Angels We Have Heard On High

08 Feb

Naeve Rossini in Angelic by Blacklace

Naeve in BlackLace

This whole idea (SLingerie) came about when I asked the fashionistas of SLUniverse whether or not there was a lingerie-focused fashion blog or feed. No one knew of one, and a couple folks encouraged me to give it a try. So my second question was, ‘Who is your favorite designer?’ Several folks immediately said, ‘BlackLace.’

Later that same day, I had a really lovely chat with Gemini from BlackLace. I’ve only bought one piece from their house in the past (Belle: White Satin Corset Cincher & Bra Set), despite wandering through the store two or three times, because of breast detailing. In SL as in RL, designers have to sell to their demographic. I’m very curvy, and the pieces I had seen from BlackLace didn’t seem like they were built for a girl of my proportions. She and I chatted about under-bust shading, and I showed her some examples of pieces that enhanced and defined a fuller bustline, versus ones that didn’t. It was a great conversation, and I came away feeling like BlackLace really *does* want customer feedback and dialogue, which is a rarity. After our chat, I wandered through the store again, and picked up a item fom a Hunt they’re participating in. Lo and behold, it was an under-bust bra, panties and garter, and it looked HOT!

But back to the SLU Fashionistas… Naeve said she’d love to help, and pulled this lovely number out of her inventory as one of her personal favorites. We poofed over to Dragon Rose Isle, and she let me take a couple of pics.

What I like: The softness. The outfit is sold as an ensemble, and includes the wings, halo, bra, panties and garterbelt. The lace detail on the panties and the embroidery on the garter belt is quite lovely. There’s great detail on the strap clips for the garterbelt as well.

What I don’t like: The softness. Yes, I know, that doesn’t make much sense, but bear with me. To some degree, the detail is lost on the bra cup, which almost looks blurry – as if the wearer had been run through a ‘soft focus’ filter in photoshop. I couldn’t tell if it was the texture work, or Naeve’s breasts. Also, it’s very nitpicky, but the straps on a garter belt don’t really curve inward like that, from the side of the hip to the front of the thigh. There isn’t a lot of detail on the back of the garter belt – continuing the embroidery pattern would have been a lovely finishing touch.

[As a random side note, to quote from one of my favorite books, ‘Sex Tips for Girls’ – “Ladies, the panties go ON TOP of the garterbelt, not the other way around! That way, you can take them off more quickly!” … but I’ve never seen a designer – in SL or RL – that actually modelled their outfits that way.]

Other notes: I like that BlackLace has a very strong presence on Xstreet. I know some folks don’t like the site because they are convinced that all things LL are evil, but it’s a place I can browse for pretties while on a lunch break at work, which makes it an invaluable resource for me. Heck, when I saw Naeve’s choice of outfit, I jumped on XStreet to look for accessories, and found that gorgeous rosary.

Photo Details:
Lingerie, Bracelet, Wings & Halo: Angelic White (Blacklace)
Shoes: d’Orsay White Patent (Stiletto Moody)
Necklace: Rosary Necklace (Ken Rosenthal)
Poses: CM-Decipher This PR4, BG1-Barbie2 PR4 (Long Awkward Pose)
Location: Dragon Rose Isle

About the Model: Naeve Rossini
Hair: Verena Black Pearl (Damselfly)
Nails: #P006 Long Prim Red (Candy Nail)
Eyes: Ocean Mist (Poetic Colors)
Skin: Kate Deeptan Glam (League)
Shape: Custom (Naeve Rossini)

Photo Details:
Model: Naeve Rossini
Photographer: Sabella Fallen

Outfit Details: LIMITED EDITION!!
Price: 398L
Pieces: 9 + texture and landmark.

Detailing: B – The lower section of the garter belt and the thong are really exquisite. More detail on the top of the bra cup would be nice!
Prim Attachments: Wings and Halo, plus a gold and a silver bracelet.
Resizing Scripts: None required. Though a script to modify the glow / bling on the halo would have been a lovely extra touch.
Tattoo Friendly?: Partially. The bra is available on the shirt and undershirt layer. The panties & garter belt are on separate layers, so if you wear tattoos on your underwear layer, you’ll be running around sans g-string.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Mostly. The g-string and garterbelt look fantastic. The bra could use a wee bit more shadow/detailing to give definition to a fuller bustline.
Multi-purpose pieces?: Costume party… seducing that devil in your life… but otherwise, no. This is pure girlie lingerie.


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