Shop My Blues Away: Chandra

11 Feb

I tend to be hesitant to contact designers directly, but the environment of the SL Universe “New Products” sub-forum lends itself well to questions. When I saw the ‘parent‘ outfit posted, I immediately asked if there would be subsequent offerings in different colors.

The response came quickly: “I’ll see what I can do.” This morning, less than a week later, a stunning quartet was offered in a deep burnt orange/red, a vibrant pansy violet, electric stormy blue, and smokey grey/black. I hit that XStreet ‘add to favorites’ link faster than you can say “Jimminy Cricket” and it was my very first bit of business upon entering the grid this evening.

The Chandra corset does not disappoint. Seven black strapped silver buckles in graduating sizes work their way down the bodice, which comes to flared points at the inner hip. Black cording laces its way up either side of the buckles and black edging at the top provides visual interest. The back of the corset is accented with a twin row of silver studs, between which is a lovely and subtle floral pattern, which is repeated on the Tanga-like bikini panty.

Model & Photographer:
Sabella Fallen

What I like: The intensity of the color is exquisite. There are many ‘little details’ which all add up to a really quality garment. The boning looks like boning. The rivets look like rivits. The buckles really look like buckles. None of which is easy – and the texture work that surrounds it all is very nicely done.

What I don’t like: There are two straps descending from the back edge of the corset – which would be *perfect* to attach to stockings… but the set doesn’t come with any, and I couldn’t find any to match in the store. I’ve posed the question if stockings might be a possibility… we’ll see what DoC says!

Photo Details:
Corset & Panties: Chandra, by DE Designs
Stockings & Shoes: Soul XtremeHeel II “Galaxy” by N-Core. (yes: that’s right – the stockings are designed to go WITH the prim foot shoes, which has color changing… so you can wear one of 6 different colored stockings, and your prim foot can be colored to match! Hallelujah!!)
Pose: Vista AO
Location: DE Designs Sim

Outfit Details:
Price: 225L
Pieces: 10

Detailing: A
Prim Attachments: Not Applicable
Resizing Scripts: Not Applicable
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes! Multiple options for each layer.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes! No blurring of details, even on a voluptuous figure.
Multi-purpose pieces?: Yes! This was originally designed as a companion piece for an outfit – the corset was released as a stand alone version by customer demand.

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