Old Roses and Magnolias

25 Feb

In my unending quest to find the best lingerie that Second Life designers have to offer, I stumbled across Magnolia Intimates, a specialty division of Magnolia Designs. I had been flitting here and there looking up stores that were participating in a special ‘weekend discount’ group. While I am not generally a ‘mall crawler,’a couple of sims had such a lovely and inviting build that I wandered around a bit after looking at the participating merchant.

Just a few steps away down a tree lined street was a classic, elegant build – and I could see bits of lace and sexy curves through the windows. Like Superman and Kryptonite… I was doomed and couldn’t resist.

Inside, I found a small collection of elegant, beautiful pieces, ranging from babydolls and corsets to bra and panty sets. It was hard to decide which to go with, so I turned to Autumn Teardrop, a member of the SLingerie group on Avatars United. As soon as I had seen her pictures, I knew I wanted to have Autumn model for the blog. She very obligingly came right over, and we happily compared notes on style, design and color, narrowing it down to one of three. Eventually, we agreed on the Bianca set in Old Rose – a bra, panty and stocking set (no garter belt). Bianca is offered in four colors: Red, White, Black, and Rose. I snagged Bianca in white, for myself.

What’s “Just Right”: So many things! This is an ensemble in which the detail work really shines. The upper bra cup is covered in a delicate sheer lace, which is echoed in a wide band around the band of the bra. Matching lace curves naughtily at the hips on the panties and tiny little satin bows have been added in just the right spots to draw the eye. The edges are clean and crisp – no ‘fudging’ at the seams, either! The fabric on the bra and panties is translucent, so yes, they’ll know if you’re a natural blonde…

What Could Use Improvement: I had to stare long and hard at this outfit to see something that could have been done more realistically… though I’m not sure that ‘better’ applies. The clasp on the back of the bra is not very detailed. Additionally, the top of the stockings dip down in a “V” on the back of the leg. It doesn’t take away from the outfit at all; it’s unusual, though. If there had been a back-seam, it would have made a little more stylistic sense.

Other things to Note: Magnolia does have a presence on XStreet, though the Bianca set in Old Rose is not one of the items offered there. (The white version is.) There are a few more outfits offered in the main Magnolia store that were not on display at Magnolia Intimates, so it’s worth the trip to the second floor of the primary location. I didn’t see any freebies or gift items, but the cost of their pieces is also very low and within the price range of even the most penny pinching of grid residents.

Photo Details:
Model: Autumn Teardrop
Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Lingerie: Bianca, in Old Rose, from Magnolia Intimates
Location: Private residence of Autumn Teardrop.
Model’sHair: Gabby, from Truth
Model’s Skin: Ania, from Laqroki, with Cleavage Enhancer v2
Bracelet: Part of the Snow Kitty outfit from K&L
Shape: Custom, not available for retail sale.

Outfit Details:
Price: 130L
Pieces: 5 + landmark & texture

Detailing: A+
Prim Attachments: None applicable
Resizing Scripts: None applicable
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes. The panties and bra are both supplied on two different layers.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes. The line of the panties seems like it was actually designed to accentuate the curve of a fuller hip.
Multi-purpose pieces?: No. Pure, gorgeous, sexy lingerie in all of its seductive glory.


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