“Hit Me Baby One More Time” * (with a pillow)

12 Mar

The Pillowfight: Rebel Hope Babydoll

Sabella Fallen in Rebel Hope Babydoll

So what’s better than two girls having a sleep over? Six girls in lingerie having a pillow fight sleep over. 🙂 With the help of my cohort in crime, Naeve Rossini, we collected a giggling gaggle of girls from the SL Universe group to don flimsy bits of lace and whack each other with pillows, do our toenails and jump on the bed. (A big SLingerie thank you to all the ladies who dropped everything were to doing to help out: Naeve Rossini, Mocksoup Graves, COCA Yven, Roxanne Bloobury, Seyla Warden, and Madison Talon.) I had actually planned to use a baby doll by a different designer for this shoot, but it simply didn’t have the color choices I was hoping for, and, well, when Naeve bounced in wearing the Whisper Babydoll by Rebel Hope, it was too cute to resist. I have previously made purchases from Rebel Hope (their Lalique Bra and Panties, which was actually on my ‘to review’ list), and knew they made some really lovely things.

What’s “Just Right”: I like the variety of options this release provides. You can either wear it as a lace cami, a standard length babydoll, or a longer style babydoll nightgown. The Babydoll also comes in four colors – white, pink, baby blue and violet – giving the girls a variety to choose from. The prims on the babydoll itself are nicely done.

The edges aren’t crisp – they’re soft and flowing, which fits the mood of the piece. My eye was drawn to the scalloped detail on the bottom of the cami which is echoed on the babydoll skirting. It’s a nice extra touch. All three versions – the cami alone, the short babydoll, and the long babydoll – looked good.

What Could Use Improvement: It’s not a ‘needs improvement’ per se, but I did find myself wishing that the bodice/bra was a *smidge* more sheer or detailed, one or the other. If there was a secondary panty option, that would have been incredible, as I’m just not a big fan of g-strings. But hey, at that price, you’re already getting a huge deal. I do wish that the pieces were offered on more than one wear slot – shirt and pant, to make it tattoo friendly.

Other things to note: Rebel Hope sells a _lot_ more than just lingerie. I bought all of the girls their copy of the outfit via XStreet (where they have over 400 individual listings), which made delivery effortless as more and more girls joined the pillowfight. I really like some of their bras and panties! They also have a blog you can follow to stay up on all their newest releases.

Photo Details:
Lingerie: !Babydoll Lingerie by Rebel Hope – White, Pink, Baby Blue, or Lilac
Roxanne: Shoes by Vicariuos Lee, Jewelry by Alyssa Bijoux
Madison: Hair by Calico Creations, Skin by Chaisuki
Coca: Jewelery By Bandit
Naeve: Shoes by Stiletto Moody, eyes by Poetic Colors, Hair by Damselfly, Skin by League.
Sabella: shoes by N-Core, belly jewel by Harmony Deschanel, bracelets by Zaara
Mocksoup Graves: (no info available)
Seyla Warden: (no info available)
Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Location: Carbondale Heights
Pose/pillows/bed: Yellow Snow (Rockin cool!!)

Outfit Details:
Price: 50L. Yep. That’s right. 50L! Another enormous lingerie bargain!
Pieces: Two prim babydoll ‘skirts’, panties on underwear layer and a cami on the undershirt layer.

Detailing: A
Prim Attachments: 2 different length babydoll skirts
Resizing Scripts: None
Tattoo Friendly?: No – outfit is only offered on underwear and undershirt layer.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes – the fabric pattern is a very subtle white on white pattern, and it looked good on all the girls – and we had a wide array of sizes and shapes.
Multi-purpose pieces?: The cami could be worn as a top with jeans or a skirt – it provides full coverage and is suitable even for PG sims.

Quote of the Shoot: Naeve Rossini shouts at the client, “CAN YOU SEE WHO’S BOUNCING OVER ON THE BED???” 🙂

* Yes, I really did quote Britney Spears… God help me!


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