All About Alice

07 Feb

Insolence is a design house that gets it. They understand the needs of tattooed girls – the majority of their new outfits have a separate, specifically tattoo friendly version – and they grok that it’s all about the details. Their collections are romantic and sensual. (They have another collection, tucked down under the main store, that’s where the bad girls can go to their their naughty on.)

This is ‘Alice’ and I *think* it may be one of their older releases – but it’s still gorgeous. It’s a simple, clean design that comes in 6 different colors: white, brown, black, lavender, bordeaux, and purple. It’s a bra, g-string, garter belt and stockings ensemble, with a prim skirt to the garter belt. I love the beautiful patterning of the lace – perfectly replicated on the prim skirt and matching stockings. The clips on the garter belt are extremely realistic.

Naeve Rossini in Insolence
Photo & Model: Naeve Rossini.

I do wish that there was a wee little bit more under-bust shading on the bra. On a girl with small to moderate breasts, this looks exquisite. It’s only when you got a bit higher on the sliders that potential under-bustline detail is lost.

The drawback to Alice is the prim skirt. It’s No Copy, and does not have a resize script… so if you’re curvy like me, you must manually adjust those prims. They are generous and supply a ‘back up’ in case you mess up, but even still, that’s a little nerve wracking if you aren’t skilled at prim attachment resizing.

Photo Details:
Model & Photographer – Naeve Rossini.
Outfit – Alice (White) by Insolence, shoes: d’Orsay White Patent by Stiletto Moody.
Pose – Sex Appeal Kneel 2 (Nexeus Fatale)
Location – Pixel Dreams
Model Details – Eyes: Ocean Mist by Poetic Colors, Hair: Verena Beach Beige by Damselfly, Skin: Kate Deeptan Glam by League, Shape: Custom (Naeve Rossini)

Outfit Details:
Price: 200L
Pieces: 6 total, including the ‘back up’ prim skirt.

Detailing: A
Prim Attachments: C: Only one option – attaches to Pelvis by design. There is a ‘spare’ of the lace provided, in case of resize problems, which is vital, because the lace prim is NO COPY.
Resizing Scripts: None – resizing must be done manually… not ideal.
Tattoo Friendly?: No.
Curvy Girl Friendly?: Mostly. Some detail could be added to the underside of the bra cup, and on a wide hip, the side seams are more visible.
Multi-purpose pieces?: Not really – this is beautiful lingerie, and doesn’t really work as a primary outfit piece for clubbing, etc.


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