Fabulous, Dahling!

08 Feb

Stormy Javelin in Madi's Fabulous Set When I asked my girlfriend Stormy what her favorite piece of lingerie was, she melted into a puddle of indecision. There was just too much fun stuff in her inventory. So her Owner, Disaster, was kind enough to step in and provide some instruction and guidance. This was his pick: Madi’s Fabulous Set, in Night.

What I like: I love the lace detailing. It isn’t the ‘same old’ lace… it’s a delicate rose pattern that is quite striking, and the edges are clean and crisp – not fuzzy! I love the adorable little pink ribbons on the panties and bra. (If they were prim bows, that would be even better, but alas, they are not.) Most of all, I appreciate the underbust shading work. The tiny lace loop work at the bottom of the bra is a lovely finishing touch.

What Could Use Improvement: The seat of the panties. Sadly, there isn’t a lot of shading work on the bottom area; though, honestly, this is sadly common on SL clothing. It’s hard to get detail there – probably as hard as the bustline. It detracts from what is otherwise a delicious outfit.

Also of Note: When I went to Madi’s to look at the other things they had, I found a number of outfits that I’ve added to my ‘must buy!’ list, and found a little leopard spot and lace tank that I simply couldn’t resist. Depending on which store you go to, the layout is somewhat different. I first went to her store in Orbis Penitus, and liked it a bit better than her store in Pine Woods. The Orbis Penitus store had front and back displays, showing the full outfit, whereas the other store’s views were predominantly only the front. Seeing that rear end is vital for informed lingerie choices! I did appreciate that there were nice freebies available in both shops, however, there were items in the Pine Woods store that I didn’t find in Orbis Penitus.

Photo Details:
Model – Stormy Javelin
Photographer – Sabella Fallen
Outfit – Bra & Panties: Madi’s Fabulous Set – Night. Collar: Sweet Submission. Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Lauren (Black)
Location – Carbondale Heights
Pose – Devious Minds’ FetishCabaret Photo Prop “CabaretBeauty”

Outfit Details:
Price: $290
Pieces: 5 pieces, 3 on 2 layers.

Detailing: A
Prim Attachments: None
Resizing Scripts: Not Applicable
Tattoo Friendly?: Yes. Each piece of the outfit was available on at least two layers.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Yes and No. The underbust shading makes this great for a girl with some cleavage, but the panties lose all semblance of detail if you have junk in the trunk.
Multi-purpose pieces?: No. This is pure lingerie.


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