Daydreaming of Zaara

22 Feb

I love the beautiful clothing at Zaara – her use of color and texture is truly remarkable. She effortlessly captures the vibrant patterns and hues of the Indian culture, translating them for a wider audience in the form of a very accessible fashion line. While I was familiar with several of her offerings – dresses, shorts (honestly, some of the best I’ve yet seen in SL), jewelry – I hadn’t ever explored her lingerie. Upon recommendation, I did; I’m glad I followed Mochi’s suggestion.

Tucked off next to the formal gowns is the Kanti ensemble – a bra, panty, garter belt and stocking set. I love the wide range of colors offered – turquoise, violet, dull rose, crimson, gold and silver. It was very hard to
decide, as they are all of the same quality level – sometimes with different colors, detail sometiems gets lost. With the Kanti line, they all looked just as good.

Sabella Fallen in Kanti Lingerie by Zaara

What’s Just Right: The panties and garter belt are really the stars of this outfit. There’s a delicate mesh on the front and back of the panties that adds a perfect bit of uniqueness. The black lace on top of the lavender satin is ideally excecuted, and the zig-zag stitching pattern on the elastic is yet another example of the level of detail in this outfit. The tiny purple ribbons on the garterbelt are adorable. But the BEST part of the Kanti outfit is the box of ‘extra pieces’ that’s included – the bra, panty and garter belt on additional levels. This allows you to wear your panties on TOP of the garterbelt – which, as we know, means you can take them off more quickly without mucking with more clothes than absolutely neccessary! It’s a small detail, but it’s those bits of realism that really make an outfit for me.

What Could Use Improvement: The bra cups. There is a level of detail in the panties and garterbelt that the bra just doesn’t reach, in terms of shading. The highlighting and shadow are in the right spots, but it’s lost the crispness that the panties and garterbelt have.

The panties and garterbelt would be sheer perfection if they were available as a single, merged layer on Pants, so they were tattoo friendly (most folks wear their tattoos on Underwear/Undershirt layer)… but alas, this is not the case.

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Lingerie: Kanti Lingerie set in lilac by Zaara
Shoes: ChiChi pumps by Maitreya
Bangle Bracelets: Nizam Choodiya in purple by Zaara
Collar: Abe Shackleton
Background: the Camille Window Seat by Second Spaces Furniture & Accessories
Location: Carbondale Heights
Pose: Curves6 by Torridwear

Outfit Details:
Price: 290L
Pieces: 8 + texture & landmark

Detailing: A
Prim Attachments: N/A
Resizing Scripts: N/A
Tattoo Friendly?: Partially – the bra is available on multiple layers. But if you want to wear the panties and garterbelt AND tattoos… you’re out of luck.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Mostly – the bra suffers a little bit on a high-slider girl, but otherwise, it looks great.
Multi-purpose pieces?: Nope – Pure, sexy, girlie, exquisite lingerie.


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