I’m No “Tease” …

14 Feb

Model & Photography
Sabella Fallen
Thank you to Freyja Nemeth, who suggested I wander over to 5th & Oxford! I had seen them now and then on 50L Fridays and hunts, but hadn’t really connected with the fact that they do make lingerie! It’s a very small collection but all the pieces seem to be hand drawn which is extra nice.

This outfit – “The Tease” – comes in eight colors (Blush, Blue, Lavender, Black, Tangerine, Teal, Apple and Rose) as well as this exclusive 50 Linden Fridays version in Sapphire. It’s of note that there are some leather gloves also available in their store that seem to be in the same color families, which would make a nice extra touch to this outfit.

What I like: The bra is built much like a real segmented cup bra. The panty/garterbelt combo is structured VERY flexibly: either with a garter, a panty, or both, on both underwear and pants layers — the most generous and tatoo friendly combination I have seen in SL.

I also appreciated the two different styles of stockings; one set in nude and one set in a gorgeous sheer sapphire. The straps and clips on the garterbelt are rendered very accurately, and the shadowing detail on the straps where they meet the stockings is the best I’ve seen to date.

What I don’t like: On the darker colors – the black and the sapphire most noticeably – there is an additional bit of shadow work on the inner cup next to the vertical seam. It calls attention to itself, breaking the fluidity of the line of the bra. But that’s pretty darned nitpicky.

All in all, this is a gorgeous, softly rendered piece of lingerie. I can see it paired delightfully with a sheer shirt for some sexy clubwear, or with a open sweater for a naughty, flirtateous look at home.

Outfit Details:
Price: 50L (part of the 02/12/10 50L Fridays – usual price = 250L)
Pieces: 11 + Landmark

Photo Details:
Outfit: 5th & Oxford’s 50 Linden Friday offering for 02/12/10.
Pose: Mistress Midnight.
Accessories: Cuffs & Collar by Abe Shackleton.
Setting: Bed, candles, and table by Apocalips Japan.
Environment: Carbondale Heights

Detailing: B+
Prim Attachments: Not applicable
Resizing Scripts: Not applicable
Tattoo Friendly?: YES!! Oh, heavens YES!!! Rapturously.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes. While there was a slight amount of stretch on the texture, it stood up remarkably well for my size 89s.
Multi-purpose pieces?: Underwear as Outerwear possibilities, but predominantly, this is pure lingerie.


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