Well, I’m Blue…

20 Feb

Sabella Fallen in Blue Flowers Corset by BlakOpal If you’ve dabbled in Victorian RP at all, you have probably heard of BlakOpal. Or, if you like to dress up like a pirate. Or you like swooshy ball gowns. What? No? Lucky you! You have something really fun to explore and see for the first time! I kind of envy you… that moment when you discover something new, special, and entrancing is just awesome… And BlakOpal is all kinds of awesome. With awesome sauce on top. [I organize my clothes in subfolders sorted by clothing type… generally. There’s two designers I have so many things by, they get their very own folder: BlakOpal is one.]

Their primary focus is, as I said, Victorian / pirate… but they also make dresses in such a way that they oftentimes double as boudoir wear when worn without the skirt(s). Every once in a while, they come out with a piece that is specifically designed to be worn as lingerie. Their Dark Horizons set is not to be missed. (To be perfectly honest, it’s one of my absolute, top of the list, favorite lingerie outfits, bar none.)

The Blue Flowers Corset set has a vertical ‘crenellated’ pattern on the corset that is reminiscent of the cog patterning they use on a lot of their pieces. An understated floral brocade of the bodice is a deep, intense blue on blue, textured like velvet, with a satin ribbon detail. Thirteen blue silk roses ornament the garter straps, panties and bust-line.

What I Like: The color is exquisite and I like the rosette detail. This is an extremely feminine garment, and like all of BlakOpal’s work, is well made. I love that she added the realistic vertical stretch of the stockings where they are tugged upward by the garter strap. The lacing work on the back of the corset is very well done, and the eyelets look very three dimensional.

What I don’t like: The panties. I think the shape doesn’t quite really work – they’re cut a bit too narrow in the front and the back of the thong has little definition or detail. I also admit that I am a stickler when it comes to panties, however, and have been accused of being a bit excessive in my expectations. I’ll admit there might be some truth in that. 🙂

Other things to note: BlakOpal regularly offers extremely generous freebies, both in their store and on Xstreet – for gentlemen and for ladies. Their stores also contain ‘dressing rooms’ where you can go and rez your purchases, for immediate try-ons, which I really like. They are also currently running a photo contest on their website, and in their group on Avatars United. Their stores are well laid out, and it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. Last but not least, and as a complete side note, they have some of the coolest steampunk wings I’ve ever seen. 🙂

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer: Sabella Fallen
Lingerie: Blue Flowers Corset Set
Shoes: N-core SOUL XtremeHeel II “Galaxy”
Collar and Cuffs: Abe Shackleton
Backdrop: Plants by Heart, flowers from the Mood: Blue collection from Pocket Gardens
Pose: Long Awkward Pose
Location: Carbondale Heights

Outfit Details:
Price: 300L
Pieces: 5: Corset on Jacket, Corset on Shirt, Thong on Underwear Layer, Stockings, and Garter belt on Pants.

Detailing: B+ The bustline is not all it could be.
Prim Attachments: Not Applicable
Resizing Scripts: Not Applicable
Tattoo Friendly?: No. In order to wear the whole outfit, you have to use both pants and underpants layer.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Mostly.. and this is why I put them at a B+ instead of A for detail. The bustline area suffers a bit on a high-slider girl. (But realize, my idea of ‘busty’ is the 80+ range.)
Multi-purpose pieces?: Yes. The corset is made on both jacket and shirt layer, so it can be repurposed.

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