“Sweet Cherry Wine” *

06 Mar

I love the femininity of a babydoll nighty. The soft, floating fabrics, the low decolletage, the playful sexiness of them. So when I’m browsing for lingerie, my eye is almost always drawn to this style of garment. I was in a bit of a retro mood when I chanced upon the “Baby Dall * W-drop Red” by Cherry Girl.

What’s “Just Right”: The designer offers this piece with two different options for the babydoll – one that’s quite sheer and the other that’s more solid. That kind of flexibility of pieces is always wonderful. I was very pleased with the soft, wispiness of the transparent version. There was just enough color to provide substance but it still captured the gauzy flow of a good babydoll.

The bra and panty color is fun – a dark hot pink with black polka dots. It reminded me of something a 50’s pinup would wear, stencilled on the side of a Air Force bomber. I like the black satin bow at the center of the bodice; it’s fun and adds a whimsical touch.

What Could Use Improvement: The seat of the panties. The waistband is a wide ruffled satin, and the seat is almost non-existant; to my eye, that just didn’t work, design-wise. It also seemed to clash with the retro feel of the garment. A fuller back would have balanced the outfit better.

Additional Notes: CherryGirl has a very strong presence on XStreet. Their store is open, simply laid out, and not fussy. I haven’t ever seen so many girls huddled around a Lucky Board in all my days.

Photo Details:
Model& Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Lingerie: *CGirl*H* Baby Dall * W-drop Red *
Shoes: NCore Stylus Xtreme Heel in Black
Collar and Cuffs: Abe Shackleton
Pose: Adorkable Poses – customized for avatar size
Location: Carbondale Heights

Outfit Details:
Price: 200L
Pieces: 6 + Landmark (no texture included)

Detailing: B
Prim Attachments: yes – two different versions of the skirt, both worn on chest.
Resizing Scripts: No
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes: Bra and panty are available on two different layers each.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Relatively, yes.
Multi-purpose pieces?: No

* Lyrics by Tommy James and The Shondells.


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