls, period role play, a ‘private showing’ for your man…

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