Lace Me Up, Lace Me Down

07 Mar

Okay, so there was a ton of stuff that I needed to review before I was going to let myself circle back to anyone I’d already shared with you. But all it took was that notecard hitting my screen and my resolve melted away like sugar on a schoolgirl’s tongue. I HAD to share the new line of corsets by Trashy Girls in Style with ya’ll.

Freya has made something really quite remarkable with her latest release; it’s a set of glossy satin print fabric corsets, in paisleys, animal prints and florals. As always, they are tattoo friendly, but what makes them super-awesome is that she has added a prim attachment on the chest, to give the piece three dimensionality. (When combined with the breast physics in the Emerald viewer, it is … um.. awe inspiring. There’s no other way to put it.)

Sabella Fallen in Trashy Girls in Style

I snatched up the Black Floral, loving the Asian feel to the design…though the leopard was a close second. Opening up the box, I was really pleased with the multiple options being offered – not just in layers, but in whole looks. There’s two different options for the corset itself, one of which is a nipple-skimming lower cut, and two different color options for the prim corset top.

What’s “Just Right”: Freya does amazing things with textures; one of the many reasons I’m a squeeing fangirl. She also remembers all the extra touches that really make an outfit — There is a prim bow for the corset laces, and she has it placed correctly; It’s at the center point, where both sets of lacings would meet (Yes, a real, well made, waist-reducing corset has two sets of laces). And speaking of the laces, they’re very well executed.

What Could Use Improvement: If the corset top was offered in an additional attachment point (such as spine), that would make this outfit positively orgasmic. A lot of girls wear their collars or other neck jewelry on the chest slot.

Additional Notes: In the photo, I did cheat, which I must admit. I wore my rosary on one of the Emerald secondary attachment points. If I was using the standard viewer, I would have had to reslot one or the other. I’m also a little sad to report that Trashy Girls is no longer available on XStreet. I asked Freya if she would be putting her things on one of the other merchant sites. She replied that she might be in the future.

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Corset: Print Corset in Black Floral by Trashy Girls in Style
Skirt: Dirty Black MiniSkirt Punky by Blow-Up.
Stockings: Leah by Reasonable Desires
Rosary: Rosary by KR
Location: Carbondale Heights
Pose: Model 10, by FF (Faux Barbee)

Outfit Details:
Price: 50L. (Yes, you read that right. The corset is FIFTY Lindens. And not just on Friday, either.)
Pieces: 13 + fitting tutorial, plus two textures, and a ‘How to Wear Me’ guide.

Detailing: A
Prim Attachments: 3 – two different corset tops and a lacing bow
Resizing Scripts: None – the top must be manually adjusted.
Tattoo Friendly?: Absolutely – The corset top is offered on undershirt, shirt and corset layers, and the panty is offered on both underwear and pant layer.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Mostly – My particularly excessive curves caused a minor issue; a line was visible at the juncture of pant and shirt layer (even on the jacket layer piece) due to avatar mesh.
Multi-purpose pieces?: Yes! not only is this hot in the bedroom, but it pairs perfectly with a skirt or pair of leggings for some smokin hot clubwear.

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